Valkyria Chronicles DLC Tests Your Shocktrooper Skills

By Spencer . February 19, 2010 . 12:47pm


Edy and her squad challenges you to six missions in this Valkyria Chronicles downloadable content pack.


Each mission focuses on a specific class. You’ll have to show Edy how well you can control a scout, shocktrooper, sniper, lancer, engineer, and tank. Players will be able to use Edy’s detachment and members of Squad 7 for these missions.


While Valkyria Chronicles is over a year old, these missions are relatively new. Japan got them in June, over a year after the game came out there. North America gets the DLC pack next Thursday, February 25.


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  • More PS3 Valkyria? Yes please!

  • Joanna

    Hm. This is nice. I’ve been thinking of getting Valkyria Chronicles since I recently got a PS3. How much is the DLC? (it’d be nice if it were free :3 )

    • There was a Valentine’s bundle of all the current DLC for a discount, not sure if that’s still going on. But otherwise it’s normally $4.99 a pop. The original Edy DLC was only one mission and a bit unsatisfying (but awesome because of Edy’s detachment), but the Selvaria one was a few missions long and unlocked a weapon for the main game. Then there’s the Hard Mode EX missions, which are challenges that unlock yet more stuff if you can beat them.

      • Joanna

        $4.99 isn’t too bad, especially if you get a few missions and unlock a weapon. I’ll, at the very least, pick that one up if/when I get the game.

  • Wow! I was worried we wouldn’t be getting these.

    Oh, inb4 trophy patch whining. Is that still trendy to say?

    • Ereek

      It’s still trendy. On both accounts.

      I never understood the trophy patch complaining. The game is fine on its own.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t think it’s a matter of trendy or whining.. if nobody is playing this game anymore, then I can see why they wouldn’t bother, but if they still want people to keep coming back to this game, then why not patch w/ trophies, already? Achievement/trophy is the norm now, w/o it it’s abnormal. The game may be fun, but w/ trophies it’s even more fun, Flow got patched, Bionic Commando Rearmed got patched, GTA IV got patched, why can’t this? also I just like to see it being as part of my library (and compare w/ friends’ progress, not gloat), it’s easy to see what games I haven’t finished or want to go back to. I played the Jpn Trusty Bell on 360, and got Eternal Sonata on PS3, I was going to play it in Eng the 2nd time but I don’t feel like playing the whole thing again w/o trophies.. I’m sure if you ask people if they want a patch, they would all say yes, so I think they’re just lazy.

      BTW, I’m not very far in this game and bought the first Edy and Selvaria DLC when they were on sale, I haven’t played this yet because I’m waiting for them to patch it.. so I wouldn’t need to play it again in case when they do.

      • I don’t disagree, but it’s not like I’m losing sleep over the lack of a trophy patch. It’d definitely make me play it in full again, but if it never happens, meh. =) In any case, let’s be happy these DLC missions exist instead of finding faults and complaining about what isn’t there!

      • badmoogle

        I think a trophy patch would boost sales a bit,and i don’t think it’s that hard to do.
        However it’s a shame that a great game like VC should need gimmicks like trophies to entice a certain group of players.
        Oh well,i guess we live in strange times.:/

        • Aoshi00

          It’s not that I need achievement or trophies to play games, I play PSP/DS/Wii games “knowing” that they will never have trophies. But if I’m playing a multiplatform game that’s on both 360 and PS3, and the PS3 didn’t have trophies, I would choose the 360 ver because it simply offers more. I don’t think it’s gimmicky at all, it sets goals, adds challenges and rewards at the same time, and lets you check on friends how much they like the game. i.e, if Batman Arkham Asylum doesn’t have trophies, I wouldn’t try so hard to pull off a 40 hit combo. For Eternal Sonata on PS3, the achievement alrdy exist on the 360 version, so they dont even need to think up new trophies, but yet they don’t do it. Here as well, there’s no reason not to do it other than “I know you want it, but I don’t feel like doing it”. I guess that kind of laziness gets to me. Again, if it’s an old game that’s not even played by people anymore, sure why waste time, but since they’re still releasing these DLCs and people are buying them, wouldn’t it be natural to just patch it, just a nice gesture if anything, especially if it’s not that hard to do so.

          It’s like Folklore, when it came out it didn’t have force feedback when fishing monsters since there was no dual shock 3, but they went back to add the vibration afterwards.

          It’s not that I refuse to play this game because of lack of trophies. But since I haven’t played very far, every time I want to pick it up I just thought to myself there’s a chance a patch would come (especially w/ these constant DLCs), so I’ll just wait and see what happen. If I finished the game and then the patch comes out, chances are I wouldn’t want to replay it again, I rarely replay games given how many games that are out alrdy. I have a huge backlog anyway, so maybe one day I would get to this, and maybe by then they’re still too stubborn to do it :(…

          • Code

            haha, yeahh I can kind of relate to this, I do like Trophies and Achievements, for the sake of adding a little something extra to do. Although generally I do most of that stuff on my second run through the game, unless it’s something I can obviously do without it really bending my natural root through the game, like 40-hit combo in Batman >ww<;;

          • Aoshi00

            yeah, that’s the bad thing about the numbered gamerscore, sometimes I’m amazed people play any game, I mean any game, movie game, kid games, etc, and get the whole 1000 too. but I like the popping sound of achievement more though, it sounds better than the trophy chime doesn’t it :) But you’re right, bronze, silver, and gold do seem balanced, and lets you know right away if you did something amazing.

          • badmoogle

            I hope i didn’t sound like i was “accusing” you or something for liking trophies/achievements.
            As long as it’s fun it’s all good.

            But yes,personally i do consider trophies as a cheap gimmick which is used to extend the very short gameplay of current gen games,and i do think that for many people (not everyone) it’s just a way to try to “show off” their skillz to their online friends.
            Many people get out of their way in the way they play a game in order to achieve 500 headshots or 100 consecutive finishing punches and suddenly the game becomes more work than play.

            I don’t need the developers to give me extra challenges,i always made my own challenges on the games that i loved enough to play again and again.I didn’t need the developer to give me a “bone” for my efforts,my reward was the enjoyment of the challenge itself (regardless if i was able to finish it successfully or not.) However i wouldn’t waste my time on something that i didn’t find fun just to get a digital trophy.I would prefer to replay a game in order to find hidden content and explore further the game’s world than replay it just for the trophies.

            But as i said if someone is genuinely enjoying those parameters set by the developers to extend their usually short gameplay (or replayability) of their games,then it’s ok.

          • Aoshi00

            somehow I just like looking at the achievement/trophy list afterwards, like “ah, I did this and that for the game” or it’s a reminder for me of what I haven’t finished, easier than going thru the drawer. You know sometimes you would try to compile a list of the games you have, I think achievement/trophy is useful that way, a quick way to see your history and a way to keep score. I admit headshots is a chore, but some achievement like “use all weapons” push me to switch btwn weapons instead of sticking w/ the most useful one. Also, this might sound silly, trophies don’t even need to be super hard, sometimes they unlock w/o me even knowing, and I would go to the menu and check “oh… I did this…”. Or like Dante’s Inferno, it’s just a little celebration, like “I got Death!”, “I got Minos” lol… not to mention their names are so creative and funny.I would play a game on harder difficulty sometimes if it’s fun (most likely don’t because they are just too many games), but if there are things to unlock, that gives me more of a push. Like Bayonetta, I would replay it no matter what, but the outfits/weapons you unlock and achievement, it’s like 2 birds w/ one stone you know.I guess I want to share w/ others and let them see my gaming taste.. and the achievement/trophy is a pretty good reference. I don’t expect Konami/Kojima to patch MGS4 (it’s got enough things to unlock as it is), but for VC, I just feel that they should if they know this game is actively being played w/ the new DLCs. I just don’t think that’s too much of a request…But I agree, these things push me to do things that I wouldn’t do otherwise, like FFXIII, I just beat it tonight, and don’t think I want to do any more endgame sidequest or grinding (still playing the Eng. version though just to listen to the dub), but I “might” do it because I want to unlock those trophies in turn unlocking the PS3 themes :) actually I take my word back, I will grind, I want to kill that damn turtle, and it just happens to be a gold trophy lol..

          • XD you won aoshi i still havent finished FF13 XD ! I did however finished VK and am trying to get ranks on missions XD ! Just well cause i like it XD !

          • Aoshi00

            Eek, you have 2 weeks left :), did you reach chapter 13 yet? I sat myself down Sat. evening to finish it (was annoyed by those pesky enemies doing huge amount of damage, sometimes a one-hit kill), I hate to import a game and not finish it before the US ver. coems out. I think I would have a pretty hard time adjusting to the voices, Maaya is such a good Lightning. I think Hope would sound better in Eng. like you said. I’m doing all the missions now after the ending (got my chocobo yay!), the A-class ones are still near impossible…

            I actually imported VK a long time ago but only played like the first 5 chapters, still have the US copy sealed (w/ DLCs purchased), hoping for the stupid trophy patch…

            I wonder if I change my PS3’s language setting to Jpn before popping in the disc for the first time, it would give me another set of trophies, since the games are the same, w/ diff. lip sync.. I did that w/ “Numblast” once and the trophy description all appear in Jpn.. actually I tried using my Jpn acct to start FFXIII last night and the trophies appaer in Jpn too, too bad you can’t change them half way and they’re stuck in that language forever.

  • More Edy? Yes please.

    • Kris

      Why do people like Edy so much? I’m only 8-9 chapters in, but she kind of annoys me, is there some sort of awesome story she’s a part of or something?

      • Play the Edy DLC. Don’t play with English voices on. Enjoy your new purpose in life.

        • Kris

          Will do!

  • One reason to patch up my gear and replay Valkyria Chronicles then :)

    I really need to get back into playing it. So much fun to sneak around or take down enemies from across the screen with a sniper :)

  • Hraesvelgr

    Edy again? Meh…

    • Dark_Sage


    • Ereek

      Seconded. I suppose it doesn’t help that there’s only one character from “Team Edy” that I like, though.

  • Code

    I remember trying the demo for the game on PS3 awhile back, I loved the look, it seemed interesting enough and everything — but there was just some kind of disconnect to the battle system for me, which I couldn’t quiet place my finger on. I’m still moderately interested in checking out the series and should maybe check back into it sometime.

    • Hraesvelgr

      You should. Still the best PS3 game, imo.

    • Dark_Sage

      The demo is absolute shit. The game itself is great though.

    • Chow

      The demo wasn’t a very good representation of the main game. I remember not liking the demo, but when I got around to playing the main game, I liked it.

      • Code

        Alright I thought that might have been the case honestly, I’ll price check it sometime when I’m out, it might very well be something to pick up in the near future.

        • endaround

          Just saw a copy in Wal Mart today for $20

          • Joanna

            wow. Here it’s still selling for 40-ish CAN. I envy you guys, there are so many more video game deals in the US.

          • Code

            Yeah I’m in Canada too, lol, so I’ll have to see what’s what — I know our Walmart didn’t have any, but I’m pretty sure I remember EB Games having it, I’ll check sometime this week.

          • Aoshi00

            Like Code said, US Ebgames has it for $20, do they ship to Canada? That’s where I got it before (thought I imported it before for like $50..).


          • Joanna

            thanks Aoshi, I’ll check if they do ship and at what price. Even if shipping is around 10 dollars, it is still cheaper then what I saw VC going on canadian sites and stores.

  • Gestahl

    Will Europe be getting this DLC, I wonder?

  • Trotmeister

    Okay, I’m confused. Edy’s DLC missions were released alongside with Selvaria’s, right? Is this, like, Edy’s story part 2, as in – completely new content?

  • finaly! T__T ive been waiting for this even since i saw it on japanese Psn monts ago ………. *_____* more VC on PS3 yay! oh boy i do hope VC2 has japanese voices T______T or else import ftw XD
    My fav character in edys detachement is Marina XD best sniper imo!

  • badmoogle

    I’m getting it the day they release it in Europe.
    Loved VC,bought the previous DLC (except Hard Mode which was a steal),and i’m really looking forward to play this one too.
    VC was one of the best games in this generation so far.

  • CdrCypher

    nice new DLC for VC ^^

    still 1 hell of a game at still will be ^^

    to bad its Edy’s again but no worries
    just hope they give us more DLC but with Alicia and Welkin in the future ^^

  • xavier axol

    The game was fun and all, but I think is too late for that. Instead I’m gonna focus on the psp version of the game since, it adds more game play mechanics. There are more classes and the characters look awesome, I hope they make the storyline more compelling this time. Oh by the way can someone please tell Me if sega confirm phantasy star portable 2 for the us.

  • bugmeknot

    So I got the English DLC, it only has Japanese audio.

  • bugmeknot

    Only has Japanese audio.

    PS. Disqus is broken.

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