New Valkyria Chronicles DLC Only Has Japanese Voice Acting

By Spencer . February 26, 2010 . 12:46am

imageDid you download the Valkyria Chronicles pack today and wonder why there wasn’t voice acting during bits of dialogue? That’s because the Challenge of the Edy pack doesn’t have English voice acting.


If you want audio switch your language setting to Japanese. It’s that or the sound of silence.


Sega created the Challenge of Edy pack half a year after Valkyria Chronicles launched in North America. The time lag may prevented Sega from getting the cast to reprise their roles. That’s a possible explanation, not an official one. Whatever the case is, it might have been nice to hear about this before the content went live for people who prefer the English dub.

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  • pacanug

    No complaints here, just glad Sega is supporting such a niche title well after its release stateside.

  • so what? XD i say yay! VC as a unique anime style i would never ever play it in english …….. even it if does have yuna’s voice actor on Rosie ……. witch was horrible «« imo ! Yes i saw on youtube «« ……….. anyway just be happy its finaly here XD !

  • badmoogle

    Ah cheers for the heads up.
    It seems that all those curses i gave Sega (again) after noticing the absence of audio were for nothing.:p

    I played my first playthrough of the game in Japanese and the second one in English,that’s why i had the language option set in English (usually i don’t bother with English dubs if i have the option to choose but in VC’s case they did a very good job imo)

    • Its all a mater of taste ^^ i was glad for the option , but its sega ( i wont buy yakuza3 cause of you!) «« this dlc has been in japanese psn for along time i almost gave up on it …… so even if it came soundless or english only id still get it XD !

  • Hraesvelgr

    Thought the English voice acting for this game was superior to the Japanese personally, aside from a few side characters. English was better where it counted, in my opinion. Regardless, this DLC is Edy related, which means I’m not interested either way. Put out something interesting and I might have a go at it. Until then, the Selvaria DLC will be the only one I found to be interesting.

    • Gestahl

      It’s not Edy related, you can use other members of Squad 7 as well.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I realize this, but the name is enough. Plus, even ignoring that, it doesn’t really seem to be too terribly interesting. I probably wouldn’t have liked the other Edy DLC even if it wasn’t Edy related.

      • bugmeknot

        You can even use any class, for example shocktrooper in the scout challenge.

    • badmoogle

      Yeah it’s based on 6 skirmish challenges for each class and you can use whomever you want from your team.
      I only had time to try the scout challenge yesterday and i used Alicia.

      Can someone please tell me if any of the other maps are new ones? (i won’t be able to play it again until later tonight.)
      I was a bit disappointed when i saw that the first skirmish used a map from the game…

  • That sounds nice. I can´t complain when we get more VC stuff available. Haven´t checked it out yet so I don´t know the price, but if the price is right then I will without fail get it.

  • Well that’s disappointing. I vastly prefer the English cast. A rare thing for me so when it is the case it’s sad to see the VA’s not reprise their roles.

  • Nekobo

    A bit of a bummer, considering Valkyria Chronicles has an excellent dub, but I’m happy that we got the content.

  • That kind of sucks. Valkyria Chronicles is one of those rare games where the dub was wonderfully performed, and never hindered one’s enjoyment of the game. The first thing I usually do in a game is switch the audio to something other than English to avoid the half-assed dubs. I played through the entirety of VC in English, and enjoyed every single minute. Even the musical number.

  • Bummer for people wanted to listen to English voices… I usually play games in their original language when available however, so I guess I’m in luck if I decide to download this.

  • BK0000

    At least there’s an option to turn the voices off.

  • Oh darn. It’s too bad we only got it in the original language *snap*

    Putting all sarcasm aside for a moment though, I would have been upset even more had it been English only.

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