Final Fantasy XI Players Start Preparing For For Abyssea

By Spencer . February 28, 2010 . 8:02am

imageA new area called “Abyssea” is coming to Final Fantasy XI this summer.


Abyssea add-ons will be sold in three pieces starting with Vision of Abyssea in the summer. Scars of Abyssea and Heroes of Abyssea are scheduled for release later this year. (Where have we heard those names before…) Epic battles and epic loot (read: “AF3”) are the primary focus of Abyssea.


The bigger than Abyssea news is Square Enix plans to raise Final Fantasy XI’s level cap. This June, players can grind their way up to level 99 while fighting new notorious monsters.


Other changes include job specific emotes, new abilities, and merging servers to balance the number of players. Final Fantasy XI will go from 32 Eidolon named “worlds” to 24 in March.


Thanks for the tip Ereek!

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  • mach

    Aww, I guess this is meant to be FFXI’s last hurrah (assuming XIV actually makes it out in 2010 like Squenix claims it wil)

  • ndjn3979

    Square Enix = Exploitative


    No, really..who was ACTUALLY surprised by this announcement? I think most of us here pretty much knew what, “Abyssea” was going to be.

  • Trotmeister

    Okay, so the game is officially dead now. Raised level cap means the entire game balance goes outta the window. Well, it’s been good long 8 years, so nothing to cry about, I suppose.

    • Ereek

      Indeed. Not to mention that to finish the WotG missions you actually have to pay for the first expansion. Yes, you have to buy a mini-expansion to finish playing the expansion pack you bought years ago.

    • the game is dead? far from it …….. i mean yes i wasant expecting lvl 99 cap but its not gonna be right away «« its gonna take about 7 months, and they are gonna adjust the subjobs , its a gradual change i for one and happy for all the new content , i dont mind paying for expansions specially if they have new areas , BUT i only play FF11 so thats were my money goes XD , and when FF14 comes out ill split it XD !

      • Trotmeister

        New content is a good thing obviously, but 75 >> 99 is ridiculous. That’s what I meant by saying the game is dead. By raising cap so extremely developers basically sentenced the game to death. Yeah, sure, growth of the levels is going to be gradual, but it’s going to destroy or at least severely damage the fragile balance anyway. Let’s face it, much lesser changes brough significant troubles to the game. And this is by no means a little change, it’s going to be a catastrophe.

        The worst thing is, SE doesn’t seem to care anymore. That’s probably why they’re doing this to the game. Why didn’t they raise the cap last year, or the year before, or the year before that? Because it’s obvious the consequences would be disastrous. But now XIV is on the horizon, so it’s okay to do it. Even if the game would turn into a giant mess, it’ll allow SE to milk it for one more year until XIV is ready for launch.

        • ofc this is all for squeenix to get more money from FFXI while they can , i mean i dont even know if im gonna lvl up till 99 XD ,80 thats reasonable , 85 a bit pushy 99 ….. (doesent even wanna imagine XD) plusssssss «« i still havent done any mini expansion or WOTG Quests XD … i had my hands full as it was … and since i have Ps3 i play 11 less and less and i just got White
          Knight C … sooo the only days i log in are for Dynamis XD and sometimes at the weekend XD for a bit of Campain,but i still love it or else i wouldnt play its too much too play no time for it and FFXI has consumed alot of my gaming life «« ALOT, soo theres no way im gonna get like crazy and do everything squeenix puts of XI, if people wanna get to 99 go ahead XD ill take things slowly as i always have, and if this indded ruins the game well we can always quit .

  • lostinblue

    Is it still coming out on PS2? Just wondering.

  • yayyyyyyyy XD ………… squeenix has me until it shuts down :P !

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