Limited Edition BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Comes With Art Book And Noel Nendoroid

By Spencer . March 1, 2010 . 9:16am

imageArc System Works is preparing a limited edition of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and its filled with goodies including a petit Noel Nendoroid.


What’s a Nendoroid? It’s a plastic figure of a character presented in super deformed style. That’s a draft of Noel as a Nendoroid on the right.


You also get a mini script replica, BlazBlue Visual Book, super picture label, and the game wrapped in special packaging for 9,660 yen ($108). A standard edition goes for 7,140 yen ($80). Pre-order either version and get a drama CD as a bonus. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is dated for July 1 in Japan.

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  • Soma

    That’s really awesome.
    I’m guessing that such an awesome limited edition bundle will not be released in North America.

    • bobhoskins

      Ahem. :-3 We got an even *better* edition than Japan did with Calamity Trigger.

      Never say never.

      • Well, we’ve yet to see the Noel bodypillow that Arc sold at Comiket. Or, maybe we don’t actually want to see that…

        And, I know I’m repeating myself, but Tao!

        • tsukasa1288

          I only remember seeing the Rachel body pillow at the last Comiket, but I might have been just not noticed the Noel one. Also those things were sold out before I even got inside, damn Aksys for only making 100. At least the guys at the booth gave me the soundtrack for free. Go foreigner perks in Japan!

          • Hmm… I don’t think I’ve seen the Rachel version, but Aksys at least noted the Noel bodypillow (their post actually links to the image at Andriasang, just note that it falls slightly into the NSFW radar if you’re not keen on ‘moonshine’):

            I really wanted that Okiraku Love Experience shirt… would have made up for that April Fool’s joke.

          • tsukasa1288

            I see, the Noel body pillow was at Comiket 76, but I was at Comiket 77. Last December they were selling the Rachel one.


            Scroll down to the post made one 12-21-09 to see the goods sold at Comiket 77 by Arc System Works, the body pillow is there.

  • I want that Noel nendoroid!!!!

    • jumpman

      I want it too.

      • raymk

        i want it three but i really want that artbook

  • Chow

    While I’m not jumping on Continuum Shift here in North America (mainly because it’s almost the same game as Calamity Trigger, as per usual for fighting game semi-sequels), if they release that figure here, I’m probably going to have to get it. ><

    The description of this figure sounds like the same kind of figures they had with the Limited Edition of Atelier _______ for the NDS recently (sorry, forgot the name of the game). Is this correct?

    • 311

      atelier annie is the game you are looking for and you are correct, sir

    • Kris

      They made a ton of changes, gameplay-wise, and even visually. Would you potentially get it if it was budget-priced like SSFIV? I’m personally getting it regardless of price, but I’m curious.

      • Chow

        I’m not even jumping on SSF4, unless there’s an incentive for getting it immediately, like a pre-order bonus that’s limited edition. I’m not disputing the fact that they changed a lot, it’s just that it’s mostly the same game anyway (as evidenced by every other semi-sequel fighting game). I’ve jumped on the Guilty Gear semi-sequels of the past few years and have regretted it, though i mainly got them for collection purposes.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I’m not really into nendoroids, prefer the non-chibified models. But artbooks are always welcome, especially in the case of Blazblue, love the look of the characters.

  • Awww! So cute! I love nendoroids, I’ve got a few. Although I don’t think I’d spend that much just to get one.

    • Aoshi00

      Nendroids are the best, I have an L and Misa Misa one from Death Note. A Noel nendroid would make me buy this game. I want one for Hatsune Miku too.

      • I’ve got the Miku one =) I have Rin, Len, and Kaito too!

      • bobhoskins

        Can I show off a bit? …I’m a show off a bit, k?

        :3 I gots a Neco Arc Nendoroid. >:3

        • Aw… I only have Neco Arc hand puppet and 1/1 plushie. :P
          Would love to have the Nendoroid. If I had to choose another one it would me Marintan, ’cause she’s crazy.

      • nyoron

        I have a Churuya-san and she is awesome, but otherwise I don’t like Nendoroids all that much. I’m more of a figma guy.

  • wow dang i hope we get a nice limited edition like this
    knowing aksys we probably will

  • thebluedino

    Play Asia really needs to open this up for preorders so I can rest easy. I’m a huge BlazBlue nerd so I’ll be buying both the JP limited along with whatever limited edition AKSYS puts out in the states

  • ndjn3979

    Damn, that’s a kickass limited ed.

  • thebanditking

    well, heres hoping Aksys will give us this exact bundle when this releases over here. Though I would settle for just the Noel Nendoroid as I already own the official collected works art book.

    • You have the Blazblue material collection? I’d like to get my hands on those

  • masuto

    The JP Limited Edition for Continuum Shift sounds awesome enough. I’m already hyped up for CS even though I already own CT. CS not only tweaks control issues but it also adds 3 new characters, more voice-overs, new modes, new backgrounds, and additional stories taking place right after CT. It is almost like a “Super” BlazBlue, but better. Hearing that Japan will be getting a Noel Nendoroid is like a dream come true even though I am still waiting on an actual BlazBlue figures ( Here’s hoping that Aksys is working along with Arc to bring us better and exclusive LE for CS…including the Noel nendoroid and I will definitely pre-order 2 copies.

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