First Look At 8-Bit Bass And His 7-Way Shot In Mega Man 10

By Spencer . March 3, 2010 . 6:32pm

imageBass (also known as Forte) is the third playable character in Mega Man 10. On April 5, Wii owners can get him for an extra 200 Wii Points ($2).


What can Bass do?

– Fire his Bass Buster in seven directions

– Dash to avoid enemies

– Copy weapons from robot masters

– Fly


When Bass combines with Treble (Gospel in Japan), his robotic dog, he gets the power to fly and more powerful Bass Bullets.


image image

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  • Masengan

    They should add Bass to the X series if they haven’t already, I thought he was interesting in Mega Man 7.

    • Kris

      Zero is Bass, essentially, just a vastly upgraded version.
      And not evil.

      • NecroEclipse

        Not trying to be mean but your wrong zero is made from a different type of metal and he is evil play megaman x5 you watch a video of zero killing robots and people with blood on his hands he only turned good because of a malfunction in his programing megaman fan since 1988.

        this is bad @$$ i love bass my fav robots go Zero, Bass, Megaman but its funny bass only was good after he was using light to make him self more powerful and then double cross him lol.

    • ndjn3979

      Unfortunately they butchered X to hell, just like Sega did with Sonic. Added the wrong kind of characters while getting rid of so much potential.

  • heartless141

    4 busters at once?!?!?
    that’s imbalanced.
    … if he doesn’t have any handicap ( x2 damage taken doesn’t cut as a handicap with all these skills ) then this is basically god mode already.

    • LastFootnote

      Wait, what? Where are you seeing 4 busters at once? If you’re talking about the ability to shoot in 7 different directions, I think the handicap in the past has been that he can’t walk while shooting.

      • heartless141|2

        4 busters on the screen at once. megaman is limited to 3, and protoman is 2.

        • LastFootnote

          When you say ‘buster’, I think ‘arm cannon’. What you mean is 4 shots or 4 bullets. I understand you now. Like I said, I don’t think Bass can walk while firing.

  • Code

    rar, I like the fact that you see Bass as an easteregg in MM9 >w<'' I'm not a big fan of Bass, but I like the fact he's going to be in it, and is dramatically different then Megaman and Protoman.

  • What the hell is that crap? Who is that guy?! I didn’t see him in Mega Man or Mega Man 2?!

  • I’m all for it.

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