Metal Max Series Returns On DS With Metal Max 3

By Spencer . March 3, 2010 . 1:23pm

image An old Data East RPG series is about to making a comeback. Metal Max 3 is due on the Nintendo DS this summer.


Where were Metal Max and Metal Max 2, you say? They were released on the Famicom and Super Famicom, respectively, but only in Japan. The Metal Max games take place in a world where humans and robotic monsters co-exist. Metal Max 3 has a similar setting and surprisingly many of the original staff. Hiroshi Miyaoka (game designer), Atsuji Yamamoto (art lead), and Satoshi Kadoura (sound) are reprising their roles for Metal Max 3.


The Nintendo DS game starts with the protagonist being revived by Dr. Minche (or is it Dr. Mince?) who has a Frankenstein’s monster-like assistant called Igor. He doesn’t have any of his memories and finds himself in a wasteland. That’s not a problem because he is, according to Famitsu, “the strongest level one character in video game history.” Character classes including hunters, soldiers, and mechanics are your allies. Why mechanics? Because you can drive tanks in combat. As a first for the series, Metal Max 3 has bikes and the popular R-Wolf tank. Players can also hunt wanted monsters designed by Yamamoto for bounties. A bulldozer crane hybrid called Yumuhoma was shown as an example.


Kadokawa Games is publishing Metal Max 3, which suggests they licensed the property from G-Mode, the company that owns the rights to many Data East properties.

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  • Code

    haha~ Metal Saga >w<' the only game I've ever beaten in 45 seconds.

    • Kris

      Sounds like a hell of an RPG!

      • ahardrevenge

        well, by “beating”, he means that when he was asked “Do you want to stay at home all your life instead of going out and exploring the world?” at the beginning, he answered “yes”. All of the Metal games do that.

        • Code

          An ending is an ending, seriously though even though the game had plenty of shortcomings, it’ll hold a place in my heart for being one of the quirkiest RPG’s I’ve played in recent years >w<' Seriously the muscle ending gets me every time, lol.

  • thebanditking

    Sounds interesting enough for me, I need screens and video though. Is this anything like Metal Slug?

    • ECM

      No, nothing like it–this is an RPG series.

      • thebanditking

        Yes and an odd one from what I have seen on the web so far. This is the second DS game as we never got the other one. A shame really as I would like to play a game where you fight Dinosaurs wearing boats as clothing.

        • Code

          There’s a few screen shots of the latest one.

          Also haha, yeahh honestly it has some of the best boss/enemy designs there are period. Although from what I’ve played of Metal Saga on the PS2, it’s mechanics seems dated, but if you can get past that, it’s bizarreness is nothing but win, it’s one of the few nearly entirely sandbox RPG’s I’ve played, plus it’s just about the only game I can say is fairly comparable to Earthbound/Mother, which should basically say it all.

          *Also in your screenshot, the dog’s peeing, which makes it superior then all the new game’s screenshots.

  • lordgeo

    Spencer, just a quick correction about who owns Metal Max. G-Mode does have the rights to many Data East properties, but Metal Max is not one of them. Original developers Createch bought the rights to the series when Data East went bankrupt. Why they didn’t use the Metal Max name when they developed both Metal Saga games is unknown, but Createch definitely owns the rights to the series they developed, which also explains why so many of the original staff is on this as well.

    Also, for future knowledge, developer WorkJam own the Tantei Jinguuji Saburo series, a.k.a Jake Hunter, and Paon owns Karnov and Chelnov. The rest of Data East’s catalog are either with G-Mode or in limbo.

    • jj984jj

      Doesn’t Paon own Heracles no Eiko too? I thought that’s why they were involved with the DS game, since they didn’t really make it.

    • ahardrevenge

      did Crea-Tech actually develop the Metal Saga games? I thought Success handled those and presumed that members of Crea-Tech had migrated over (or gone freelance).

      even if they did develop Metal Saga PS2 and DS, I wonder if they also worked on the cellphone game and the Mixi app…

    • Noted! I was aware that Workjam owns Jake Hunter/Jinguuji Saburo and Paon’s acquisitions like Glory of Heracles. Didn’t know about this though. Thanks!

  • gar3

    If anyone here has played any of the Metal Max (or Metal Saga) series and checked out GameFAQs for hints on the message boards I’m sure they’ve encountered the hardcore Metal fan “threetimes.” I’m sure she’s giddy with excitement right now over this news, heh. Again, this girl is hardcore Metal Max to the, um, “max.”

  • Joanna

    this game sounds interesting. I hope it gets localized.

  • “Stongest Lv. 1 Character in videogame history”

    Hmm, by Fire Emblem standards, that might either be a Jeigan or an Oifey.

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