Guess Which RPG Has This Quote

By Spencer . March 4, 2010 . 3:02am

image“My body feels . . . excited . . . I suspect the release of numerous bodily fluids is . . . Imminent.” Two hints: 1.) It’s coming out in North America. 2.) It’s not Record of Agarest War.


It is from another Aksys title, Mimana Iyar Chronicles, which bits of innuendo according to the ESRB description.


This is a role-playing game (RPG) in which players control a young character helping a girl search for magical gems. Players explore dungeons and fantasy landscapes and use swords and magic spells (fire blast, wind spells, etc.) to defeat various creatures. Enemies such as slimes, giant crabs, golems, and insects must be defeated on a side-scrolling battlefield to progress through the game. Various weapon-clanging, magic-spell explosions, and cries of pain can be heard during the turn-based battle. In a few scenes, creatures can be seen from overhead lying in small pools of blood; a black-and-white cutscene also depicts blood on a character’s clothing.


Dialogue covers a wide range of topics and can include references to alcohol (e.g., "[T]hey all gave me some booze" and "you can barely stand, you old drunk"), as well as slurred speech and "*hiccup*" text. The game also contains allusions to sexual behavior (e.g., "Now, take off your clothes and lie down on the bed" followed by "You wanna do it, huh? Don’t worry I’ll be gentle"; and "My body feels . . . excited . . . I suspect the release of numerous bodily fluids is . . . Imminent."). The word sh*t can be heard a dozen or so times in the dialogue.


With lines like that we’re glad Aksys upped the age of one of the female leads. Read this interview with Bo deWindt and Ben Bateman to find out more about the cast. Mimana Iyar Chronicles comes out on March 31 packed with the soundtrack and voicemail messages in the first print.

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  • endaround

    I thought this was an ARPG? Or is it real time where you can cue up actions?

  • thebanditking

    Upping the age does little to the lingering voice in the bacground saying “pedo bear”.

    Still I never knew this game was like this, when I saw Japanese screens on Sega’s website all I did was admire the fantastic sprite work. Im still going to give this a shot but this may end up being the first PSP game I sell if its too much Pedo Eroge game and not enough RPG.

  • want it!

  • Pichi

    Still interested, so I’ll be on the lookout.

  • I wonder who is the character that they changed their age older?

    • Pichi

      I think its the girl in the pink dress. I thought someone mentioned it in an earlier article.

      • kupomogli

        Wasn’t she 9 years old?

  • Equus

    I’ll wait until I start hearing more about the game, and not because of any moral issues with things the ESRB takes exception to. I’m personally not that enamored of the graphics and am leery of the dub.

  • masuto

    I like the sound of this game.

  • Heh, my first thought was “is there an Ar tonelico sequel coming out again already?”

  • anbu

    For some reason, I am worried about the loading times. Hope they have that CRI Middleware incorporated in this game… I think it’s a crime not to have that program in all psp games lol.

  • Kris

    Uh, wow.
    That said, I’m still curious about this one. The visuals are interesting and I haven’t played a good ARPG for a while.

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