Disgaea Infinite Loops Into June

By Spencer . March 5, 2010 . 12:17pm

imageLooks like Disgaea Infinite won’t be ready in May as originally scheduled. Gamefly just added the PSP visual novel in their database and have it pegged for June. Early June, though! According to the video game rental service, Disgaea Infinite will be ready around June 10.


Disgaea Infinite puts the cast of Disgaea in a brand new tory. Someone tried to kill Laharl and it’s up to you, a lone Prinny, to find the culprit. Fortunately, this Prinny has the Tick Tock, a magical clock that allows him to possess other characters and hear their thoughts.


NIS America has not announced official pricing for Disgaea Infinite, but we’ve heard it won’t be a regularly priced PSP game.

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  • LastFootnote

    Hmm, seems like everything from NISA is getting a bit delayed. Maybe it’s a ripple effect from having to rename Badman.

    I’m fine with delays, and I’m glad that Disgaea Infinite is making it stateside. I’ll definitely buy it. But what I’m really wondering is if NISA is localizing La Pucelle: Ragnarok at all. It was released in Japan on November 26 of last year and we have yet to hear anything about it. I’m going to be pretty peeved if they decided that Last Rebellion was a better choice than La Pucelle…

    • Pichi

      Might be some delays incoming due to NISA now handling anime. So I guess text heavy games would be a bit delayed.

      If priced just right, I’ll be a top purchase!

    • Artavasdus

      NiSA has far too many games that need to be localized: Antiphona, La Pucelle, Classic Dungeon, Zettai Hero and the upcoming Atelier Judie remake for Psp, Trinity Universe and Ar Tonelico 3 for Ps3 and Atelier Lina for Ds…

      I wonder how many of them will actually see the light in the NA market, especially considering the priority NiSA will surely give to the announced Disgaea 4 as soon as it is released in Japan.
      I hope they manage to bring us at least a good amount of those titles, but if they aren’t announced in the next months I won’t hold my breath, Trinity Universe is almost a year old by now.

      The sad thing in all this is that EVERY Hitmaker title so far has been localized (I am not hating, I’ve bought them and I am still coming to terms with Last Rebellion), and I would have gladly traded any of them for a NiSGust title left in Japan : I truly don’t get why NiSNiSA are so kind to Hitmaker when the only thing their titles are doing is ruining the publisher’s reputation :S

  • “…but we’ve heard it won’t be a regularly priced PSP game.”

    Um …woo-hoo?

    • I probably should clarify that it will be less than a regular PSP game.

  • doubleO7

    So, if Gamefly is listing it I guess that means that its going to get a boxed release? Yay!

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