New Nier Replicant Trailer Focuses On The Other Nier

By Spencer . March 8, 2010 . 1:09am

We’ve seen lots of videos from Nier Gestalt or simply Nier in North America. This trailer is all about Nier Replicant, which features a young hero on a quest to save his sister. In both games, Yonah is infected by the Black Scrawl and a floating book called Grimoire Weiss powers Nier up.



While Nier’s look and relation to Yonah are said to be the only core changes, Nier Gestalt and Nier Replicant are advertised with a different feel. Take a look at the latest Nier Gestalt trailer.


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  • i like it ^^ , both of them , but i have a feeling ill like replicant more XD

  • The only thing I’ve been thinking the entire trailer is “… why is she wearing only lingerie?” xD

  • Aoshi00

    Both are pretty cool. I have no idea they are dubbing Replicant in Jpn, I thought it was all English like Resident Evil or Bayonetta. The priests are speaking a made up fantasy language too.. I think I much prefer Replicant since it feels like Drakengard.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Oh Drakengard <3

      So, Gestalt is PS3 AND Japan exclusive, is that it? If so, that's too bad, I kinda wanted to play them both… Importing is the way to go, I suppose.

      Nice trailers too!

      • 311

        Gestalt is going to be the only release in the US and Replicant is JPN exclusive

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Oh, ok, I got it all wrong then. Thanks!

  • thebanditking

    Still not sure about this one, it looks like it has a chance to be good but also terribly generic. Its encouraging to see more color though as much of what we have seen on Gestalt in America is all drab brown and grey. That being said Replicant looks infinitely more interesting to me in terms of story and design. So naturally it would figure thats not the one we are getting.For me its not an East vs West thing its more of a old Nier is just ugly, kind of thing. His design is just not interesting to me. Still who knows outside of a few character skin swap outs and relationship differences (saving your daughter or your sister) it remains to be seen how much is actually different between the two.

  • alastor3

    the guy in nier gestalt is ugly.. and I dont have a 360

    • midgard229

      i hate that we get the ugly buff old man.

      why wud jap devs give us jrpg fans something that caters to western audiences when we always liked jrpgs because they r japanese????

      honestly its stupid and annoying. and if japanese version has english subs i will import it. screw the old dude

      • bobhoskins

        Not everyone is Wapanese. Cause you know, some of us actually PREFER *real* badasses as heroes, instead of 17-year old bishounen straight out of Jump to be the hero every other game, consisting of equivalent measure of ham-handed romance, angst, and terrible dialog.

        I’ll take my Jamieson Price-voiced Nier over some gender-ambiguous hero any day.

        • midgard229

          thats cool that u have ur own opinion, but guess what? so d i :3

          dont u think they shuda gave the option atleast? like maybe a vote? but what ever, that dude is just ugly, maybe if he looked slightly bad ass i wouldnt mind, but hes one of the ugliest characters ive seen. he looks like a freakin living totem pole

          • Hraesvelgr

            Way to exaggerate to the extreme there, bro.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Well, I think both games look pretty bad regardless of other issues, but I’ll have to agree here and say hell yeah, Jamieson Price.

      • alastor3
        • midgard229

          huh???? alastor it doesnt say that, and its been established that replicant is ps3 exlcusive in japan, gestalts ugly dude is the international version

          • alastor3

            OH NO IT DOESNT SAY THAT “Square Enix and Cavia’s M-rated, blood-soaked action RPG Nier arrives for the Xbox 360, PS3 in North America this spring.”

          • midgard229

            dude lol u listenin to wat im saying?

            i know nier comes out in america! but america only gets the buff dude version, not both and no young dude, the story is slightly different. japan version u are a 17 yr old guy protectin ur sister, and america ur the ugly big dude protecting his daughter. thats what im saying

            i been knew this game was comin in america. bottom trailer is ours top trailer is ps3 japan only

          • alastor3

            ohhh… sorry!!! I didnt know american nier ps3 and gelsalt are the same game, my bad! now im sad :(

          • midgard229

            lol yeah its cool hehe i was wondering wat u were thinkin.

            sorta sux that we get totem pole head :/

          • alastor3

            im sorry I didnt understand, english is not my main language

    • But its only exclusive in japan XD …… we (US/EU) are gonna get both i think.
      Still its wierd its like the japanese version goes to PS3 and american to 360 XD .

  • keriaku

    I actually much prefer Replicant. With the younger protagonist, it kind of gives the feel of… corruption of innocence, and it makes the carnage seem more devastating. Gives an impression that he actually might transform into a monster before he can save his sister. While for Gestalt, it just seems like a battle-hardened warrior just need more power to save his daughter. The former seem much more emotional and heart-wrenching then the latter.

    Why are you only giving us one choice, Square Enix? :(

  • Hraesvelgr

    I didn’t pay much attention to Replicant before, but, uh, after watching both of the trailers… Well, I’m not really sure how people can prefer it so much over the other one. I mean, sure, the older Nier’s character design isn’t much special, but the younger one is just as ugly. I think the only think the younger one has over the older one is the shape of his head. Actually, overall, the character designs in the game is pretty bad and the world design doesn’t seem terribly interesting.

    Combat in the game doesn’t seem particularly interesting either, from what I’ve seen in past trailers. Then again, my lack of interest was solidified by that stupid Kaine trailer that was released a while back… And it being developed by Cavia really doesn’t help matters.

    • midgard229

      hey cavia almost always makes good storys tho, gameplay and graphics r normally lacking but they always make crazy dark stories. ever play drakengard? my goodness the story was good.

      and regardless of wat others said i did enjoy bullet witch, was so destructive lol being able to destroy whole skyscrapers and see them come down on u was insane. tho maybe my judgement is clouded because i got the game for free definatly was not worth 60 bucks lmao

  • vrakanox

    I just went maximum hype after watching that replicant trailer. No doubt I’ll be importing this now. There’s a good chance I’ll get Gestalt too.

  • If it’s Japan-exclusive, what’s up with all that English text with Japanese translations underneath them? Kind of bizarre…

  • This article really brought my attention.

    Thanks for the read!

    Gonna go and pre-order my Nier right now!

  • capristrider

    I am spoilt for choiice this year! Should I get “Nier Replicant” for PS3 or “Wii Music” for Wii?

    I am hardcore gamer so how long will it take to reach the final boss and completed Wii Music?

    Choices? choices?……

  • This is the stupidest thing I had ever come across…It is so unfair… Why not even release some of the Nier replicants out of japs? At least subtitle it.. Well, if thats the case.. I dun think I am getting it.. I dun understand jap.. cuz the old guy dun looks cool.. Atleast if its like the Deux ex: Human Revolution.. I might still consider getting it.. Sorry SE.. gona pass this one… I support you most of the time for the bishies… Lost one business is no big deal anyway.. Sorry for the over exaggeration.. But i am kinda furious.. Because this look more appealing and i want to get it… but i can’t…

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