Senko no Ronde Duo Video Introduces New Play Style

By Spencer . March 9, 2010 . 11:49am

Senko no Ronde Duo isn’t exactly a shooter or a fighting game, it’s a mix of both. G.Rev’s game has players whittle down an opponent’s life bar with waves of bullets while weaving through enemy fire.


But, what if you just want to play Senko no Ronde Duo for the story? There’s sort of a way to do that. G.Rev created Command Mode for the console version of Senko no Ronde Duo. Pick this mode to play as the partner character which gives commands to the character in the heat of battle. Players can also make the partner cheer the fighting character. Story is an important element in Senko no Ronde Duo, sub-story expansions will be sold as downloadable content.



Command Mode can be used when playing online too. G. Rev says the Xbox Live network mode also supports  replay uploading and downloading just like many popular fighting games.


Senko no Ronde Duo is dated for April 28 and so far it has only been announced for Japan. Ubisoft published the previous game in North America and Europe.

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  • The best way to describe senko is basically, a top-down Virtual On…

    • Code

      Sure it shares some underlying elements as Virtual On. But I hate to see it labeled as a “Virtual-On clone”, especially when it does so many other aspects of the game completely different. Plus it’s just a world easier to pick up compared to Virtual-On.

      • its quite similar imo. dash and dodging patterns have the same fundamentals. rechargeable weapons with dash/dash-cancel effects.

        the only thing i hate about senko is the boss mode, which is a just a chance to get a free win by bumping into your opponent.

        • Code

          I know what you mean there definitely is an overlap, and it is clear that Senko does takes it’s inspiration from Virtual-On, still honestly I don’t think they feel all that much like one another, maybe if they did I’d actually be decent at Virtual-On >w<''

          As far as boss modes, they aren't that bad, they all have at least some weakness for you to exploit to some degree (although some matchups against some bosses just isn't good), and it's not all that hard to avoid them trying to melee you, they have a tell before they start moving.

  • I REALLY hope some publisher picks this up for US/Europe. Ubisoft probably won’t try again because they messed up the first one, probably drawing the conclusion that “nobody’s interested”. That’s what you get for full price, new name, new box art and no marketing at all.

    I played the original religiously though and this looks vastly improved in all ways. A man can dream, eh?

  • anbu

    The character art style is similar to persona 3/4. Is it the same artist? It looks cool.

  • Dark_Sage

    The only way I’d even consider playing this is with Command Mode. Good on them.

  • Code

    rarr I want Senko no Ronde Duoo! The original was so deliciously good T_T It breaks my heart the fact it really isn’t likely to get english release.

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