Akihabara Attacks! – Mega Man 10 Madness

By Matthew . March 11, 2010 . 8:25am

Thanks for joining us for the first installment of the “Akihabara Attacks!” in-depth look at Japan’s otaku haven. This week we’re focusing on Capcom’s latest Blue Bomber adventure. Released on March 9th here in Japan, Mega Man 10 brings with it a juggernaut of marketing. Stores in Akihabara today (March 11th) were prominently displaying the merchandise at their entrances. As you can see from the pictures, there is quite a lot to go around.




Taken at a Sofmap store, notice how the Mega Man (1) box replica manjyu are golden in color whereas the Mega Man 10 box “simulation” manjyu are white in color.



Here we have the Mega Man 10 box opened, revealing the 6 manjyu inside. It’s funny how the package mentions a 1-UP manjyu “might” be inside, yet this box yielded 3 of them.



As you can see on the left, the actual Mega Man artwork is just on the plastic outer wrap of the bean candy. So yes collectors, you can technically save them (even though the actual food has an expiration date).



This picture was taken at the entrance of the Akihabara Kotobuyaki, located near the Electric Town exit of JR Akihabara Station. There are tons of Mega Man things on display, including the giant E-Tank (which is made by Kotobuyaki actually).



Here is a different view of the same image.



Not pictured in the store front, but located at the registers, here is one of the Mega Man Sakura Drop candies. And yes, you will notice that the top “metallic” seal covering the dispenser is covered in Mega Man-adorned tape.


Why Capcom has decided to go nuts over the retro-redux of Mega Man is beyond my understanding, but as a fan of the game since the beginning, I’m certainly not complaining! (Though I do have one-where are the Mega Man 10 toys?!).


Is there anything you would like to see covered in “Akihabara Attacks!”? Feel free to post requests or recommendations of things to cover in future installments, though please note some stores prohibit photographs.

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  • crunc

    My kids would love some Mega Man 10 toys. I’d take the Mega Man Sakura Drop candies, though. I’m sad to see they aren’t available from Play-Asia.com.

    • garven

      Mega Man toys have always been iffy. The Japanese Rockman ball joint toys you have to assemble have great articulation, but the joints tend to not survive play/the passing of time. The US-licensed ones were mostly pure crap.

      BTW, what does the E-Tank drink taste like? Saw them for $3.99 a pop on Amazon (plus shipping’d make it around 8 bucks) but if it’s any good it might be fun to try.

      • ShinkenFaiz

        I bought some of the E-Tanks when MM9 came out… one to drink, the rest for collection purposes :) They’re not that great, imo. Might’ve been decent if they had carbonation, but they don’t. /shrug

  • Tora no ana!!

    They need international shipping, damn it.

  • Aoshi00

    Any place online taking orders for these manjuu? Maybe NCSX would stock them in a bit, I want both boxes.. and they’re so cheap in Jpn like 600 yen each right?

    It’s nice the picture is on the wrapper otherwise I don’t want to devour them. Speaking of expiration date, I once saved a Jpn Coke can for years from the Narita airport years ago lol, the soda in it has probably turned back. I thought it was just exotic w/ Jpn words written all over it.

    I think this is the best Sakuma drops ever though, still regret not picking up the “Grave of the Fireflies” one from a local Asian supermarket when it was there..


    What we want to see in Akihabara.. maybe how games are launched around the area?

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