CyberConnect2 Counting Down To DS Project Reveal

By Spencer . March 11, 2010 . 7:18am

imageYears ago, CyberConnect2 said they had a “Nintendo DS new project coming soon.” That game is about to be revealed.


CyberConnect2 is the developer behind .hack, Tail Concerto, and the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series.


A countdown clock popped up on CyberConnect2’s site. Time left until we find out what this is: seven days. However, we may have an early clue. Before creating a countdown site, CyberConnect 2 released a bit of artwork… in 2007.


Take a look and make a guess in the comments. My money’s still on a Tail Concerto title.



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  • malek86

    Is it me, or does that small guy look like Kite? And then it says “To The World”…

    But hey, apparently Link was the last in the series, so this is probably just me dreaming.

    • Yeah since it says new series, but it may be something related to the world? but already different timeline/story… btw i imported link, this game is a lot better than i though it would be, and the story is pretty good, i think is worthy to be the last of the series, CC always makes good games darn.

      Anyway this looks interesting, looking forward to it.

      • malek86

        Good, just what I needed to hear. By the way, is it easy to play in japanese? Or would you suggest to wait for an english release?

        • Well, ummm, it IS playable in japanese, since there is always a check mark telling you where to go next, if you have some base of japanese language you could get some of the story because most of the dialogue lines are voiced, i have 1 year studying japanese and still dont have many problems with the story, im getting most of it, oh! and the way the events occur, is easy to tell what is happening. THe gameplay is not hard to undestand at all. And some other things you can know what they are by logic. So yes it is easy to play in japanese.

          But is better to get everything right, specially the story, i recomend you to wait a little to see if namco bandai have any plans of releasing it (i have no idea what they are thinking about these days). Maybe give it a couple of months. If there is nothing, and you are a dot hack games fan i recommend it 100% to get it, even in japanese, since is almost impossible to get stuck in this game, the gameplay is repetitive but fun, is always cool to see again the old hack games characters, and if you check the forums on gamespot of this game, there is ppl helping each other, and some even tell how the story is so ppl can catch up.

  • Holy shit, it’s alive!

  • Jaxel

    The new game is coded “CODA” on CC2’s dream.cgi script. Generally with their website, they code each game with a specific code. For instance, Narutimate Accel 2 was coded “NRTA2”. I cracked this code a week in advance, a few years back…

    But I’m at a loss to what CODA could mean. That being said… I’m calling Tail Concerto 2.

    • Concerto of dotHack: ALTIMIT

      (Please don’t kill me)

      • Jaxel

        I will end you…

      • dotHack: .//CODA … sounds cool

    • Equus

      CODA huh? Like the musical term, maybe.

  • Well is hard for us to make a new name, if its a new project, is something we havent heard before

  • eliel

    new IP or part 7 of a series maybe?….

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Intrigued beyond containment, need more information on this. Hmmm… it’s a tough call. Based on the sentence “Into The World”, being a .hack term, that should do it and that’d make me a very happy panda. But of course Link is supposed to be last in line. Tail Concerto does feature antromorphic characters in mechas, just like the characters in the teaser picture. I checked the english wikipedia information on Tail Concerto and found these same speculations in the ‘Sequel’ section. So based on my gut feeling, the speculations presented and my clairvoyant powers, I’ll put my money on a .hack-Tail Concerto fusion. Which sounds almost blasphemous and yet extremely interesting to me.

  • anifei

    Hasn’t that piece of artwork been floating around for a few years now already? I’m pretty sure they used that piece of art as a teaser before they announced one of their .hack sequel titles.

    • Nope! It hasn’t been used yet since CC2 hasn’t released a single DS game.

      • anifei

        I meant the artwork without the text… >_>

      • anifei

        I meant the image without the text…. >_>

      • anifei

        I meant the image without the text… >_>

  • holyPaladin

    Aince Link is the last .hack game, sadly not .hack =(

  • anbu

    When you mention that it might be tail concerto, I just had goosebumps. That game was really good and the bonus content after the ending was really nice. I really like those cat girls.

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