Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Announced For PSP [Update]

By Spencer . March 16, 2010 . 12:51am

imageA few hours ago, Capcom held a Monster Hunter press conference in Japan and put an embargo on all of the news. However, a savvy Twitter user captured the big story – Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


A photo confirming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as a PSP game leaked onto Twitpic and Gigazine grabbed it before someone pulled it. Look for more news about it soon, perhaps later today.


Update: Capcom sent out a press release confirming the news and an international name, Monster Hunter Freedom 3. This version introduces new regions, monsters, and a revised Felyne combat system. Look for Monster Hunter Freedom 3 in the Japan in late 2010.


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  • malek86

    Honestly, anyone could have seen it coming.

  • JeremyR

    About time. I was wondering if they were going to hold off for the DS2 perhaps

    • thebanditking

      DS2? Nah, given Nintendo’s history I don’t really think their next handheld will be graphically capable of a proper Monster Hunter. Anyone expecting a DS2 with Gamecube graphics is likely to be disappointed.

      • AQuatermain

        Why? The Game Boy Color was similar to the NES, Game Boy Advance it was with the SNES and the NDS with the N64. If Nintendo is really developing the NDS2, if it follows the same line will be like the GCN.

      • jarrodand

        If Nintendo goes with a Tegra chip as rumors are saying, DS2 would actually be able to run Tri as is. Which PSP evidently can’t even, given they’re recycling the MHP2G engine and vastly differentiating the content.

        • Code

          Chances are it’s less that the PSP can’t run Tri’s engine and more that they want it to continue to have compatibility with the previous games in the series so that you can carry your equipment and stats over.

          • jarrodand

            Nope, they’ve already said data doesn’t carry, despite using what’s obviously an upgraded MHP2G engine. Tri is really impressive visually, a direct PSP would need some noticeable downgrading (especially the lighting).

          • Code

            Well obviously on a visual level it’s going to take a hit (you can especially tell when you see the MH3 monsters and areas in the trailer), but that’s not really the most important part, the actual coding likely wouldn’t be that out of PSP’s reach to run a downsized port of MH3. But I figure using the old engine, even if it isn’t for compatibility with previous games, is likely so they don’t have to adjust the older game’s monsters in the new MH3 engine — it’s likely easier to add the new monsters to the original engine then to try and implement the MH3 engine onto the PSP and add the old monsters.I’m a bit surprised to hear that it’s not compatible though, and that they would announce something like that considering the game still is in the works and they have over 6 months before release. Not that I have qualms with starting fresh again, just figured it’d be something they’d push for again, or at least minimum a money/tickets transfer like MHF to MHF2.

          • jarrodand

            My old nemesis, reply limit strikes again.


            Oh, I definitely agree. I do think a downspecced Tri engine is doable on PSP, but honestly it probably wouldn’t look much if any better than what they’re working with already. Adding to the P2G engine definitely makes more sense financially too. I also suspect the “ecosystem” design will make it over from Tri.

            And I’m guessing they killed data transfer since they’re adding infrastructure, so they likely want everyone starting on the same page. Curious to see what they do about a Hunter’s License fee too…

          • Code

            rar, yeah I know the feeling reply limit gets me too >w<' But yeah true it was kind of an afterthought but your likely right about them dropping the carry over what with them adding infrastructure mode. I have a hard time picturing them charging for infrastructure mode though with PSP, given there's just so many ways around it, with ad hoc.

        • gontrand

          Why a Tegra chip?Nintendo work with ATI since the gamecube? :/

  • evilmoogle

    so, there will be a international release?
    so that means, the US&EU get the same release date?

    they better do that or i will rage like a Congalala.

  • JeremyR

    Er, not to be doubting you, but are you sure about 2010 in the West? You’re quite reliable, but on the other hand, the enormity of this news is quite large, so it’s best to be 100% sure…

    • No, not 2010 for the West it seems. Capcom Japan released a press release calling it “Monster Hunter Freedom 3” (i.e. not Monster Hunter Portable 3rd) and said its set for late 2010. However, the release didn’t mention territories and since Capcom USA didn’t send anything it must have been translated, but really for Japan.

      Sorry, confusing!

  • Hraesvelgr


    But wait, is this just a portable version of MH Tri? Won’t announcing it for Western release cut into the sales of the Wii version?

    • Serge73

      I doubt it, with the currest state of the PSP in the West…

      • malek86

        Yeah. I guess Capcom is thinking along the lines of “well, we’ll use the Wii to try and break into the western market, while racking the big money in Japan with the PSP”.

        Besides, the Wii version will be out next month, while we don’t even know how long it will take for this to come out in japan, let alone the west.

        • thebanditking

          Providing the Wii’s western market even supports this. So far the Wii has proven that the only thing that sells are the system and some Nintendo shovelware (NSMB, Smash Bros., and Mario Galaxy excluded)

          • malek86

            Well, it’s worth a try. Capcom already tried with MHFU on the PSP, but apparently the market wasn’t supportive enough (or maybe the PSP market was just too unhealthy). If even the Wii market won’t care, I guess they’ll just throw in the towel, at least until the next generation.

          • Code

            Honestly it’ll still probably make it here on PSP. Even if the market wasn’t great they have already released 3 other MH games on PSP here, so odds are in it’s favor. It’s likely that even though the games might not do amazing on PSP, they are doing well enough to validate localizing them — frankly they probably are the best selling series on the PSP here in the west too, just not on the insane level it is in Japan.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I see your point, but the main market in North America for this series is on the PSP, even if it is tiny compared to Japan’s.

  • malek86

    International release confirmed, nice.

    But if this truly has more content than MH3, it kinda feels like RE4 all over again.

  • maxchain

    Anyone else suspect the mystery Twitter belongs to someone at Famitsu? They have an uncanny talent for surprise-spoiling.

  • thebanditking

    lol….that didn’t take long. Seems like a smart move, MH3 only pushed a million units (which is low for MH), this version will likely do much better.

    • jarrodand

      MH3’s the best selling console MoHun ever and according to Capcom even exceeded their subscription expectations. Of course MHP3 will do better, but it’s not like MH3 did badly or even disappointingly. Hell, it’s the 2nd best selling 3rd party console game this generation.

      • malek86

        That is for Capcom to decide. But it’s kind of weird to see them announce this port mere weeks before the western release of MH3. I thought for sure they would wait, you know, as to not risk decreasing the sales for that game. It’s a weird move. One that may not sit too well with Nintendo.

        Maybe they are not quite as satisfied as they hoped to be?

        • jarrodand

          On the other hand, it looks like this isn’t a port at all, it’s a new game. Capcom now seems to be differentiating the two lines into separate series, which is a smart move as it’ll encourage fans to buy both. Nintendo can;t really be too displeased either, it’s not like Capcom was going to keep MH off PSP for them and they still come out of it with Tri as an exclusive.

  • wohoooo

  • holyPaladin

    yay I’m still playing MHFU now

  • shion16


  • 5parrowhawk

    It looks as though this is actually different from Tri!
    (1) No underwater areas shown; it stands to reason that if they had such a big feature they’d want to show it off, but they didn’t.
    (2) Japanese-themed town, different from the island setting of Tri.
    (3) The Gunlance is back, apparently with new moves – it looks like there’s a downward slash attack.
    (4) Monsters which aren’t in Tri, like the Tigrex and Narga, are back. I also see some critters which look like mini-versions of the duckbilled monster from Tri – are those new?
    (5) Support Felynes are back. They were Shakalakas in Tri, weren’t they?
    They do seem to have borrowed the Slash Axe and a couple of the monsters from Tri though, in typical Capcom fashion.
    At any rate, it looks like this will be quite different from 2 or Tri – at least as different as 2 was from 1. Almost certainly a must-buy for me!

    • malek86

      Did people like the underwater combat? If they didn’t, it might be the reason why they removed it.

      I haven’t played the game yet, only the demo where you don’t get to fight anything underwater. But as a general rule, I’ve yet to find any platform/action/driving/etc. game where the underwater portion is actually fun.

      • jarrodand

        There were only 4 “real” underwater monsters, so it’s not like a ton of content was cut anyway. Generally though fans liked the underwater sections (especially in the rainforest) so I’d imagine the cut was more to do with PSP’s ability to pull it off rather than popularity.

        • jj984jj

          From the looks of it they’re porting most of the new content from Tri back to the old engine that already runs on PSP so they can also bring back old content easily and still add completely new content, that would explain why they removed the underwater segments that cannot run on the old engine.

  • Code

    rar, looks great >w<' Perfect too since I'm pretty much finished everything in MHFU! I'm really impressed with the new hub and location, and the bear monster, was kind of expecting it to be a down port of Monster Hunter 3, but seems like they are really trying to give it, it's own flavor. Also rarr, Rathalos Kitty Armor, DO WANT!

  • FireCouch


  • I’m so happy I can’t stand it.

  • malek86

    In other news, my MH3 arrived juast this morning. Finally. Now I’ll have some time to play before this MHF3 comes out :P

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