Nintendo Of America Publishing Samurai Warriors 3 This Fall

By Spencer . March 16, 2010 . 9:49am

imageHot on the heels of the Dragon Quest IX deal, Nintendo announced they’re going to publish Samurai Warriors 3 in the West. Prior to this agreement, the two companies collaborated to add a mode based on the Famicom title The Mysterious Murasame Castle into Koei’s game. Nintendo confirms it will be in the North American version even though we missed out on the 1986 game.


Samurai Warriors 3 was released in Japan last December and is slated for a domestic release this fall. Wonder if Nintendo is localizing it or if Samurai Warriors 3 will have the standard cheesy one liners and voice acting like past games.


Update: Jarrodand correctly points out in the comments the North American version is being upgraded with online co-op play. Previous Samurai Warriors games only had offline co-op.

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  • malek86

    Like I said before: what’s up with Nintendo publishing all these third-party games?

  • Wow, Iwata wasn’t kidding when he said they’d be trying to strengthen third-party relations.

    • malek86

      Wouldn’t it be better if they helped promoting instead? I mean, the way they are doing it now, they are just making consumers even more apt to buy Nintendo-branded games.

      • jarrodand

        You can be sure there’ll be a big fat “KOEI” sticker on the box and logo at startup. Getting your own brand associated with Nintendo’s isn’t at all bad thing.

        • Yup, I’m going to have to agree. I think people need a substantial reason to give a poop about third-party stuff on the Wii and having the Nintendo logo on there is probably the best way to do that. And unlike Capcom, Koei don’t have a reputation in the west, so a marketing deal like MH3 wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

  • jarrodand

    Eh… I’d have rather had Fatal Frame IV to be honest. Even now. :/

    • jj984jj

      I’d rather have Tales of Graces than either.

      • vall03

        hearing this news, how I wish Nintendo will do the same with Tales of Graces, unless NBG doesnt want to…

        • jarrodand

          If Nintendo picks up Graces, I want them to nab Hearts too.

  • jarrodand

    Oh woah… they adding online co-op for the US version too! I bet Capcom’s pissed now.

    • Ah you’re right! I missed that bit. Thanks ^^

    • jj984jj

      Nah, Capcom’s not going to be upset since they know Basara’s still got the better characters and gameplay. They are being kind to Wii-only owners though, since they can still experience the better game!

      • jarrodand

        Well, it’s looking like Koei got the sweeter deal with Nintendo, plus they’ll be able to boast online play. Capcom better man up and add it in (at least for the west) if they want to compete.

  • Dear NOA, go F*%K yourselves.

    You pass up Disaster Day of Crisis & Fatal Frame IV… to release a F^*&ING DYNASTY/SAMURAI/SAMEF#*KINGGAMEOVERANDOVERAGAIN WARRIORS GAME?!

    • jarrodand

      Disaster sucked anyway, no loss there imo.

      What I’m sad about now though is that this likely kills any chance of a Reginliev localization. ;_;

      • jj984jj

        Fatal Frame IV didn’t exactly turn out better though.

        • jarrodand

          No, but Fatal Frame’s at least salvageable. Fix the controls, fix the bugs, good to go.

          • jj984jj

            Ehhhhh……. I dunno, I’m tilting my head side to side thinking about this because I’m kinda unsure about it. I think I’d rather play Disaster in their current forms and would trust MonolithSoft to fix the shortcomings of Disaster before grasshopper “fixes” the controls in Fatal Frame IV. Maybe that’s just me though… It’s hard to say with only second-hand impressions and watching media of both, which boils down to me cursing NoA for not releasing them again lol.

      • malek86

        To be honest, I never really thought Reginleiv was going to be localized, at least in the US.

        I mean, has NOA published any M-rated games this gen? It seems they are passing on all their chances to do so (Disaster, FF4, and maybe Reginleiv too).

        But maybe NOE could give it a shot. They did publish Disaster after all. It’s still not likely though.

      • I actually enjoyed Disaster… I have the Japanese versions of both Disaster & Fatal Frame IV anyhow… but it would be nice to get them on the U.S. shelves… instead of putting more shovelware Samurai Koeirrors on them.

  • I wonder if it’ll find a home aside from the Wii…

    • mFrog

      Judging from past trends I’m guessing that a “Special” version for PSP/PS3/XBOX360 will be announced around summer :D

      • jarrodand

        I’d have said the same a day ago. Now though, I think that announcement’s been pushed back a good 6-12 months or so…

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