Final Fantasy XIII iPhone App Out Today

By Spencer . March 17, 2010 . 8:58am

imageFinal Fantasy XIII? There’s an app for that, but it’s not a port or even a game. Square Enix made Final Fantasy XIII – Larger-than-Life Gallery – which is exactly what it sounds like, an image gallery.


This package of wallpapers and concept art costs $8.99 on the iPhone app store. The collection in the Larger-than-Life-Gallery is not in the game or website, but probably in one of the Final Fantasy XIII artbooks. Images from the digital photo album can also be used for your calendar background.


image image image

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  • Dark_Sage

    Well, if there’s anyone stupid enough to buy that, it WOULD be the iPhone audience.

    • Don’t be a jerk ;)

      But still, $9? really? For a bunch of artworks? No, really? It would have been a nice addition to the collectors edition, or otherwise worthwhile if it was, say, $1-2. But $9 is borderline silly.

    • Wow, what’s next? Racist comments from you? Yes, of course everyone who owns an iPhone is going to pay $9 for mini wallpapers. It will surely be the best selling “app” in the platforms history.

      You should get paid to write this stuff.

      • Dark_Sage

        So I’m racist because… Wait, what? O_0

        • Well, you certainly troll enough. Wouldn’t shock me.

          • Dark_Sage

            All right, Chris. I give. That makes perfect sense. I apologize for my blatant racism and hope all the peoples of the world will someday forgive me.

            I go off on a journey… A journey to make things right. Someday… somehow… I will learn to overcome my hatred of races different from my own. The iPhone-user race and the rabid-fanboy race have been harmed by my cruel comments for too long. No longer will I plague them with concepts unknown to them such as wit or making-the-slightest-bit-of-sense. Just like the fat kid at school who ate 200 twinkies every day – it is not their fault. They didn’t choose to be rabid fanboys or iPhone users – they were born that way.

            I now see the error of my ways. May I find redemption at the end of my journey. Thank you, Chris-chan, for lighting my way. I will never forget you in my long travels.

    • Vino (Tim N)

      Yeah dude, saying stuff like that makes you no better then a trolling PS3 or Xbot fanboy.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    If it was way cheaper, I would buy it. But damn Square Enix and over charging their stuff for every patform. How much content is in this app, like over 200 wallpapers? (probably not, but I would buy it, if so)

  • Speaking of FFXIII, I sold my PSP because the PSP has no games… that I like, right now at least, and ended up getting a used 360 and 5 games (GTAIV, ME, Prey, AC and FIFA 08) from a typical jock, which I traded in for FFXIII and Blue Dragon…
    So far I’ve enjoyed it (up to the Gapra Whitewood), and the linearity doesn’t really bother me, neither do the chracters or reading the datalog frequently.
    But there’s something wrong with it… or me perhaps?
    I just thought I would be like, really obsessed with it, but I’m not.
    Maybe I’m just growing up… or something.

    • Code

      Square’s changed a lot in the last 10 years, I’ve always been an avid Square fan but honestly just haven’t been able to get into any of the FF series since FFX. FFXII really bothered me I just couldn’t get into it, it’s story, it’s characters, it’s world, everything — it all felt so callus, cold and dry to me, and I kind of felt burnt by it honestly.

      Now here Final Fantasy XIII is and although I feel like they moved in a more appealing direction to me, especially after FFXIII. But even with that I still find my interest level amazingly low for it and I’ve decided to pass on it for now (the first FF I’ve passed on since the SNES era).

      I know it’s not that I’m not into RPG any more, I’ve played plenty of RPG’s in the last few years that I’ve absolutely loved, like Persona 3 and 4, but I dunno what it is exactly but it feels like Square’s just changed so much. Maybe it’s them trying to reach this newer western audience or find that happy medium between two distinctly different gaming cultures, but it seriously feels like I’m ending up a casualty of them trying to find there place in this new generation.

      • Again, in my case I don’t know if its me or the game, or maybe its just a bit of both.
        Changing the party all the time kind of weird, I was just playing with Hope when suddenly the game changed the leader back to Light, which was kind of weird seeing as I alredy was getting used to Hope (I still prefer Light though).
        There is however a thing that I’m hoping will make me get glued to my (SD u_u)TV, and that’s Gran Pulse, since it has all those hunts and stuff, which I loved from FFX and XII.

        • Aoshi00

          I think that explains my dislike for XIII as well, the story and chars to me weren’t explored very well, and the main thing that put me off again and again was the “pacing”, which is the same thing w/ XII as well. The worlds just don’t really suck me in…

          Great choice trading in the games (although Mass Effect, GTA IV, Assassin’s Creed were all excellent games that should be experienced at least once), you need to get Lost Odyssey though, to me it’s better than both Blue Dragon and FF XIII. Even though BD was charming in an old school sort of way, somehow I was expecting Chrono Trigger-level epicness at the game’s launch (what propelled me to import a Jpn 360, and the rest is history)..

      • Aoshi00

        FFXIII is not bad, but it’s not great either (for me).. I think you would like it much better than XII for the reasons you mentioned, the story is more engrossing for one thing, but still not nearly enough. You are very patient though, I’m saying all this because I’ve played the game alrdy, I was actually dying to get my copy last Christmas (it came on New Year’s Eve lol), and was disappointed by many aspects. Nevertheless, I would play more of the US ver. this weekend, I like the Eng. dub so far, they’ve really done an excellent job localizing the game, same w/ XII.

        Same as you, I don’t know if me being older has something to do w/ my enjoyment of it, I mean it was almost 10 yrs ago since I played X. But I still think XIII’s not as good as 6-10.

        EDIT: also you were right they were trying to entice western players, the classes were attacker, healer, jammer, etc, but are renamed to commando, synergist, and saboteur, I mean they sound cooler but not very intuitive in an RPG, like classes in Mass Effect or something.. Most terms sound better in the US ver though, gestalt is better than driving mode..

  • lol @ racist comment, and yeah 9$ seems too much.

  • Aoshi00

    If it were a wallpaper bundle on the PS3 for $2-3, I would get these excellent artwork. The character theme you unlock w/ trophies are a nice touch.

  • thebanditking

    S-E needs to stop being so protective with the art assets for FFXIII (and all its titles for that matter). How much sketch art from Nomura have they released? Not to mention that even the CG art has not been released at extremely high resolutions. If someone has seen them somewhere in high res let me know.

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