Nomura Keen On Dissidia: Final Fantasy Sequel

By Spencer . March 17, 2010 . 6:57pm


Tetsuya Nomura is busy with a stable of Square Enix games, but when those are done maybe we’ll see a follow up to Dissidia: Final Fantasy.


Tweeter Mahiruuu asked the producer to comment on a sequel to Dissidia. “I’ll try my best for a Dissidia: Final Fantasy sequel,” Nomura tersely responded.


While this is far from a confirmation, Nomura sounds optimistic. Plus, Dissidia: Final Fantasy sold like hotcakes and if a game sells Square Enix usually makes a sequel.

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  • Vanilla

    This is unfortunate.

    • speedstersonic

      why, the first one was great!

      • stealth20k

        The first one was aweful overrated garbage.

        Let them worry about localizing the slew of ds games they have like dq 6, ff gaiden first.

        • Overrated or not, I sure loved it.

          What’s with the influx of new/negative Siliconera commenters these days?

          You’re *totally* entitled to your opinion. It’s just something I’ve noticed.

          • stealth20k

            Just my opinion. I loved crisis core, dissidea was really really bad.

          • I actually liked both PSP titles equally. I played Dissidia hardcore while I was on the road for two weeks, so that could be why (I only had the PSP with me).

            But I’ll agree on the Light Warriors Gaiden thing. When’s the last time Squaresoft passed on a FF game for its NA market? Heck we even got FF4-2 for WiiWare.

          • speedstersonic

            I know, i certainly had a lot of fun playing the game against friends and playing online with people over Ad Hoc Party.

          • stealth20k

            Either way what i am looking forward to from sqare is the following nothing else

            PS3 – ff 13 versus
            DS – dq 6, ff gaiden, dq monster joker 2 (when it releases)

          • Vanilla

            Now, now. An “influx of new/negative commenters” is putting it harshly because Dissidia HAS taken a lot of deserved heat.

            Dissidia was…pretty bad. The story in particular had some of the tackiest lines I’ve seen in a game (agh, particularly the ENG version). It took itself too seriously while trying to be a fanservice game.

            Don’t get me wrong–I’m a huge fan of FF and KH and Dissidia was still too painful for me to stomach. The only things I liked were the pretty graphics and the battle system (which eventually felt a bit smothering).

          • what does KH have to do with this? o.o

          • fallen

            “what does KH have to do with this? o.o”

            Nomura’s involvement. Also, KH and Dissidia are both (to differing degrees) FF fanservice games.

          • Growing pains, perhaps? I meant to post this on the front page, but we locked registration to only verified users now.

            Anonymity breeds negativity.

          • Ereek

            Seconded, on both accounts. I loved Dissidia, and I’ve also noticed a huge amount of negativity lately. I started coming to Siliconera because it didn’t have the negativity and trolling other news sites do. This makes me so sad.

          • Masengan

            I still say Sora as a secret character on Dissidia was supposed to be a no-brainer sad they didn’t add him, to me it made sense.

          • It makes me sad too :(, which is why its time to clean house.

            I urge everyone to flag trolls not only to alert us, but to automatically remove comments.

            After so many flags comments vanish…

  • mach

    Yes please! This time they should do a gender reversal and give us all the primary FF heroines (and Locke for FFVI).

    • stealth20k

      No thanks the game shouldnt have a sequel. They have too many games to localize at the moment. This is the probelm with everyone. People should put pressure on square to localize and not make more titles.

      • Pichi

        As much as I want to see a sequel, I have to agree that we need to see SE do more localizations. Waiting on quite a few, and it seems like they announce more than they localize.

      • mach

        Because the localization department’s speed is totally affected by what the main office chooses to develop. /sarcasm Yeah, I find that doubtful. Just because YOU didn’t like Dissidia, it doesn’t mean those of use who did aren’t entitled to enthusiasm over a potential sequel.

  • ahardrevenge

    uh, I think the people who localize SE games and the people who work in their no-physics division generally aren’t the same people.

    I wouldn’t mind a Dissidia sequel, but I’m not sure where they’ll go. The biggest problem with the first was trying to fit all the Final Fantasy they could in, only to figure out it wouldn’t all fit – the storyline is obviously bad, but the characters themselves are ill-considered. Only about 2 or 3/5 of the music is actually new. The fan service could learn a few lessons from Konami and Capcom.

    Perhaps they could try a Dissidia game for digital download on 360/PS3…. (I’d suggest Wii, but that’s a dark alley to walk into)

  • bobhoskins

    Hm, I dunno if I said this somewhere before….:)

    Well, regardless, I’ll say it now: Fuck off, and get disappeared Nomura. :) I want Square back. :(

  • Ereek

    I, for one, welcome this news. I enjoyed Dissidia and I’d like to see what they can do to improve the formula.

  • I’m sitting on this fence about this news for now. I did enjoy playing the first installment and put a little over 500 hours into it, but if Nomura does go through with this, then he better add Kain this time, damnit :P

    Probably see the sequel as a console release or something, I’d think. Maybe a PSN title with online play? Who knows.

    Honestly though, I’d rather see an Ehrgeiz 2 on PS3/XBOX 360 over a Dissidia 2.

  • kupomogli

    I loved the game at first, but when me and my bestfriend really got into it we started hating it.

    I mean the game allows you to throw R out there to guard at almost any time in hopes that someone will use a brave attack. HP attacks are so slow that even if you guard you’ll be able to dodge out of the way before they hit you anyways, unless it’s certain HP attacks such as Octoslash that even with its slow start is a long attack, so if the defending character doesn’t move backwards and jump or has omnidash and dashes in the opposite direction, he’s losing hp.

    Here are a few characters I got extremely good with.

    Frionel. Easily the best close range character in the game, but worthless in the air and you don’t want to attack if your opponent is mid range. The only time you ever want to be in the air is to use Fire, hope they deflect, and then use Shield to counter your own projectile, the only HP attack you should ever equip unless you don’t have Double Trouble A, B, and C.

    Warrior of Light. Everything links into everything so he’s fairly good, but close range character.

    Cloud. Close or mid range character, overpowered. With no equip fights the Omnislash v5 combo will usually break the opponent and take a chunk of HP in a single attack if they screw up at the beginning.

    Squall. Sucks at getting an HP hit in, but brave attacks rape. Combo a brave attack spell to HP attack to have a better chance. If you want to be cheap, it’s impossible to break Revolver Drive and you can spam it to no end if the person isn’t using Zidane because Squall will get out of it before someone can get in to attack after Revolver Drive is over.

    Cecil. Either air or ground worked best depending on your form. Easy to get HP attacks and even link brave attacks to HP attacks. Not as bad as Frionel, but a fairly poor character.

    Butz. Long range, close range, mid range, this character is the best when it comes to brave attacks. Too bad you’ll have a hard time ever getting an HP hit in unless you’re close to the ground with the Slidehazzard/Soul Eater combo. Holy/Flare combo, Flood, and Paladin Force will never get a good player. Wind Shear has to be a joke.

    Golbez, Zidane, and Sephiroth. Very cheap characters. Talk about major balancing issues.

    So those are the characters I used most often. Zidane is easily the most overpowered character in the game. The game has MAJOR balancing issues. So until me and my friend really got into it, we didn’t notice these. Even with the balancing issues we still played over 100 hours though. The game is addicting even with the major flaws that it has.

    I think Square Enix really needs to first fix the character balancing issues and defend issue if they even think of creating a new game. For example. When defending, how about defend only last an instant. You hit defend and it lasts half a second and can’t be brought up again for atleast another two seconds. That way if someone throws defend out there just hoping the person is going to do a brave attack at the time, it penalizes them and there’s a full two seconds before they can defend again.

    With extra characters in the game though and the current balancing issues, I don’t really think a second game would be any good.

    • Ereek

      I’m not sure if you played the North American version,but a lot of the balancing issues were fixed. Zidane’s attacks were gimped – but he’s still very good, Kuja’s Flare Star range was limited, Emperor got another Flare, and whatnot. Sephiroth also took a beating in efficiency.

  • Square Enix, I’m well-aware of the self-promotion; however, crossing over with Capcom is better. Just ask Marvel & Tatsunoko.

    (FFVII vs SF, anyone?)

    Also, please make some of the toughest monsters in franchise history into specific round bosses (as in, a bonus round would include a fight against either Malboro, Ultima Weapon, or Warmech).

  • Would be great if they made it for the PS3 instead of PSP. FF fighting in HD <3

  • I really don’t understand why it need a sequel…

    But playing with for example with Tifa, Lightning and more woman that kick ass can be really cool XD

    Also with characters like Auron, Zack, Vincent and so on…but new characters in any case…

  • Kuza21

    Dissidia: Final Fantasy On PS3 FTW.

  • ShinNoKami

    Dissidia was fun in short bursts but it didn’t deliver in the story department. Sadly, it was Squeenix trying to do a Smash Brothers game with prettier characters. A sequel… personally, I don’t see why a sequel would be a good idea. What else would they add? They already took the heroes and villains from the main games. If they decided to add the Tactics and Crystal Chronicles characters, that would be a bit… pushing it. If they added Kingdom Hearts, then why don’t we just call it Dissidia: Square Enix?
    Adding Kingdom Hearts wouldn’t count seeing as it’s not part of the Final Fantasy line. I don’t know why KH fanboys are so bent on seeing Sora in it. :/

    Anyway. If they’re planning to fix the things they messed up with in the first Dissidia (Blocking, characters and the DAMNED CAMERA), I might be interested. If all they do is add useless characters, then I pass.

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