Front Mission Evolved Art Paired With Screenshots

By Spencer . March 18, 2010 . 10:14pm


Square Enix and developer Double Helix sent over a batch of Wanzers pictured packaged in a handy zip file. Our update isn’t only screenshots. We have a few pieces of Front Mission Evolved concept art too.


Can you tell which is which? Of course you can!


image49 image88 image206 image236 image image image

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    rar, this tears me up inside, because on one hand, I loved Front Mission as a strategy series (Front Mission 3 <3). But on the other hand this might feed my craving for a good action/mech game (even if it's characters and story really doesn't interest me that much T_T).

    I use to be able to play Armored Core series, but the last two games I've noticed have absolutely turned my stomach to play, I just can't stomach them at all, those two games, are the only games I've ever found that makes me literally motion sick. So the notion of Front Mission with it's much more weighted wanzers might give me something to feed that craving TwT''

  • escuse -me but wheres my Yoshitaka Amano artwork??? o-o …………..

    • thebanditking

      S-E’s Western expansion plan says hi!

      • Artavasdus

        Since Amano hasn’t worked on a Front Mission title since 1996’s FM Gun Hazard (FM 2, Alternative, 3, 4, 5 and Online have been handled by other artists) I don’t think SE’s western expansion plans have anything to do with his absence :P

        • That’s correct. The FM series has a diverse range of artists and composers so it’s incorrect to say Yoshitaka Amano represents Front Mission. Yusuke Naora (visuals), Hidenori Iwasaki (music), and Noriko Matsueda (music) are the closest in terms of representing the series since they’ve worked on the most installments.

          • but you cant deny its a bit westernized :/ …….. i prefer the old ones !
            I do love Noriko matsueda ^^ !
            i didnt like the cover :/ well i hope it’s cool anyway

  • thebanditking

    Something tells me in the grand scheme of things the lack of towns and overworld in Final Fantasy XIII are nothing compaired the jarring reality that this just not Front Mission in any way shape or form. Personally I think this looks terrible and judging from early play tests things don’t sound so good.

    • Artavasdus

      Well, Front Mission has already strayed from the tactical jrpg formula three times with Gun Hazard, Alternative and Online, so I don’t think another non-tactical spin off is going to kill the series.

      While I hated the lack of localization for FM5, this westernized FM Evolved at least shows that SE still cares for the franchise and is trying to push it in the west.

  • symytry

    I’d buy it if a localized FM5 was in the box…for PS2 :D

    • elnegro492003

      There’s a translation patch for FM5… somewhere in the internet ;) If you have the original FM5 JPN copy, and you have a modded ps2, head over to . Trust me, you’ll be surprised ;)

      EDIT: I’m surprised they never mentioned this here in siliconera. Did you guys knew about it?

      • It’s sort of hard to balance attracting attention without attracting the wrong kind of attention. i.e. legal issues

        Anyhow, yes the FM5 project has been long finished for months now. It’s all about FM2 now, and eventually FM Alternative and the 2089 series.

        • neo_firenze

          Wow, thanks for the heads up. I’ve had the original Japanese FM5 for a while but I never knew of this patch. Downloaded now, will be playing!

          Looking forward to seeing the work on FM2/Alternative/2089 too!

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