Rumor: Xbox 360 Gains USB Storage Via Firmware Update

By Spencer . March 18, 2010 . 4:11pm

image Get ready to say “bye bye!” to the Xbox 360 Memory Unit. Microsoft appears to be supporting USB drives for Xbox 360 save games and digital downloads.


Joystiq has documents and loads of photos that detail mass storage device support for the Xbox 360. Flash drive users will be able to convert a drive 1GB to 16GB into an Xbox 360 compatible device. After creating a 512MB system partition you can use the drive for a game install, profile transfer, and Xbox Live Arcade storage.


The USB storage feature has some limitations. It will not support large external hard drives since there is a 16MB cap and you can only plug in two drives. A system update in 2010, perhaps Spring 2010, will add the USB storage feature and put an end to the overpriced 512 memory unit.

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  • malek86

    So you’re basically getting a max 32Gb USB space. However, 16Gb keys are not that cheap, buying two will probably cost you 60$ or so (unless you already have them around). And I also have to wonder about the speed, when compared to the HDD drive.

    Overall, it sounds like a good idea for Arcade owners who are looking to upgrade to a better storage than the sucky 512Mb unit, but those who want space will probably still be better off with the 60Gb HDD, which can be found for little more.

    If only they didn’t have that stupid size limit… but looks like they still want to sell their overpriced HDDs instead.

  • Aoshi00

    Nice, I’ve always found the memory card to be too small, I basically just store my gamertag on it to switch btwn the two systems. And I have several flash drives lying around, 2,4, & 16Gb (a Kingston traveler I got for $25 a few years ago). I know the HDDs are overpriced, but I’m getting the 250gb as soon as it comes out here, it’s in Jpn alrdy for $160, which isn’t too bad.

  • Hraesvelgr

    How about they just make the HDDs cheaper. I’d sure love to upgrade past 20gb, but I refuse to pay $130 for the 120gb.

  • JeremyR

    Very sweet if true. Except the 16 gig limit. But still, considering they want an arm and a leg for a new hard drive, it’s an affordable alternative for those of us stuck with 20 gig ones (or 13 gigs rather, how much usable space they have)

  • daizyujin

    I am not even religious but I only have one thing to say…


    This should have happened years ago. At least you can always have multiple sticks that you can just swap in and out. I will probably just move my dlc to the stick and keep my xbla games and save games on the HDD.

  • trickylove

    I posted that I wanted something like this in the Facebook group. I’m looking forward to it, if for nothing else, to store my gamer tag on.

  • kupomogli

    Unless you already have a USB drive, you’d be better off buying an ridiculously priced HDD. You’d be spending the same amount.

    • Justinzero

      I agree, this is pretty useless to those who are looking for ways of efficiently expanding the usable memory on a 360.

      I’m wondering if this new “update” has anything to do with the rumored 360 slim. Perhaps Microsoft is attempting to save cash by not including flash memory? Who knows, ether way, this was one of those “Happy for 3 min… then sad for life” moments.

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