Final Fantasy XIII Fastest Selling Title In The History Of Final Fantasy

By Spencer . March 19, 2010 . 3:19pm

THUNDARA-Square Enix is glowing all sorts of colors, just like Squall does when he casts Aura, when it comes to Final Fantasy XIII’s sales in North America.


Over one million units of Final Fantasy XIII were sold in the first five days after its March 9 launch. That figure makes Final Fantasy XIII the fastest selling Final Fantasy game ever. Final Fantasy XIII is also the first at-launch multiplatform Final Fantasy game, appearing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the West.


To date, five million copies of Final Fantasy XIII have been shipped (not sold) worldwide, which brings the Final Fantasy franchise up to 96 million shipped games.

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  • kupomogli

    Good thing that they shipped so many copies. Hopefully everyone who wanted it has already bought it and we should see a nice $40 price drop sometime soon within the next few months. It’s a game I want to get but definitely the last on my list of getting this year, so once it hits $20 I’m getting it.

    • Question does a game that reach 1 million copies sold get a price drop quickly. I don’t think it applies to Nintendo since they still have Gamecube games that have sold more than a million and are still not 20 bucks.

      • malek86

        In nowadays’ market, yes, even selling a million copies in its first week doesn’t save a title from quickly dropping price, especially if they overshipped.

        Nintendo is a different matter. For some reason they never drop prices. Mind you, they are the only ones who have never made any sort of compilations of their 8/16 bit games. The problem is, they know people are willing to pay the full price for them, that’s why they won’t drop it.

  • MrRobbyM

    Well, no shit. They hyped it up with so many trailers over the course of 3 years. I expect no different.

  • Ereek

    Oh Spencer. Now I can’t stop imaging the SquareEnix logo glowing golden.

  • LastFootnote

    Man, the population is always increasing. I’m guessing that every single entry in the main Final Fantasy series was the fastest selling entry at the time of its initial release (with the possible exception of FFXI).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, how is this news? (Not trying to be critical of Siliconera here. I just think it’s funny how game companies will boast about the smallest things.)

    • Code

      How is it not news? It’s a game that recently came out, many people were interested to see how it would do, and suddenly we have results this seems very report worthy. I see nothing wrong with this.

      Also I think the point many people are overlooking is the fact it’s also the first Final Fantasy to launch multi-platform which likely has a decent impact on sales~!

      • badmoogle

        “Also I think the point many people are overlooking is the fact it’s also the first Final Fantasy to launch multi-platform which likely has a decent impact on sales~!”

        Yup.It also had a mutual release date in NA and EU for the first time ever which makes it “unfair” to compare it with previous releases.

    • Vanilla

      I think this is interesting news, if not earth-shattering. It’s nice to be informed on the little things the community might be curious about.

  • badmoogle

    Well obviously it would have a better start than previous FF’s since FFXIII is multiplatform for the first time ever and also had the same release date in both NA and Europe in contrast to previous titles.

    FFXIII had the worst opening week in Japan than any previous main FF game and if you compare the numbers of FFXIII and FFX for example (taking into account the former’s multiplatform availability and same release dates on both NA and EU) then the numbers of FFXIII don’t really look that good.

    It looks like SE is eager to present FFXIII as a success probably to please the investors as well as to defend it against the negative reviews and make people believe that it’s actually a good game.

    • Ereek

      All of the negative reviews? What? It has over 80% average. I don’t see how that’s negative.

      Just because you didn’t enjoy the game doesn’t automatically make it a bad game.

      • badmoogle

        I don’t have anything personally against FFXIII,especially since i haven’t played it yet.I will play it eventually although i admit that as a long time FF fan and for the first time ever i don’t really look forward to.

        I didn’t say all the reviews were negative.But in comparison with previous main entries in the series it got much more negative reviews.For a main FF game to get many review scores like 6’s,7’s and 8’s (from the most popular sites and magazines mind you),it can make the game look mediocre.
        If you notice most of the high scores came from small sites which are very dependent on having good relations with SE.For some reviews the high scores didn’t actually reflect what was written from the reviewers.

      • BK0000

        The only reason the average is so high is because of the Final Fantasy title. If it was any other game, it would be getting more negative reviews.

  • Mazen

    Well deserved such an amazing game, it was a breathtaking experience for me.

  • Hm, I think after having read so much complaining about the game I’m pretty sure I will like it.

    But I too think you can’t really compare the first day sales of a multiplatform-from-the-start FF that’s released at the same time in the US and EUR to the other FFs…

  • rinoa_chan

    “Final Fantasy XIII Fastest Selling Title In The History Of Final Fantasy”. I’m really happy, FF13 really deserves it, it is really worthy enought!!! Hope everyone is able to understand and play it.

  • rinoa_chan

    “Final Fantasy XIII Fastest Selling Title In The History Of Final Fantasy” I’m really happy, FF13 deserves this, it is totally worthy. I have played all the final fantasy games and it was 10 years since Square time, there wasn’s such a delicate story, but also a totally new system. If you don’t like I think you don’t understand the spirit of the game. I hope everyone can really understand this game and appreciate it.
    I don’t understand people say such nonsence like it’s all scene and no contents and it’s all because of the exagerate marketing the game sell so much. Just stupid people who haven’t played and ended the game and only listen to rumors I think…

  • rinoa_chan

    I don’t understand people say such nonsence like it’s all scene and no contents and it’s all because of the exagerate marketing the game sell so much. Just stupid people who haven’t played and ended the game and only listen to rumors I think…

  • Fastest selling… judged by the timespan of 5 days. They’re keen to get good PR out there, after what happened in Japan.

    • Ereek

      “What happened in Japan?”

      What, you mean selling 2 million copies? In a country where there are 4 million PS3s? I’m not seeing how this is a bad thing.

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, the game sold, just like every other flagship FF would, it was supposed to be a PS3 seller after all. FFXII sold tons of copies too but it wasn’t well received in Jpn either (Jpn more prone to motion sickness due to free camera, MMO-like gambit system in a vast open world garnered more praise in the West since online games are more prevalent here, etc, I myself did not like it). When 13 Versus and FF15 come, most people would buy it no questions asked, including me, heck I would get both Jpn and US ver. on day 1 (again…), even though I’m wary of Nomura being the director (I’m not a big fan of KH and the ACC movie was you know…)

        I think the story (imaginary boogey man, media propaganda) might have struck a cord more for the Western, or American audience in particular? Also some dialogue seem to have been improved upon, either the actual lines or the fashion they were conveyed.

        I went back to check the Snow/Serah firework scene, the Jpn song “Eternal Love” (also by Suguwara Sayuri) was taken out entirely. Even though it was a very good song, the scene actually felt stronger silent w/ no music (instead of pop-ish), amplifying the unspoken sadness btwn the two lovers. When I was playing the Jpn ver, I just didn’t feel it at all and thought it was kind of contrived. Of course this might just be a consistent choice since Kimi ga Iru kara was dropped. And I was wondering what Eng. song they would use to replace it w/… overall I really like the excellent Eng. localization, just like I’m pressed by the Phoenix Wright series.

      • badmoogle

        No he meant that FFXIII had the worst opening of any main FF game (after VII) in Japan.
        Check VGCharz.

        It’s no wonder many Japanese retailers dropped its price soon after release.

        • Ereek

          I respectfully disagree. When ~40% of the people who own a PS3 buy the game, you’re obviously going to have to bring down the price to get sales to spike back up again. It’s exactly the same strategy Bioware uses. Shortly after release they’ve put their games on Sale. Mass Effect and Dragon Age both went for $20-$30 less than the traditional retail. I ended up getting Dragon Age for $35 when I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise.

          They lower the price to get the people who wouldn’t have bought it at full price.

          Edit: Also, I don’t trust VGChartz. They’ve been wrong too many times in the past. If you can give me a better source, go ahead.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m on Ch.6 in the US ver. right now, I must say the Eng. localization made the game a lot more enjoyable (surprisingly) than the Jpn ver. I remember I had a hard time getting into the story from beginning to end before. There are 3 things I’m doing different,

      1) I skipped reading the datalog in the Jpn ver until very late in the game and was like “doh, I’m supposed to be reading this?” since I usually don’t read the summaries in Prof Layton lol), that’s why I mentioned keeping up w/ the datalog is paramount to enjoying the story.

      2) I mostly enter the commands myself instead of using the default auto-command (at least for those possible by human reflex), so I felt like I had control over everything.

      3) I toggled off the map at the top right corner and only bring up the big map by pressing square when necessary not missing the treasures. W/o that I was able to think the path not as linear and appreciate the scenery more.

      But I think the dialog are actually written better than the Jpn counterpart, if I recall correctly some are slightly altered w/ more wit or rather just conveyed better by the VAs in a more appropriate and convincing way, did Sazh’s VA do some improv in there by any chance? Can we do an interview w/ Sazh’s NA voice actor? I really like that guy! Or Hope, Or Snow’s (Troy Baker), they actually made me like the characters more now.

      Hope sounds more mature (instead of annoying whiny, I guess Saiga Mitsuki would’ve been a better choice for the role), Snow sounds softer, cooler, and more romantic (instead of repetitive, loud, and getting on your nerves all the time, he deserves being smacked by sis), Sazh sounds calmer and funnier, Lightning calmer as well (despite her anger), Vanille about the same as the Jpn ver but more unique w/ her Gran Pulse Aussie accent.. and Fang’s Australian accent adds a lot to her regular tough chick talk.

      In retrospect, I think the story’s themes, i.e, authoritative government in the name of protecting its citizens (9/11, Patriot Act?), imaginary enemies of the State (US always portraying other countries as evil, media propaganda making people fear), strong military, etc, might resonate more w/ Western audience? Avatar touched upon that but that was less subtle in a 2-hr movie.. Actually I finally watched the Astroy Boy/Atom movie and it has a similar theme too (Metro City and the Surface below acting as a garbage dump).

      Those are the broader themes, but reading the prologue novel dealt even deeper into the personal feelings of each character, how Snow and Lightning met, how scared and despaired Serah was after being branded as a L’cie, practically given a death sentence, Fang and Vanille’s deep mistrust and paranoia in the foreign Cocoon (just like Cocoon fearing the lowerworld since they are brainwashed that way), etc.. . I thought those weren’t conveyed/explored in the game well enough. I’ve only read 2 out of 7 chapters of the novel though, so I’m reading the book and playing the game side by side. In that respect, I thought Lost Odyssey did it slightly better since it combined the novel and game story into one, and made the story feel much more emotional.

      Still, at the end, I think this game is not bad, but far from great, especially for a main FF game. The battle system one either likes it or hates it.

  • Aoshi00

    Speaking of better English VAs, I just heard Dajh speak for the first time, very nice, thank god it sounds so much better. The Jpn ver has the worst voice ever, he sounded like a fifteen yr old teenager instead of a five yr old kid (a really old choice since kids are usually voiced by voice actresses, so you could imagine how hard it was to get into the story..), I can think about the cute kid voice reading the novel now :)

  • thebanditking

    Glad to see this, the game is really quite good and even with the changes. I am really quite pleased with the overall game.

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