Inaba-san, Why Did You Want To Make A Sci-Fi RPG?

By Spencer . March 19, 2010 . 6:18pm

imageAtsushi Inaba has a history of making action games such as Viewtiful Joe, God Hand, and Devil May Cry. Infinite Space, which Sega published in North America this week, is a sci-fi RPG inspired by works such as Battlestar Galactica and Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End.”


Compared to PlatinumGames action packed lineup and Inaba’s past works, Infinite Space is quite a deviation. So, how did Infinite Space get started?


“The initial project focused on the ship customization aspect when I and Kouno-san [Infinite Space’s Scenario Writer and Director] first started to talk about it,” Inaba explained.


“We thought about making a game for adults who have childhood memories of playing with these types of toys and thought it would be fun if somehow we could make that happen. After that initial discussion, we not only prepared the idea of ship modifications but also included vast stages and a complex story on which it allowed users to play with these toys to the fullest capacity. Thus forming the game into the current Sci-Fi RPG we have today. Although PlatinumGames is strong in creating action games, I was fully supportive of this project and thought that it offered a rather interesting challenge for us to create quite a different genre while collaborating with another company.”


Nude Maker, the studio behind Steel Battalion, co-developed Infinite Space with PlatinumGames. We’ll have more from both companies on Monday when our Infinite Space interview goes live.

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  • Ah man. I can’t afford this game…

    • ElTopo

      Me too.

    • JeremyR

      Yeah, it’s the first DS game to excite me in a long time, but…I’ll wait until it goes on sale. (If I can find my DS)

  • This game rocks. The scope is so intense and I mean, it’s the closest thing I’ll get to a Banner of the Stars-style RPG. Space operas!!!!!

    Random aside, but the most recent space opera I can think of is Tytania, which was pretty good, but sort of… ended. Anyone got a recommendation for another slice of space opera pie?

    • epiphaniesarefun

      hmm sadly nothing recent: if you can stand the old art style legend of the galactic heroes is epic space opera, but its animation is ANCIENT lol, but I liked the story ;) And yes, infinite space rocks my face off too!

    • Artavasdus

      If you like japanese space operas you must see Legend of Galactic Heroes: it’s a humungous story spanning a 110-episodes OAV (the longest OAV in history, released from 1988 to 1997), three films (avoid Golden Wings :) and two prequel series spanning 52 episodes. The saga takes place in the far future (there is a complete timeline that begins in the 20th century), in a galaxy divided by a democratic confederation and a galactic autocratical empire that took its spirit from the second German Empire (the one led by Prussia that was dismantled after 1WW), and has so much background history for its setting and dozens upon dozens of characters that you will be trapped till the end. Moreover, it’s probably one of the most realistic no-nonsense pieces of sci-fi I have ever had the pleasure of watching, focalizing on diplomacy, politics, logistics, war and personal relationships without paranormal activities of any kind.

      The author is Tanaka, the same as Tytania, but while Tytania was left unfinished LOGH was completed, not to mention that the anime version of Tytania was lacking many details and gave a carefree tone to the story that ill matched Tanaka’s style.

      Another interesting series (even if it’s less space opera than psychological and social drama set in a sci-fi context) is Infinite Ryvius, where the young cadet crew of a battleship left adrift for unknown reason must regulate itself through various self-imposed political regimes, meanwhile trying to stay alive.

      I am happy to see another space operas fan, I too love Morioka’s works ^^

      • Jaxel

        LOGH is one of my favorite anime of all time… its shameful it has never come to America. What makes LOGH so epic is that everyone in the series is human; main characters die all the time. If you like LOGH, you should check out the Kin of the Stars series.

  • Oh yeah! This just came in the mail! Super excited! :)
    Is that LOGH subbed? (seeing it never came to America, I’m guessing no?)

    • Rinkudinku

      I just got my copy in from Amazon too. ^^ I’ll be playing this after I finish up FFXIII. Psyched.

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