Nintendo 3DS Announced, Will Be Revealed At E3

By Spencer . March 23, 2010 . 12:27am

imageMove over Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. Nintendo has DS successor in the works and it’s going to be shown this year.


The Nintendo 3DS (tentative name) is a brand new handheld that supports 3D games you can play without any special glasses. Other details were not announced since Nintendo is saving the reveal for E3. However, there is a 3D game already out on the Nintendo DSi called Hidden 3D Pictures in Japan. The DSiWare title uses the camera for face tracking, which gives the illusion of depth..


Earlier this year, the Asahi Shimbun discussed the possibility of a motion sensor being part of a new Nintendo DS. The press release does not mention any motion sensing hardware.


Nintendo plans to release the handheld in Japan sometime after this fiscal year, which is between April and March 2011.

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  • tim_mbp

    Mind blown!!!

  • JeremyR

    Virtual Boy 2!

    Anyway, I knew they were going to do something more than just a DS2. Just that would have made no sense.

  • MrRobbyM

    If it gets used as much as much as touch controls being used properly and helpful, then I won’t be seeing it in many games.

  • Zefiro Torna

    The die has been cast.

    There’s been rumors for sometime, and I’ve always thought of them as nothing but nutty in all honesty. Interesting to see the sudden announcement considering E3 is in June…

    Here’s to hoping we get big, bright screens (or whatever) with the initial model, and good battery life too.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    3D is the thing every medium pursuits these days, the big thing… and it kinda bores me. But hey, Nintendo will make me see the light in this thing.

    • Mazen

      Without glasses without! what technology this has?!!!

    • ElTopo

      You know when else 3D was a fad? Post WW2. It came and went, and no one missed it. Give it a few years to blow over.

  • jj984jj

    Without glasses? If it’s more than just face tracking with a camera it should be interesting to see, otherwise it sounds like another gimmick to sell to the casuals and something most games won’t use extensively again.

    Which is actually fine by me if this has better specs and the same amount of support the DS does. Hopefully they have a strong launch line-up to show at E3.

    • Chow

      I assume the 3D tech works on this similar to [how I understand] the glassless 3D TVs work. Basically, they do the “frilled billboard” effect, where the screen is made up entirely of frills, like a ruffled potato chip. I’ll just say that it’ll be like many tiny triangular prisms arranged in a vertical manner, and everything on the left side of the triangle will be viewed by the left and, and vice versa for the right.

      I can see this working much better on a hand held than a family room television, since hand helds are almost always held in the same position all the time, whereas a TV can be viewed from so many angles.

  • I guess i will stay with the DS Lite until all this madness stops…

  • Kris

    Hmm, interesting…
    I’ll stick with my DSi for a while more though, thank you. :/

    • Saturnus

      Same here, I’m not upgrading my DS for awhile. I recently went from the original ‘block’ DS to the DSi, and basing on the stream of these DS upgrades, I’m better off waiting lol. Nintendo needs to push DSiWare support though. :/

      I wonder how this will fair? I wanna see it in action, so I guess gonna have to wait till June. Secretly I want this completely flop to knock Nintendo down a peg. I’m not that big on 3D anyways… It’s cool and all to watch movies in 3D, but I don’t want 3D to be the new touchscreen. Plus, excessive 3D hurts my eyes lol.

      Well, here we go!

  • Holy shit! Virtual Boy 2!

    I guess Metroid: Other M caused Gunpei Yokoi to rise from the grave. :D

    • wharcraff

      Almost makes Gunpei Yokoi sound like an Altered Beast. 8-)

  • malek86

    One half of me is tempted to buy this at launch, but the other half knows that a better version should be released within 18 months at best. But well, considering I’ve used my fat DS for almost 4 years, I don’t think it would be a bad investment.

    Now, it only depends on the price.

    • Ereek

      I’m of this mind as well. If Nintendo didn’t keep releasing new hardware every few months, I might be interested in getting it. I’m sticking with my DSlite; I still play GBA games.

    • ElTopo

      I guess if you consider 2-3 year upgrades to a handheld platform worth waiting for go for it. 3 upgrades to a portable platform in 6 years is nothing when you compare it to other products in the same realm of the market.

      Iphone/Ipod Touch/Ipad/Ipod = A new model every single year, always upgraded, always for a high end retail price

      Netops, Labtops, Slate PCs, E-readers, niche portable gaming devices; other companies put out these products yearly. What are you asking for? A five you life span on your Nintendo 3DS?

  • kylehyde

    This is really awesome, I can’t wait to the nest E3 to see the initial catologue that this handheld will have.

  • nyoron

    I’m not going to let myself get swept up in the pre E3 hype like I was with the Wii, but this does sound interesting and I look forward to seeing it in action.

    Also, I really hope they do a full color, more compact Virtual Boy 2 someday.

  • Mazen

    Spencer I don’t think they will use camera like in the DSI game, there is a new technology Panasonic were working on that produce 3d images out of the screen without glasses, I think this is the one we see here it was patented for Panasonic.

  • Ironically, the DSi XL became the next Gameboy Micro.

  • hummm there are too many versions of DS «« im sorry nintendo but i wont give in ! ill keep my lite until you relase DS2 XD or something «« …… and even then i wont buy it as soon as its ou cause i know 2 weeks later a new model will appear !

    • ElTopo

      Right, 2 weeks equates to 6 years (currently, most likely platform support will extend to 7 or even 8) of console support.

  • Soma

    Games in 3D? Games in 3D without 3D glasses?! Madness!
    I miss the days when 32mb was considered top notch.
    None the less, it will be interesting to see what Nintendo brings to the table with their “3DS.”

  • Maybe this will make me care about portable game systems (because I love me some 3D tech)!

  • thebanditking

    3D games and movies tend to give me a headache, heres hoping this doesn’t do the same. Still Im not quite sold on this concept, big deal its “3D” which is the new buzz word the industry is attaching to everything lately. I wonder what will happen to all the planed DS software like Golden Sun, and the new Pokemon? Will they be 3DS only? Seems likely since this thing will need some serious muscle to push DS out the door.

  • Disappointing. I can’t see fake “3D” tech just like I could never get those Magic Eye things.

    All I hope is that it’s fully backwards-compatible, not region-locked, no larger than the current DSL/DSi, and possesses a GBM-quality d-pad. All of which is certainly not happening, but a woman can dream.

  • jarrodand

    Red Alarm 2 plz!

  • where is golden sun DS! that first before ANYTHING else!
    Btw i hope this doesnt ends like the wii, with mostly stupid games being released..

  • TyeTheCzar

    OH MY GAH!
    Please tell me this isn’t some prank! PLEASE!

  • You can create some interesting 3D effects based on reflection if you close the DS a bit. I wonder if 3DS’s 3D has anything to do with linking the two screens.

  • i hate april fools

  • Tokyo Guy

    At this moment in time, I am highly skeptical of the console. Toshiba released a 3D mobile phone for the KDDI Au network a while ago and to be quite blunt, it was a total joke. The screen had simulated 3D whereby when you pressed a button, a “filter” or sorts would activate and thus make the image seem to pop out, kind of like a hologram. But it also gave me a headache after looking at it for just a few seconds.

    NEC also had the idea of making a 3D product some years back (or was it Sony…?) in the form of a 3D laptop PC. It was absurdly expensive and when I saw it, didn’t even seem that impressive.

    Unless Nintendo has found some kind of radical new technology to generate the effect (which you can rest assured they would never use anyway given that it would actually cost MONEY to implement), I see this as a total gimmick, and one that might potentially cause more harm than good-literally.

    I’m just a bit disappointed really. When push comes to shove, the DS’s touch screen was little more than a gimmick, as everyone knew it would be. Sure there are some games that really make excellent use of it, but most developers don’t even implement it at all, or if they do, use it for gimmicky side functions. It’s quite possible that the 3-D thing will go down the same path…

  • Joanna

    What I’m worried about is what will happen to all those interesting games yet to be localized. I don’t want another PS2 situation. >:|

    Given me 7th Dragon, Four Warriors of Light and Chocobo Tales2 already! (I still dream about ASH….but I know that won’t ever come here. :[)

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