Spectral Force Legacy Hopes To Have Legacy In The West

By Spencer . March 23, 2010 . 7:00am

imageDone with Spectral Force Genesis yet? Good. Oh, you said never bought it? Sorry… that’s what happens when you ask rhetorical questions. Anyway, Idea Factory is trying to bring Spectral Force Legacy stateside.


Spectral Force Legacy, a PSP follow up to Spectral Force Genesis, was on Compile Heart’s massive GDC localization list. The Harajuku based company is shopping for a North American and/or European publisher.


Like other Spectral Force titles, there is a balance of real-time battles with dozens of units running on a battlefield and country management. Players can create alliances with enemies, trade raw materials (gold/livestock), and fortify bases on the world map.


Ignition Entertainment picked up the rights to Spectral Force Genesis after Nobilis published it in Europe. Prior to Ignition, NIS America and Yuke’s of America published other Idea Factory titles. Considering that Spectral vs. Generation got localized chances are some company is going to grab this, but who will it be?

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  • Trotmeister

    Is there any western publisher left that still wants to release IF’s craptastic games?

    • That you dont like IF, doesnt means everyone doesnt likes IF >.>

    • Artavasdus

      I assume you have played more than some Psp ports (whose main issue was the loading times, the same that happened with many other Psp games) to judge a lineup of dozens of titles.

      Personally I am happy to play every grand strategy jrpg IF manages to get published in the west, while their games are obviously low budget they have a depth many well-known jrpgs don’t have, not to mention IF is almost the only one still pushing the genre in Dragon Force’s direction.

      Another thing a western gamer may not appreciate due to the lack of localizations is the powerful plot backbone of the Spectral saga, which spans many games and is full of character background, politics, mythology and cross references from one game to another. Sadly the Spectral Souls that was released in the USA was not only the second in the Souls sub-series, but came after a great deal of titles which provided its setting. Legacy, being a remake of the first Spectral Force, could be useful in order to make the series more understandable by western players (especially if they updated the script).

      Other than the grand strategy and tactical jrpgs IF deals with many visual novels, and some of them managed to gather a sizeable fanbase in Japan, even if of course they are practically never heard of in the west.

      • Trotmeister

        I’ve explored, to some extent, pretty much every IF’s game that was released in the West, including wacky crossovers like Spec. VS Gen. and Chaos Wars. Granted, it’s not much, and it’s certainly not enough to fully realize Neverland series’ plot. All those games, however, were of a rather low quality, and I doubt it’s just a coincidence.

        • I believe Chaos Wars was due to bad translation. And Spec. VS Gen. actually wasn’t released here in the US.

        • Artavasdus

          I fully agree regarding Spectral Vs Generation, IF has no experience on beu development and their effort was not enough to even remotely compete with serious 2d beu developers, being ultimately a fanservice game for two uber-niche series.

          That said, judging a company that makes grand strategy jrpgs from a beu spin-off and a cross-over tactical jrpg (whose main problem was its horrid localization) is not exactly the way to go. If you want to know their games more the right choices are the two Psp Generation of Chaos (especially the first one, with its initially bewildering but extremely rewarding complex simulation elements) and the simplified (but still a grand strategy jrpg at its core) Spectral Force Genesis. The first two games, being ports of main chapters of the GoC series, are the most representative of the IF style among all the localized games.

          Of course you may still not like them, since they are obviously low budget titles who appeal to a niche fanbase not only in the west but even in Japan (mainly the ones who loved Dragon Force’s gameplay back in the Saturn days), but at least you will see what they have to offer.

        • Kunio_kun

          You just hate the IF titles released in the West because you’re a damn, dirty Bolshevik…
          JK, BTW ;) I was originally gonna name my profile Sun-Joffe-meister but figured none of the kids would get it…

    • Well, fans of IF and NIS “S”RPGs believe that dating-sim elements, an overload of minutiae and the ability (sometimes the requirement) to grind your stats into the billions makes a game deep and strategic.

      So the exact elements you (and I) say make their games poor is exactly what the fanbase enjoys about them. Cheap license + existing fanbase who will gobble up anything IF/NIS-related = publisher profit?

      • I get your point but if you put it that way… “belive that…” it feels offensive somehow >_>.

        The only “”S”rpg” i’ve seen NISA with dating sim elements is sakura wars, ar tonelico isnt strategy so it doesnt counts in what you say, of course im talking just about the games released in the US, so… is not like what you describe with Dsims and stuff, and IF.. we barely get their games, and well… we ARE getting one with dating sim stuff (agarest war) with the generations stuff the stats change and blah, but besides that, all ive seen is just normal romance in games.
        The fact that you need to grind to beat some stage doesnt means is a requirement, is just that you cant think good enough to beat it, ive beaten (not trying to show off or anything, i know a lot of ppl could do this) all disgaea’s story modes without having to grind in any stage.

        • I say “believe” because it’s an opinion, just like my opinion is the opposite.

          …I’m not sure what you’re arguing, but my point is that a lot of these games calling themselves “Strategy” RPGs don’t actually make you use strategy. In Disgaea the main story was easier than many non-strategy RPGs I’ve played…and the “strategy” in much of the post-game is “how do I powerlevel efficiently”. These are not the signs of a good game.

          Listen, I like some mediocre/bad games too! But I won’t try and claim they’re great when they’re not.

          BTW, I’m not talking about Ar Tonelico at all; I know almost nothing about that series. (I was thinking of giving AT3 a chance if the localization is not full of grammar errors or buggy like AT2, actually.)

          • Artavasdus

            Confusing NiS and IF’s titles and mixing them up like they were all the same is absolutely wrong since their style of tactical jrpgs is extremely different.

            Generation of Chaos games and the majority of the Spectral series are grand strategy games which ask the player to manage resources (be they cities, economic systems, troops, officers, ore extraction and so on) and to lead armies against other countries to conquer them, much in the spirit of the old Dragon Force franchise.

            The “grinding” element (I fully agree with your point of view about its negative influence in tactical jrpgs, by the way), instead, is peculiar of NiS titles like the Disgaea series, Makai, Phantom Braves and the likes, but is not a major element in the majority of IF grand strategy games, even if some of them feature optional content or post game quests which require a bit of levelling (nothing like the power play-fest seen in NiS titles, however).

            The generations system, moreover, is a feature implemented only in Agarest Senki, not in Spectral or GoC games, and it was used before in such jrpgs as Fire Emblem 4 Seisen no Keifu, Romancing SaGa 2, Dragon Quest 5, Phantasy Star 3 and some others, even if Agarest as we all know mixes it up with innuendo and a bit of fanservice (don’t be fooled by the Aksys commercials though, it’s not nearly as fanservice as the ads show).
            Since Agarest is a new franchise (an hybrid with tactical combat and normal explorations) it’s again not appropriate to mix its features with the long-standing IF series, which have little to none dating sim elements.

            If you are ready to label the IF franchises as “mediocre” at least it would be nice to know them better, since your description of their alleged problems has almost nothing to do with them and seems to consider IF as some generic “poor gameplay, much fanservice” company. I understand that since the majority of their games are still in Japan it may be difficult to have a clear picture, but maybe if you liked Dragon Force you too could like many GoC and SF games.

          • I consider IF mostly a “generic ‘poor gameplay, much fanservice’ company” because they do release a lot of games like that. “Otomate” label, a lot of their VNs, crossover games, anime licensed games…
            Coincidentally, the last thing I saw on nicovideo over the weekend was gameplay for Spectral Tower (PSX), and that was just…not good at all.

            HOWEVER, they do have hits among their misses. (I actually ordered Rogue Hearts Dungeon off Amazon.jp recently, hehe) And it sounds like I made a big mistake by assuming the GoC and SF series were just more of the “grind strategy” rather than grand strategy games. I’ll have to look into them. :)

  • masuto

    Played it a little. Doesn’t seem to be a game to be extremely excited about. I love the art though.

  • Hello_Hello

    I want this so badly. I really hope it finds a good U.S. publisher.

  • lordgeo

    Since I can’t reply to this exact post, I’ll just quote this part:
    “I consider IF mostly a “generic ‘poor gameplay, much fanservice’ company” because they do release a lot of games like that. “Otomate” label, a lot of their VNs, crossover games, anime licensed games…”

    So you’re calling any game made for girls, visual novels, crossovers, and any sort of game based on a license (Let’s face it, games based on stuff like movies, TV series, novels, etc. and games based on anime are both going off of the same basic idea) “generic” and “poor”?

    Wow, you just insulted a lot of gamers right there, and especially the visual novel fans, which have it hard enough getting games released in English as it is. I guess you hate how Jenni from this site posts articles about VNs she’s recently played, too… Especially the Idea Factory ones. That is just a crazy case of over-generalizing and assuming right there. Finally, Spectral Tower was Idea Factory’s second-ever title, and first in the Neverland series… That’s just hitting below the belt, as not everyone has a perfect start in this business. I guess we should also insult Nintendo since the arcade they made before Donkey Kong sucked. In fact, I think Spectral Tower 2 retcons the first out of Neverland history and is generally considered the better of the two.

    Anyway, I do hope Legacy gets a North American publisher… A remake of the original Spectral Force would be cool to have over here.

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