Animated Opening Shows Blaze Union’s Future

By Spencer . March 24, 2010 . 6:31am

Here’s how Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future begins with animation done by Point Pictures.



See what happens next on May 27 when Blaze Union trail blazes into stores.

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  • Nice intro, the girl next to the king in 0:47 reminds me of ratchel of blazblue lol

  • szoo

    it’s a real shame satoko kiyuduki isn’t doing the creative design for this one (she did yggdra union, riviera & Knights in the nightmare). Dept. Heaven is my favorite game series of all time and a big part of that was because of the great artwork by satoko kiyuduki.
    these designs seem a little bit more middle of the road. they may be more accesible to a large public, I suppose that’s why they chose this direction. all in all I do like them, but not as much as the previous games…
    besides that I’m very excited about this release and hope it get’s localized. there’s no info on that yet right ?

    • Landiur

      I didn’t know that, but it explains why the characters in this game all look rather dull. How sad.

    • Joule

      Maybe they’ll get Kiyuduki back for the next Dept Heaven game as this one doesn’t seem to be part of the series (despite being a prequel/spiritual successor/spin off to a game in the series).

      While I’m not fond of the art change, I do look forward to another Yggdra-styled game.

  • masuto

    So, still confused. Main character with ponytail is a boy or a girl? No, I’m serious because he/she looks pretty, is short, and wears tight shorts.

    • malek86

      People say the character’s seiyuu is a male, so yeah…

      • what!? is a male?! wtf i was completely sure it was a girl O_O

      • Also, the screenshots from the last post showed an X-shaped union. She’s a man!

        I’m a little surprised to hear that the VA is male, though. I assumed they’d go with a female VA even if the character turned out to be male.
        Do you know who it is? I’d like to look him up and find out what he sounds like.

        • malek86

          I heard it’s the guy who did Yuri in TOV. I’m not sure whether it’s actually been confirmed though… the official site is not open yet. Maybe it was a misread.

  • It has a mermaid! yep im sold! ^_^ !

  • Natat

    It’s cool to see some characters from Yggdra Union, like Yggdra, and Baldus the God of war in the opening

  • anbu

    When I saw the main character, i thought hey he looks alittle bit like kenshin. But when i saw that guy on 0:39, that one looks like saitou hajime lol. That’s just me though.

  • Just out of curiosity, does anyone know who’s in charge of the soundtrack? Shigeki Hayashi maybe? Not because I was gifted with the power to recognize his feeling on the music, but because he was behind both Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare, though :P

    • malek86

      And also the Baroque remake, so it’s not like he only does Dept. Heaven games. Anyway, we’ll need to wait till the official site opens for more info.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I actually like this classic-like take to the character designs, never really could settle with the designs of the Dept. Heaven-series, too disproportionate in many cases. I especially like the female blond lead, because she isn’t the typical maiden in dress and wieldning a staff, I like the tomboy-ish approach. Guess it kinda helps balance the male leads female looks.

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