All About Slider, The Escaping On An Office Chair PlayStation Move Game

By Spencer . March 26, 2010 . 10:07am


Remember the PlayStation Move game where you escape from the Yakuza by riding an office chair? It’s called Slider and we spoke with George Weising, Producer, to find out more about it and if SCEJ is working on any other PlayStation Move games for North America.


Slider is such an offbeat game, maybe you can start by explaining the concept?


George Weising, Producer: Slider is a game about a detective and secretary trying to escape the Yakuza because they are up to their neck in debt. You’re trying to escape through the streets in Hong Kong, on office furniture, to a busted down van.


Will Slider be a downloadable or retail game?


I can’t speak to that, but it is a big game. It’s going to be many hours. There are a whole bunch of different courses and each course has a whole bunch of different variations of it – different paths through the city, different versions of each path. So, as you play through the game you unlock different modes: time trial, freeform, and so.


What can you tell us about these other courses? Will you always escape in a beat up van? Will they finally get to a decent car?


We’re not sure exactly of what kind of vehicle they get to, but whatever they get to should be funny.


So humor is a big part of Slider?




How are you localizing that for North America?


For starters, we scrubbed the dialogue completely. We rewrote specifically to be funny in North America and then all of the voice talent will be American actors with an English dub.




The wacky humor reminds me of Pain


When I first saw it reminded me of Jet Grind Pain Taxi. I like it because it’s like those crazy Sega arcade games from the 90s. Like Crazy Taxi with a sense of humor. Jet Grind Radio – with its really cool grinding [note: you can grind rails with your office chair in Slider] and its bizarre interaction with the environment. And it’s funny.


How can you extend the concept for hours to make Slider a worthy launch title? Is it a launch title?


It’s definitely coming out for launch. The game itself, it’s the kind of game you can play with your family, you can play alone. There’s nothing in it that won’t make it not OK to play with your family. Not all of our games are like that, but this one is.


So far this is the only title we’ve seen from SCEJ that utilizes the PlayStation Move. Is this the only game in development at Sony Japan?


I can’t speak to that, but it’s probably safe to say no.


But, Slider the only one confirmed for America?


For now.

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  • The sequel will involve fleeing the paparazzi in a shopping cart.

    • Ereek

      I’d play it.

  • kupomogli

    I know this isn’t made by Sega, but it’d be nice if Sega allowed Sony to borrow Kazuma Kiryu’s likeness for this game so he could make some sort of background appearance in one of the stages or something.

  • Eddie

    I still don’t see why they made “move”. Maybe some innovative game will come out that shows what it can do. As of now it just seems to be a wii-mote. It just feels unoriginal to me.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Meh, so far, Move and Natal just seem like attempts from MS and Sony to try and cash in on Nintendo’s “casual” success. Perhaps if they were to announce more “typical” games, I could be convinced otherwise, but until then… nope.

      • Eddie

        I agree, however natal feels like more effort was put into it for some reason. What happened to people being innovative. Nintendo was with the wii. Instead of sony thinking of something new they just did “move”. Remember how they bragged about the six axis?

  • this is EPIC!!

  • Guest

    Oh boy so the American version will get a rewrite which will inevitably be bad.

    I hope it’s downloadable so I grab the JP version.

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