Evolution Of Final Fantasy XIII Summarized In A Slide

By Spencer . March 26, 2010 . 2:10pm


From the PlayStation 2 tech demo with blue placeholder characters to Snow staring off in the distance. This GDC presentation slide captures the three versions of Final Fantasy XIII in one picture.

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  • Aoshi00

    The early screenshots looked much more dynamic and revolutionary, like Lightning slashing at the enemies w/ the commands on the screen, alas it’s only a cutscene in the final game.. speaking of early screen shots, Lost Odyssey never did have this one… it looked pretty amazing to me..


    • Vino (Tim N)

      I see you mention Lost Odyssey so often, that I really need to try this game myself now.

      • Aoshi00

        It’s old school Sakaguchi/Uematsu thru and thru (read: old FF).. I just mentioned it since it’s one of best “next-gen” RPGs that stick to the old turn based battle system, which people seem to shun like the plague now.. Also it has a very touching story, much more than I could say for FFXIII. Seems like a natural comparison since FFXIII is S-E’s magnum opus like Lost Odyssey to Sakaguchi.

        I’m surprised there are so many people here who still haven’t played it.. but then it’s a JRPG on the 360… Since S-E is busy incorporating western element/design in their half-baked games now, I’m more looking forward to Last Story, the Gooch still has some visions left..

        Also what’s weird is I think that unused LO screenshot is on the back of the game box, which is why it makes me wonder, like is it a secret area I haven’t been to lol..

        • Huh, you’re right.

          Lost Odyssey is great, bring on The Last Story!

        • Speaking about The Last Story, is there any site that reliably tracks the latest news from the game?

          There’s been another update on the game’s website, but it’s all in Japanese: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/slsj/

          • We’ve already covered the knights / mercenary story. Here you go: http://tinyurl.com/y9uchg6

          • Aoshi00

            yay! The flash is working now! Them gradually spilling the beans is killing me..

          • Don’t know how I missed that!

        • Yea, I noticed that, too. No more digging through the page code. :D

          Site’s REALLY flash-heavy though…takes ages to load on my PC. On the bright side, both music tracks are available on the site now.

          • Aoshi00

            I’m listening to it now, beautiful stuff :)

          • You’ll like this week’s Facebook Files. :P

        • Joanna

          I’m with you Aoshi, I never did understand why people hate turn-based so much. Sure, it can be repetitive, but so can button mashing. Maybe I just can’t let go of the style of RPGs I grew up with. (Not that I don’t like ARPG, because I do, I just like traditional turn based RPGs a bit more).

          • Aoshi00

            Thank the lord the Gooch is still making games, and not compromising :)

            Lost Odyssey was actually challenging (until that DLC accessory rolled out that is and gave the player an unfair advantage), I remember dying at the first and second boss and some bosses later on, it was quite hard and fun.
            Blue Dragon on the other hand was too easy until they put out the hard mode later, which was crazy hard..

            Last night I finally watched the Three Kingdoms movie “Red Cliff”, that made me search on youtube for an RPG I played when I was young. This was way better than Dynasty Warriors nowadays :) I would never grow out of turn based (but I can’t play DQ these days, just not my taste..)

            Tenchi wo Kurau,


            Beats Ikki Tousen the abomination…

          • Joanna

            I watched that one video of LO that you posted on some other siliconera post and I love it. Too bad it’s on 360 (I just don’t have the money to buy another system, especially since I’m going to be investing in a PSP soon). But since I do have a Wii, I will be picking up Last Story for sure. :D

            I find it funny that you think of LO as FFXI since it’s a “Lost” Odyssey xD
            I wonder if Sakaguchi did that on purpose.

            Also wish someone would bring over ASH (curse you Nintendo!). I know you said you really liked it and of the few gameplay videos I watched, I know I would really like it as well. (My last hope is some fan translation)

    • cowcow

      Blame Microsoft

      • Aoshi00

        You mean FFXIII’s quality being dragged down by the 360 port? I don’t buy that for a second, that’s Sony fanboy talk (Lost Odyssey was on 4 discs and had more contents than FFXIII). S-E kept saying their budget is strained as it is they couldn’t even afford many things. If anything, MS would’ve given S-E more money.

        I blame that on them spreading resources on Versus XIII and Agito.

        And I kind of thanked Microsoft and Sakaguchi for giving me Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey an introduced me to such a wonderful system.

        And it was all Toriyama’s design choice, which he stresses in his interview, that he wanted to give a straight forward FPS-like experience tailored for the West. Being on the 360 is also their strategy of catering to the west. I doubt more contents from the Episode Zero novel would’ve been in the game if not for the 360 port.

        • cowcow

          Your last paragraph illustrates my point

          • Aoshi00

            That’s neither 360 nor MS’s fault, if anything blame S-E or Sony or the low install base of PS3.

            FFXII was on the PS2 and its MMO-like combat system was entirely catered to the West for the most part, so that was Microsoft’s fault.. yeah, they’re so evil…

          • cowcow

            Like I said, your last paragraph illustrated my point: thye wanted ot cater to the west: The west sales are on the 360. All the FF XIII commercials end with the 360 logo. You said FPS like experience. 360 fanboys crave FPS and on the whole detest traditional JRPGS. S-E knew this so catered the game for the West and knew the 360 is the bigger install base over there.

            FF XII was MMO like (offline MMO) simply because of the success of XI. The problem is XI is successful for them financially because it’s pay to play. While FF XII is not.

          • Aoshi00

            urgh.. hit “like” by accident again…So S-E’s perception of the Western audience somehow is Microsoft’s fault because of the 360 being a popular system, that’s some way of shifting blame.. MS didn’t buy S-E off and make FFXIII’s contents suffer. Sakaguchi was asked by MS to make a JRPG and that what what we get, a JRPG, he didn’t think about what Western gamers would like, ultimately the choice is from S-E.S-E right now is going left and going right thinking which would entice both Eastern and Western gamers, and they’re satisfying neither.Even if FFXIII wasn’t on the 360 and stayed a PS3 exclusive, the game would’ve still turned out exactly like this (because of their desire to entice “Western PS3 gamers”), and you would still say it’s Microsoft or the 360’s fault. And FFXII being a western-like RPG is the same, dictated by S-E’s perception of the West, nothing to do w/ MS.

          • i agree and disagree at same time XD !
            Sure SE wants to apeal to western gamers BUT they forguet that we fans loved their jrpgs not these hybrids they try do , if i want a FPS ill go play a goodamm FPS «« .
            However i do belive that if FF13 had remained a Ps3 exclusive we d’have more things , i mean 38 gb of 50 «« im sure they COULD have filled the space, if they werent worried about that problem on the 360.
            Im not bashing 360 but face it it has space probelms , and if only we could get 4 dvds or more it would be ok , but no first because its costly , and second 360 games come in very bad packages «« my LO 4 th dvd came with a scatch ( i really hope it works or ill be very pissed!) and i dont apreciate dvds piled over dvds «« ………

            Any how , SE i will continue to buy your games , but pls stop puttingn western in a bag , just cause i live in europe dosent affect what i play and what i like «« .

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