Ogre Battle 64 Clings To Virtual Console

By Spencer . March 29, 2010 . 8:07am

imageSquare Enix dug Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber out of their archives and put it on Virtual Console. Now, you can get the rare Nintendo 64 game for a mere 1,000 Wii Points ($10).


The story continues from March of the Black Queen, but focus on a new hero, Magnus Gallant. As a lordly officer of the Palatinean Army, Magnus must decide to uphold the noble’s tyranny or aid the lower classes in the name of equality. Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber has multiple endings depending on the choices you make for Magnus.


Ogre Battle 64 was developed by Quest, which was absorbed by Square Enix. They’re listed as the game’s publisher, but Atlus brought Ogre Battle 64 to North America. Wonder if this version will have a publisher logo swap.

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  • Kris

    Oh happy day!!! We need more of this on VC.

  • All I really care about is WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase for today’s downloads.

  • Soma

    Amazing! The Wii needs more games like this on the VC. :3

    • I kept hoping they’d release RE2 alongside Darkside Chronicles to promote its release, but nope. :(

      • Isn’t that game too big for the current Nintendo standards?

        • malek86

          I’m not sure whether the 40MB limit only holds for Wiiware games or also for VC games. If it does hold for VC games too, then yeah, we’re never going to see it.

          • Now that Nintendo allows the direct download to SD card they should remove that limit, in my opinion.

        • jarrodand

          Yeah, the current ceiling for VC/WiiWare games is 45MB, and RE2 N64 came on a 64MB cart. Still, the ceiling is arbitrary so they could make an exception for RE2, theoretically VC/WiiWare could go up to 256MB.

          The bigger problem with RE2 might be emulating it correctly, it used RSP microcoding iirc and so far no microcode games have made it to VC. This might be an issue for Donkey Kong 64 and Factor 5’s Star Wars games too eventually.

        • Mmm. You’re right; I’d forgotten that RE2 was on a 64MB cart. Bah.

  • malek86

    Wow, is this the first time that a third-party N64 game is made available on VC?

    • jarrodand

      Yep. Hopefully Mischief Makers isn’t far behind…

      • malek86

        Considering Nintendo’s apparent eagerness to release N64 games on VC, I’d be surprised if we saw another one in the next ten months.

        • Kris

          Your comment is equally valid if you remove “N64” from it, and that makes me sad…

      • Anyone else notice how Nintendo always gives Square-Enix a bit of a “special treatment” nowadays?

        • Joanna

          yeah, they’ve been very chummy ever since DQX was announced for Wii.

  • eliel

    awesome loved this game to death never owned it but always rented it…

  • Nice, now I can play this game in English (I have the Japanese N64 game) maybe this will drive the price down a little on the cart… :)

  • Ohh i love ogre battle

  • neo_firenze

    This game is THE reason I still own an N64. Now I could reasonably sell it off and feel OK about it. I’ll probably just keep it stored away just in case, but I have much much much less reason to ever hook it up now.

    So… how ’bout a translated SNES Tactics Ogre VC release? I think this is probably unrealistic to expect, but it sure would be awesome!

  • rock1644

    I was wondering when they would release another N64 game on the VC. I’m glad its this one. I have always wanted to try this one.

  • trickylove

    HA! In your face used game stores that want me to pay $125 for Ogre Battle 64!

  • Vino (Tim N)

    This game was never pointed out to me back in the day. So I don’t know the greatness of it.

    • Me neither, but here’s our chance! Kind of surprising, too, since it looks right up my alley – can’t really recall anyone at any game forum mention about it.

      All there needs to be is a Demon’s Crest release on VC and I’m sound as a hound.

  • thebanditking

    Wow this is the best VC release in months! Majora’s Mask? Super Smash Bros.? No thanks but this is really a nice surprise.

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