Mexico’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Bundle Has Japan’s Camouflage PSP

By Spencer . March 30, 2010 . 9:28am

imageRemember the camouflage PSP bundle Sony and Konami are releasing Japan? We’re not getting it in the US. Our Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker bundle has a spirited green PSP, a 2GB memory stick, and a still unannounced movie.


However, Mexico and Latin America regions are getting the specially made PSP. Mexico’s PlayStation Blog revealed this package which contains Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, a voucher for exclusive downloadable content, and the coveted camouflage PSP-3000.


Thanks for the tip KaruCGST!

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  • Nekobo

    WTF, so unexpected haha

    • Ereek

      I’d assume it’s similar to Sony’s strategy in trying to break into the Indian market. Still, what’s with North America (In this case the US and Canada) not getting special editions, lately? Heavy Rain and FFXIII SE were PAL-only.

      Well, isn’t Mexico in Region 1? This should be fine to play if you live in the US or Canada.

      • I dunno if you’re right or not about Mexico being R1, but PSP regioning only affects UMD movies. (OK, there’s one game—Battlezone.)

        The firmware is either region-agnostic or smart enough to update itself with firmware from the correct region even if you’re located elsewhere, and you can change the display language. So the vast majority of importers would be fine.

      • Aoshi00

        At least the US ver. of Heavy Rain had the origami paper right, the Jpn ver didn’t (still waiting for the Taxidermist DLC to become available in Jpn..).. kind of want that L’Cie tattoo, not that I would ever use it..

        Don’t really like this SE MGS PSP though, too busy and distracting for the screen..

        • Tokyo Guy

          Um…the Taxidermist DLC has been available here for a long time now. It’s not on the PSN. When you start up the game, it will say there is an update required, and when the update is installed, the Taxidermist DLC will be there for you to play.

          This makes me think that you need to sign into the PS3 User Account associated with your (presumably) Japanese PSN Account, and then start the game, so that the update will be recognized.

          It’s totally free BTW.

          • Aoshi00

            Nah, I tried that before and just did it again now, booting up the game by logging into my JPN PSN acct, the taxidermist dlc is there under extras’s “downloaded content”, but when it tries to access it via the Jpn PSN (or US PSN), there’s nothing there. I wonder if it’s because I have a US system or physically in the US, like the movies for rent on Jpn PSN are not accessible by us at all.

            I was wondering if it was free or not like the US Amazon pre-order. It’s going to be sold for $5 later, but I’m not sure if the US DLC would work w/ the Jpn disc (since US ver. has no Jpn track..) That’s why I was hoping maybe the DLC just hasn’t turned up in Jpn like it has to be dubbed or something. I did think about this problem (region locked DLC) before I imported it, but I guess the addt’l Jpn track is worth it since it makes the game more replayable.

            I hope I can still get the DLCs eventually at least from the US store.. otherwise I’m pretty screwed.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Oh my, you know I never actually checked if the Taxidermist content worked…you’re right. It doesn’t load up but instead goes to the PSN page which is empty.

            Well now I’m a bit ticked off as well. When exactly will Sony release it for Japan? They don’t have the DLC OST either whereas the US store does. Something tells me it’s going to be a long time, if ever…the game didn’t exactly move mountains here.

          • Aoshi00

            whew… well, at least it’s good to hear it’s not me who can’t access it then, just that it’s not out in Jpn yet. At first I thought it was the automatic update, but that’s just the patch fix (44Mb), since the Madison Taxidermist DLC is supposed to be over 700Mb I read. The actual d/l was free for those who pre-ordered from Amazon in the US, and won’t be put up on PSN for $5 later until early april, so maybe that’s when Jpn would get it? I only have 71% trophies, I need to get that “Perfect Crime” ending…

            The soundtrack I don’t mind since I can just d/l it from the US store for $10, I’m still deciding if I should d/l it, kind of want a physical CD for collection.. I liked the music a lot though, the sad theme sounds like the movie Gattaca’s.

    • Que chingas…


    • Now the problem its the price…

  • Tokyo Guy

    I’ve yet to understand the idiotic logic behind these decisions. Sony, SquareEnix…these companies seem to be going out of their way to try and screw over gamers in their largest market.

    While it’s perfectly understandable that these Limited Edition sets will broaden appeal in smaller markets, at the same time it’s like spitting in the face of the North American one. Look at how many LE sets Europe has been getting, for example, whereas North America keeps getting left behind.

    Does it not logically follow that releasing the LE sets in NA as well would be a GOOD idea because, with a larger customer base, there is that much more potential for larger sales? And with this in particular, what about all of the customers in North America who have a PSP-1000 or 2000 series but would buy the 3000 if they could get the MGS edition PSP?

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