Would You Buy Final Fantasy VII For The iPhone?

By Spencer . March 31, 2010 . 2:41pm

image Gaming site Gpara recently interviewed Ryoma Matsui, Producer of the Final Fantasy iPhone ports, and asked him about a Final Fantasy VII port. Matsui dodged the question with “various titles are being considered (lol).” His comment isn’t the story, though.


The interviewer claims some users, presumably in Japan, would pay 3000 – 4000 yen ($32 – $43) for an iPhone version of Final Fantasy VII. The numbers seem a bit high even for die hard fans, especially because a digital version of Final Fantasy VII is only 1,500 yen ($16) on PSN.


Anyway, that interview prompted this question — would you buy Final Fantasy VII for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad? If so, how much would you pay for it?

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  • i would buy it. then again i need an iphone first. waiting on 4g

  • MrRobbyM

    Of course not O-o I still have the original that I can play comfortably on my chat and much bigger screen. Besides, if I wanted to play it on the go I could just use my laptop and obtain it by other means. ON TOP OF THAT, I can play it on my PSP. Of course I understand why some people would want in on the iphone. I wouldn’t pay no more than 13 bucks for an iphone version.

  • Eddie

    How many time do we need to replay it………………. Its a good game we know, but give it a rest.

    • Get a broom and sweep it under a rug. Leave it there for eternity. I rather not play anymore final fantasy port to the iphone because EVERYONE knows that the battery is totally shit compare to other smart phones. If it’s a rpg game only for the iphone/touch (chaos ring) then i would play it. Other than that popular game like VII doesn’t need to be played anymore, it will just ruin your first time experience. The only closest thing for me to play a older final fantasy game is if they remake the game for a handheld console. Sorry for grammar errors.

  • iPhone, no.

    PS3, yes.

    You can put any console aside from the PS3 in its place and the answer would still be no…well…I did say that back when they rumored it on the PS2 back at the turn of the millennium so maybe I should say ‘possibly PS4 and PS5’ as well.

  • Of course not. Nor would I play a PSP remake.

    Now, a PS3 remake, yes. Of course.

  • No, I would not. And I would pay about $349 towards the “do not make it” fund.

    That fund exists, right?

    I’ve stated before that unless they do an HD remake, it’s utterly pointless. I’m going to add “insulting” to that list of adjectives too.
    So yeah, pointless and insulting to do anything short of an HD remake.

  • epy


  • Code

    I’m more interested in a FF6 remake on DS* for $32 >w<?

    *or even 3DS~!

    • I’d rar for that!

    • Moriken

      I’d take an FF6 remake for PS3 too! :D

  • Aoshi00

    So who are these users who are willing to pay 3000-4000 yen? Hardcore fans are likely to have played this game to death, and I don’t see first time users wanting to pay that much for an old game..

    Even 1,500 yen was price gouging considering all other PS games are 600 yen. I don’t know why I caved, one day I finally bought FFVII and VIII on PSN, maybe it was the subliminal message on the sidebar w/ them always being on the top 10… but $9.99 is the max I would pay for this game to play on my PSP or PS3 w/o the hassle of juggling btwn 4 discs.

    A PS3 HD remake would be a different story, that I’m willing to pay $100.

    • Lyh nods to Aoshi.
      iphone …… no thank you !
      O_O sometimes i wonder …….

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I’m going to say yes, since I like playing games on my iPod Touch. At the price of 1,500 yen. Any higher would be stupid.

  • kupomogli

    PS360 remake? Yes. PSP remake? Yes. Anything else? No.

    Also. I’d like to see FF5 on the DS and FF6 to the PSP. People say they want to see FF6 on the DS but I think it’d be much better on the PSP. The DS wouldn’t give justice to the style of graphics FF6 has. To me, if FF6 receives a 3d game, then the characters and world would need to hold some realism, similar to characters in Dissidia. A forward angeled birds eye view in 3d would look best.

    • Joanna

      if the new DS has just as good if not better graphics, would you still say that?

  • Chow

    I wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean lots of anonymous fans wouldn’t.

  • I’m not against it, but I’m not too hot for a remake of FFVII in general. It’s just one of those games that are “good as is” for me.
    And, if they were to make it anything like the spinoff/sequel/prequel games …naw, that’s alright.

  • eliel

    sure y not

  • jj984jj


    If I buy it, it would be on a system with buttons.

  • Hraesvelgr

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I would never buy this game again, period.

  • malek86

    “The interviewer claims some users, presumably in Japan, would pay 3000 – 4000 yen ($32 – $43) for an iPhone version of Final Fantasy VII.”

    This guy are sick.

  • Pesmerga00


  • I’m not buying this for iPhone. That’s kinda dumb. We have this on PSP, PS3, and PSX… and if they plan to charge more than the PSN, that’s even more stupid.

  • lostinblue

    if it was for DS, maybe; and PSP has it anyway; but for iPhone/Ipod Touch? no.

    I have a iPod Touch and I’ve gotta say I’m no masoquist.

  • Hell no.

    Seriously, stop teasing the fans and get to work on the remake already. And no, a PSP version does not count. Deliver or stay quiet, or like many of us say on the Internet, “T*** or GTFO!”

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