The Link Between Xenoblade And Monado: Beginning of the World

By Spencer . April 1, 2010 . 1:24pm

monadoNintendo first introduced Xenoblade to the world under the title Monado: Beginning of the World. We know why Nintendo renamed it Xenoblade for Japan, but where did Monado come from?


The updated official site gives us a clue. See the menu bar? The circled option says Shinken Monado or God Sword Monado in English. Perhaps, Monado is the name of the pink blade the hero carries. The prologue explains two gods Kyoshin and Kishin are frozen after a battle. People now live on both gods, but continue to wage war.


Also seen on the home page are controller options. You can play Xenoblade with a remote/nunchuck combo or a Classic Controller. Japan gets Xenoblade sometime this spring. Nintendo still hasn’t announced a release date for North America.

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  • Guest

    Need more info on the combat. Its like a mix between turn based, real time and auto…I forgot what the hell they said about it. Point is I want it to be more action focused then menu driven.

    • BK0000

      Sounded like it’s pretty much the same as Final Fantasy XII’s system.

      • Code

        Seriously? I was pretty interested too after that last trailer. I’m glad to hear they’ll support classic control, rar, I can’t wait to get my slick classic control pro next week >w<~!

  • Tokyo Guy

    Ok, two things here:

    1. Nintendo’s decision to name the game Xeno-anything is a mistake IMHO, because it is going to anger a lot of Xenosaga/Xenogears fans who will be expecting something. There is an enormous amount of significance in that “prefix”. Personally, even knowing it’s unrelated I am still annoyed. Just let them have a new game series with a new name. Way too late now though.

    2. I’m really not so impressed by the trailer; the game looks so last-generation; some of the scenes are great but the close up of the hero running for example… It’s a shame that Monolith didn’t stay with Namco, as I can only imagine what a PS3 game would look like in light of the stunning graphics they were able to pull off on a PS2. Monolith is a company obsessed with pretty graphics and thus restricting them to the Wii is a bit of a handicap. And does anyone else think that Baten Kaitos actually looked nicer than Xenoblade? Is it just me?

    • Aoshi00

      I agree, using Xeno- is a pretty cheap ploy..

      Speaking of restriction being on a Wii, I thought it’s a pity Last Story is not on PS3/360 either. And we still know absolutely nothing about the game, I don’t want to be spoiled, but how does it look in-game, what kind of battle system it is. Just good music and illustration don’t cut it.. I just need to know it’s turn based, nothing like the Blue Dragon RTS / MMO spinoffs..

      Some mentioned this would be like Soma Bringer, I didn’t like that game too much even though it was pretty on the DS.

      • jj984jj

        After everything Namco put Xeno- through I don’t see the big deal, it’s not like it’s in worse hands here. I wonder if they made the right move though, Takahashi said he wanted a common point between the games he created but there was already a backlash with Xenosaga… well at least it’s not another reboot. I hope this does better than their crappy OG Saga games at least, there’s no way it’ll be worse. :Unlike The Last Story, which is something we have no concrete gameplay details on but I’m also hoping is turn-based. Takahashi already confirmed this will have real-time combat with 3-person party teams and 2 AI controlled characters ala Soma Bringer. As for the system, I could care less what system it’s on. Almost everything would benefit from being on the most powerful hardware but that’s never going to happen. Baten Kaitos had Yasuyuki Honne as the lead artist and director as well as pre-rendered backgrounds. I doubt he’s got any sort of lead role on this since Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans was the last thing Honne worked on and it came out a year after Soma Bringer. Clearly this game isn’t using pre-rendered backgrounds either, just some of the same texture tricks used in Xenosaga Episode III and some of the tricks used in Disaster to create scope.

        • Aoshi00

          Well, i’m not a graphic whore, but I guess I’ve been too spoiled by HD games, nothing wrong w/ wanting a game to look the best right? I actually started Soma Bringer this morning since you mentioned it (I bought it and haven’t touched it for months), played a little during my commute, I guess it’s okay, it’s just not really my type of game. I preferred Archaic Sealed Heat, imagine how much better it would look on a console, even though I liked the 2D sprites and 3D pre-rendered battles/FMVs on the DS despite many trashing it..

          You got to admit them sneaking the Xeno- in the title is generate more buzz and sales even though it has nothing to do w/ the series, “Monado” might sell 5 copies (figuratively speaking), and Xeno-Blade or whatever would triple or quadruple that you know. I know I”m one of those suckers who would add this to my collection just because it has the word Xeno- in it. Chances are I wouldn’t like the gameplay though if it’s FFXII like, 3-member party w/ the other 2 controlled by AI.

  • thebanditking

    Im not syaing my opinion has changed on this game but I certaintly hope that this and Last Story actually support 16:9 for widescreen TV’s as I was quite angry when I popped in the Monster Hunter Tri demo and seen that it was in 4:3. I think thats what bugs me the most about the Wii (shovelware aside) is that its just so low tech. I understand Nintendo did not want to put out a $400-600 console but the lack of mandatory 480p and 16:9 support for all games is quite sad. Heres hoping this and Nintendo’s other big titles wont suffer that problem. Sorry that was off topic but after playing the MH demo it was the first thing I thought of when seeing this game.

    • malek86

      My japanese MH3 demo has 16:9 alright. As does the full game. I’m more baffled by the blurry looks. I read around that when you play in widescreen, it becomes 360p. That would explain a lot. MHG sucked graphics-wise, but at least it was 16:9, 480p and super sharp. I also liked it better as a game, but that’s just me.

      But seriously, does the english demo only have 4:3? That would suck. And possibly sway some buyers away. Not a good thing to do, I guess…

    • Guest

      Are you serious?
      First of all it’s a demo so seriously no reason to complain about that MH3 does support 16:9 and 180p no reason to complain.
      Not to mention that any game worth owning on Wii DOES support 16:9 and 480p. Really this is a lame point.

  • bastewd


    Considering the author’s long-held fascination for European philosophy, there’s a fair chance that the “Monado” name was actually inspired by Leibniz’s “Monadologie”, his theory of systems as “monads”.

    For more info:

    Just my 2 cents.

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