Yes, Final Fantasy IX Is Coming To PlayStation Network

By Spencer . April 1, 2010 . 10:22pm

imageSquare Enix’s Twitter account confirmed Final Fantasy IX, the last of the original, numbered PsOne Final Fantasy games will be available as a digital download in the future.


Yoichi Wada, CEO and President of Square Enix, announced the news in a video, but didn’t offer any other details. Release date, pricing, and file size should be revealed in the future.


While this news is just for Japan, we’re confident Square Enix USA will release a downloadable version of Final Fantasy IX in North America. We got Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, after all.

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  • malek86

    I’ll have this. The PAL version is simply too slow.

  • JeremyR

    While this is nice, as a PSP owner, it’s more than a little annoying that basically fans have to beg companies for games to be put up on PSN.

    It’s just baffling. Don’t companies want to sell their products? It’s basically found money. Square in particular has half a dozen at least PSP games not up on PSN. (Not to mention many of their PS1 titles).

    And Sony. The PSPGo only gets digital releases. You’d think they would push 3rd parties to put their whole catalogs up. It’s like they don’t even try, really.

    • I don’t know about S-E Japan, but S-E USA still stocks the PSX Final Fantasies (except VII and VIII, though I don’t know when they sold out of the latter.) You can buy them from the online store at $15 each. Chrono Cross, too. Wouldn’t be surprised if the same was true in Japan.

      So it’s not that they don’t want to sell their products; it’s that they don’t want to provide cheaper digital copies.

      • kupomogli

        Digital is cheaper, yes, so it makes them more money. However, I’m sure you’re right that they are releasing late due to the physical copies. They may have made a mass printing of games and want their stock sold out before selling digital only.

        • “Cheaper” and “makes them more money” doesn’t really compute, IMO.
          I don’t know how much the initial cost to put something on PSN is, but manufacturing costs are likely around $1 per unit or less (judging by music CD manufacturing costs) and they definitely appear to be gouging you on shipping. Estimated $5.65 for 1 CD LOL—I can get shipping from China for less.

          And yeah, while they probably did have a lot of stock left over from the PS1 era, I’m more inclined to believe that they were still making small print runs to offer as “PSone classics”. They’ve certainly got the resources to do so. It’s probably more a matter of diminishing returns—when the sales of the more profitable physical copies drop below a certain threshold, time to switch to the evergreen digital model.

          • Joanna

            Honorless is right on the money. I recently picked up FFIX (and VIII a year ago) from Amazon and it had SquareEnix on the box. The original print-run had Squaresoft.

        • thebanditking

          Digital is an easier option then still printing physical copies but I vastly prefer owning a tangible product. Though I own all the numbered PSX FF titles I still want them up on the store because 1. I don’t have to always use the discs and more importantly 2. To play on my PSP. IMO the PSP is worth owning just for that feature. I don’t illegally download games but love the idea of having my favorite PSX games on the go whenever I want.

    • thebanditking

      I think the main reason the PSone Clasics are slow in coming is because some of the publishing rights are locked up in red tape. Many games were localized by one company but belong to a Japanese developer who might not even be in business anymore. Also other companies don’t have any policies written on how their products will be handeled for a digital release. Though what excuse Sony and S-E have for the lack of US releases is beyond me.

    • Tokyo Guy

      I know…what the hell is taking so long. The same goes for Capcom and the Rockman Perfect Works games. Just dump the 6 of them already and be done with it. Who in their right mind believes the idea that there needs to be staggered uploads, as if the 600yen they cost is going to be cost-prohibitive? All they are doing is feeding the used game market as people loose patience waiting and just go out and buy the damn original.

      • malek86

        If they just put all the games up together, chances are that they are going to sell less than they would if they released all the games in different timeframes.

  • epy

    Nice. This will give more people the chance to play a true Final Fantasy.

    • ShinGundam

      The last true FF game was FF3 so forget it.

  • Now that they are done with FF, they should consider Einhänder ._.

    • Code

      rar, I got Einhander on disc >w<' I'd love to see it released again since I know a few people who really love it but can't find it T_T

  • Aoshi00

    First Deathsmiles LE exactly the way I imagined it to be, and now this, can things get any sweeter :)? I still have the original discs too except they’re stacked in a bomb shelter. For $10 a piece for 7,8,& 9 to play whenever I want on PS3 and PSP, it’s really not that bad even w/ the S-E tax.

    • thaKingRocka

      that $4 tax has shown up on a few other titles as well. mgs, castlevania:sotn and grandia are 10 bucks each.

      • Aoshi00

        yea, I was going to mention SotN, they’re certainly worth $10. But MGS and RE are 600yen on the Jpn PSN just like every other game.

        • malek86

          Doesn’t FF7 cost about 1500 yen?

          It depends on popularity, I guess.

          • Aoshi00

            right, that’s what I was getting at.. Xenogears is 600 yen as well, I can’t think of anything over 600 yen on the Jpn PSN other than FFVII & VIII off the top of my head, they know they could get away w/ that for FF. Too bad Jpn points are so expensive like Jpn MS points.. otherwise I would d/l the Jpn ver. as well if they’re like 1000 yen or something, so I could play 7-9 in Jpn on my PS3 as well (I have the Jpn discs but they would need to be played on Jpn PS2).

  • I bought a $20 card when I got my PSP and the money has been sitting in my account waiting for this day; FFIX on PSN!

    (The first half of the $20 I spent on Grandia)

    • MrMee

      That is the EXACT same thing I did lol

  • Pesmerga00

    I’m surprised this wasn’t on PSN sooner. Really, they should put up a big chunk of their PS1 games. I’m sure some of the rarer RPG’s would be welcomed by fans. Especially seeing as the PSPGO is digital only.

    I suppose publishers rights tangle things up quite a bit. Not to mention; bought then sold companies, expired rights, and English publishers. Emulating might take some time and manpower as well(I don’t know)? But I’m sure the profits would outweigh the costs. You would think Sony would have a small team dedicated procuring and uploading classics to PSN, as a profit machine.

    And slightly off-topic. I was browsing Mistwalker’s site and found this relevant pic of the Gooch. lol.

  • lostinblue

    best PSone FF ever.

    Now do Chrono Cross; I already have it on my PSP, but damn, not being available for purchase is a crime.

    • cowcow

      Now do Tobal 2 and Racing Lagoon (IN ENGLISH)

  • thaKingRocka

    this is the only modern disc-era ff i really liked. i may replay it someday soon. i still have the discs.

  • In my opinion this is the best of all the FF :D

  • How about the Chronicles and Anthology, Square Enix? I’d rather have a dose of the classics on my PSP, to be honest. There’s also Origi- oh wait.

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