A Closer Look At Final Fantasy XIV’s Clans

By Spencer . April 5, 2010 . 6:15pm

Square Enix sent us new art of the five clans in Final Fantasy XIV, which look strikingly similar to races in Final Fantasy XI. Here’s a bit about each of them.


Elezen – Noble folk with pointy ears. While they are nomadic at heart, the Elezen ruled Eorzea, the world of Final Fantasy XIV, at one time. However, constant warfare with the Hyur took away that claim.

[Elezen]Duskwight_f_bust [Elezen]Duskwight_m_bust [Elezen]Wildwood_f_bust [Elezen]Wildwood_m_bust


Hyur – These human-like beings are all over Eorzea. In fact, they’re the most populous and diverse clan. The Hyur are also handy and sport technology the other clans don’t have.

[Hyur]Highland_m_bust [Hyur]Midland_f_bust [Hyur]Midland_m_bust


Lalafell – In addition to being the token cute character, Lalafell are gifted with intelligence.

[Lalafell]Dunesfolk_f_bust [Lalafell]Dunesfolk_m_bust [Lalafell]Plainsfolk_f_bust [Lalafell]Plainsfolk_m_bust


Miqo’te – These Mithra cat-human hybrids are hunters and stick with their own clan instead of mingling with the affairs of other races.

[Miqo'te]KeepersoftheMoon_f_bust [Miqo'te]SeekersoftheSun_f_bust


Roegadyn – Manly and muscular men with an abundance of facial hair.

[Roegadyn]Hellsguard_m_bust [Roegadyn]Seawolves_m_bust


Now take a look at the clans in various costumes. Gotta love the Lalafell in his little hat.


[Elezen]Duskwight_stand [Elezen]Wildwood_stand [Hyur]Highland_stand [Hyur]Midland_stand [Lalafell]Dunesfolk_stand [Lalafell]Plainsfolk_stand [Miqo'te]KeepersoftheMoon_stand [Miqo'te]SeekersoftheSun_stand [Roegadyn]Hellsguard_stand [Roegadyn]SeaWolves_stand

  • Sure, this screams Reboot but they wont say it is. <.< They basically just recycled most assets and added to it.

    • mach

      Well, they didn’t really recycle it per se. I mean, they had to recreate ever single thing due to the huge graphical upgrade. It is a reboot, but at least they’re not being lazy about it.

      • Advent_Andaryu

        I have to disagree with you. I used to play XI religiously and they look almost identical to the originals. I mean, it’s like they just changed the names. The graphical upgrade is something we all expected, but I believe they could have done better. Look at the character models in XIII, very realistic… These just seem generic to me.

        Don’t get me wrong, XI was very successful and I’m sure XIV will be as well, but I don’t see why they didn’t just go with what they already had, or take it a new direction.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Because Final Fantasy XI really needs to be reinvented. I can’t wait, personally. Final Fantasy XI v.2.0, coupled with the previous version’s horrendous community.

        • Ereek

          but I believe they could have done better

          Found your problem!
          One reason why WoW is so popular is because it has such low graphical requirements. FFXIV already is going to require a rather good card (GeForce 8800 or Radeon 2900 were alpha/beta requirements), which limits the amount of “casual” players who don’t spend a lot of time on their PCs. WoW is “pick up and play” for those who don’t PC game. This isn’t.

          The only reason I’m mentioning WoW here (I hate WoW comparisons) is because SE has mentioned they want to attract a more “casual” crowd with XIV. By making even better graphics they’re limiting their PC crowd. The PC crowd is the majority crowd in MMOs.

          That said, the field areas of XIV look immensely better than the large field area of XIII.

        • mach

          Yes, they’re uninspired, but I still wouldn’t say it’s lazy. It was a conscious design decision. Let’s face it; it’s not like having someone INVENT new races is expensive. The character designs are different enough that it’s obvious Squenix paid someone to redo them, and then they had to spend all that money to create new high quality models.

          My point is, Squenix is not just being cheap like so many people keep saying. Had they chosen to go with new races, they would have spent the exact same amount of money. I understand not liking the fact that they’re reusing the same ideas and style they used in XI, but that was a valid artistic decision on their part. It was not an example of laziness, because it takes just as much time and energy to do a reboot like this as it does to do something completely new.

          It does make you wonder why they didn’t go in a new direction, but honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever get a straight answer on that one.

          • Advent_Andaryu

            Maybe ‘lazy’ isn’t the best word to use. It’s definitely not lazy. It’s just what is to set this one apart from XI or other MMO’s? I’d say the graphics and gameplay. I can bet a lot of PS3 users will get into it, so the graphics should be detailed. As for PC’s not being able to handle it this is true, but if you do play PC MMO’s then chances are you are on your computer all the time. So that means you have a pretty good one. Players that jump from MMO to MMO and don’t stay is not what will keep XIV afloat, it’s the hardcore players.

            Square Enix knows this, yet they refuse to push their MMO’s further. If they are going to keep this trend going then I would say at least stop naming their MMO’s after the numbered Final Fantasy series. Why not branch off into it’s own thing rather then try and blend in with the other single player games? People think XIII they think single player experience. XIV is the exact opposite. A little confusing to new players and veterans alike, right?

          • cowcow


  • I don’t mind that they’re rehashed.. look prettier… panic fancier…

    Just please get rid of the horrid horrid xp loss and fix the necessity to wait hours at a time for a group. Oh, and the inventory… damn expensive goblin bags.

    In the meantime, I’ll prepare to have random characters chase after my mithra’s pretty pretty tail (I’m too lazy to relearn race names, we all know what I mean).

  • MisterNiwa

    Im in love in this game, gimme the beta right now, or else i’ll cry.

  • I’m going to try this out. I’m also going to reactivate my ancient FFXI account this month to give it a go again (for old times sake). So feel free to contact me about playing either one. ^_^

    • witch server are you in ^^ ! Im on Leviathan XD ! my chara is Lyh !

      • I’m on Bismark but I’m still waiting for Character Reactivation to start up (it’s been currently under maintenance for over a week now). I could always switch servers if no one is on mine.

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