• jarrodand


    • Kunio_kun

      Christian Science Monitor is now reporting that Siliconera has unearthed the ‘Dead Slime Scrolls…’

  • Maybe I’m just silly, but it looks like part of the Ys Seven logo!?

    Holy hell. I know I shouldn’t be getting excited… but God dammit, I cannot CANNOT help myself!

    • MrMee

      that what I thought as well

    • mutag3ne

      Yeah, no doubt about it, that’s the Ys SEVEN logo. It has the same colors, detail, and pattern. Please GOD let this not be a farce.

  • Mazen

    I see the corner of letter S!!….. OMG!!

    • Happosai

      Now that you mention it, it looks like Suikoden style.

      • Mazen

        Please god! Suikoden series is my most favorite series ever.

      • Ereek

        That was my first thought, too. It looked like the cover of Suikoden 3, to me.

  • Happosai

    Seamen under a microscope?

  • zhemos

    [email protected]!!!

    Hey I can dream can’t I?

  • shion16


  • No, I just confirmed it, it even has the same notch in the corner as the Ys Seven logo. Holy shit. This better be a confirmation, or I’ll be very upset with you Spencer!

      • Mazen

        Yes this is it .

      • csmzs

        off topic question.

        can toysnjoys be trusted? i may order something, but i heard that they sell used products as new, similar to gamestop.

        • I wouldn’t know to be honest, but I have heard good things, and never about that used-new thing.

    • I have the game right here with me and it is indeed VERY similar.

      By far THE best Action RPG on PSP. Nothing even comes close.

    • I hope I don’t disappoint you. :)

      • MisterNiwa

        Well you wont dissapoint him, but you will dissapoint me if you are gonna say its not about Enkidudu and Gurren Lagann being in the rooster of ACE:R.

  • somebody hacked silicon era?

  • The Simpsons and/or Scrabble?

    • Strike_Man

      Well played.

      FYI Spencer, the correct spelling was “kwyjibo”. ;)

      • Hahaha! I’ll keep that in mind the next time I play scrabble.

  • Clearly it’s Ys Seven. The real question is…WHY? Maybe a hint at a US localization?

    Looks like Samuel and I are Ys buffs around these parts, heh.

    • Heh, I held on and didn’t get Seven… I had hopes. Let’s hope they’re answered. Man, I shouldn’t be excited just yet, but I can’t help myself :D I’m not too much of an Ys buff, I’ve only finished the first two, but I’ve got some of the others, and just bought the PS2 port of Napishtim today actually :) I made sure to play in Japanese voices with anime cutscenes! This is a total day maker, especially since I had such a sore back :)

      • mutag3ne

        I’ve already beaten SEVEN twice… but I’d buy it 50 times if I could.

      • Yeah, I didn’t actually get Seven either, haha. I saw some gameplay and I’m like, “Yeeeeah..do not want”. I just didn’t like the direction they took it in, trying to make it like Legend of Heroes, basically.

        I guess after playing Ys I so many times, my standards are pretty high, lol. I honestly doubt Nihon Falcom has anything up their sleeve to beat that title in terms of quality. Oh, and good call on playing Ys VI with Japanese voices and anime cutscenes.

        The English dubbing is terrible and Konami’s stupid CG is, well..stupid, lol. Ys VI is the bastard child to me because of Konami’s involvement with it, so I don’t put it as high as I, II, or III. Plus, since VI, that’s when they started doing the whole 3D thing with new elements and whatnot. Bleh.

        Back in MY day..we didn’t even HAVE an attack button! We ran into our enemies and we liked it, damnit! Plus, the max level was only 10!

    • Well, good for you guys ;)

      I suppose having Adol as my avatar for the past… forever years doesn’t count :(

      • Don’t worry man, I thought of you right away. I was trying to race you to confirmation! It feels like I’m the first guy in all of the net to figure this out, or at least publicly do so.

        I’m quite proud! :)

      • Kunio_kun

        – “Well, good for you guys ;)
        I suppose having Adol as my avatar for the past… forever years doesn’t count :(”

        ^ First thing I thought of, too… Especially since I don’t recall any previous posts these two have ever made before now… Yr still Adol incarnate in my book, denpanosekai…

  • Ereek

    I bet if there hadn’t been a huge ruckus about the Four Warriors of Light post, Spencer would have actually posted some text here.

    • mach

      Well that’s awfully petty.

      • No offense, but even if I said anything you wouldn’t believe it so.. why bother ;)?

        • MisterNiwa

          Ohoho, Spencer set a card in offense mode and did a direct attack on his lifepoints. :D

        • mach

          I know, because it’s just SO unreasonable for people to expect a source in their news stories. I love how instead of just explaining why you can’t say who the source is, you get all defensive and act like people have some personal vendetta against you. Real professional, buddy.

          • Kris

            You’re still here?

          • mach

            Because despite how it seems, I actually LIKE reading this website. I just don’t like when editors get all defensive about citing their sources, seeing as that’s kind of a basic tenant of journalism.

          • Kris

            People have gotten info from sources who would like to remain anonymous before. Your posts seem pretty vitriolic at times, and I think that’s probably what has the writers defensive, rather than your desire to know their sources.

          • mach

            Perhaps you have me confused with someone else. The only thing I and other people have done is ask for the source for an alleged game announcement. That is it. Of course, instead of just getting a response saying ‘Sorry, we can’t say for X reason’ or ‘Oops, here it is’, we get flamed for being trolls. Then the editors come along and say stuff along the lines of ‘You wouldn’t believe anything I said anyway’ and ‘If you don’t like it go somewhere else.’ Yeah, so sorry if I get a little vitriolic when people blow up at you for making a perfectly reasonable request.

          • Hmm. I can see where you’re coming from, so I’ll bite. Think of it this way. Sometimes, journalists need to defend their sources not to “protect” them but because our sources are what allow us to do what we do. I think you’ll agree there’s a lot of recycled material on the Internet, which is why you don’t see us cover a lot of stories that you might come across elsewhere. Limited time and resources are better spent in more productive ways. In the end, it’s a question of whether or not a site is credible enough to be able to do that. The other, of course, is to protect the source itself in some cases.

            And a third reason could just be that — and I’m not referring to this post specifically, nor the FF Gaiden one — something we say is part of a somewhat larger pleasant surprise coming down the line. Like say, an interview or something else for example. Really, are people so cynical that they’d think we’d yank their chains for a few temporary hits and at the cost of credibility? I’d like to think they aren’t, and can still appreciate a fun tease.

          • mach

            I understand what you’re getting at… I think. But at the same time, there has to be a line. When you say stuff like “X Game is going international”, that’s not just a tease. That’s a clear statement of fact. Stuff like that needs a credible source to back it up. It’s not that people don’t trust you, it’s just that a lot of us like to know where our news is coming from. Was this new game announced by the company? Did you guys hear it in an interview? Was there a leak? These are the things people like to know, and these are the things most professional journalists are expected to provide.

            If your source is someone working at the game company, it’s understandable why you can’t credit them. But honestly, if you’re only source is a leak, it would be much more appropriate to call the story a rumor and to write the article as such until something more official is announced.

            For instance, right now the FF Gaiden article sounds more like a press release blurb than a news story. If I were a new reader, I wouldn’t trust it at all, since there isn’t even an attempt to back up anything that’s said with evidence. Even if you had just written something like “Siliconera has learned such and such…” it would have been better. People expect a source to be cited in their news stories, and when you can’t name that source, you need to address why… or at least indicate that you HAVE a source, even if you can’t tell us who it is. That is standard practice in journalism. You can’t just leave it out and expect people to believe the story without question.

          • hadjimurad

            I’d like to thank the Siliconera staff for handling the attacks (which is what they have been, not just innocent, “can we please have a source?”) with grace.

            I have no idea why some are going ballistic over this source stuff. IMO, it makes it more intriguing and fun. My favorite part of old EGM was always Q’s rumors. Plus, you guys aren’t ones to make up news to get reactions, like other sites. If I wanted just facts and figures, I’d just read the given company’s own official website.

          • @hadjimurad: Thanks, we really appreciate the support! :)

          • Kunio_kun

            Dislike button…

          • I was playing around. Note the ;),.

            I don’t see why you would take this little gaffe personally either, especially since you came out swinging on the FF Gaiden post. Don’t throw rocks when… you know

            If I could say more I would. If I can’t, I can’t. It seems kind of silly to write unnamed sources everytime.

            Anyway, take a deep breath and smile. It’s just a post :)

    • Nah, don’t think of it that way. :)

    • Oh, we have waaaaaaay thicker skin than that. :P

      (thanks for the concern though!)

    • MisterNiwa

      AHAHAHAH~ *cough* that was a good one. 8D

  • BrotherCavil
  • speedstersonic

    Ys SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On the other hand, the first thing I thought when I saw this post was Missingno!

  • ys 7 + 1&2 pack, from xseed
    early fall release date

    …I know it’s impossible, but I want to belieeeeve! :’)

    • Man, I’d do almost anything for that to be the case.

    • Don’t forget about Brandish!!!

      I’ll be more than happy to double dip for all of these games.

  • pacanug

    Viral marketing in my Siliconera?

    It’s more likely than you think.

  • CoolChibi

    Is that Ys???

  • MrRobbyM

    Haha. I was just about to repurchase Ys:Ark of Napishtim for my PS2. I loved that game to much. I wonder why I sold it in the first place…

    • Takes guts to admit your mistakes, especially one of this magnitude.
      Go and buy another copy in peace, my son.

      • MrRobbyM

        I have commited a great sin. Please forgive gods of Ys.

        • It’s all good, man! I’d be freaking out more if you told me you sold your PS2 remake of Ys I&II >_<

  • vrakanox

    Talk about Irony I was just thinking about importing this. I really hope it’s a localization. That guy with the spear is a beast.

  • omg siliconera got hacked

  • EvilAkito


  • kupomogli

    Ys 7. Hopefully they release all the Falcom games and Ys 7 is just the first. But also hope this isn’t just teasing us.


  • ritchan

    Ys VII?

  • epy

    Seemed like a DQ slime to me at first but yeah, this seems to be Ys…. man i wished it was Suikoden though.

    • Kunio_kun

      Yeah, wouldn’t it have been cool if Konami announced that Suikogaiden 1 + 2 were being remade as a turn-based RPG for PS3??? Or if they were to release a new story to fill-in what happened to so many of the original characters in between 2 & 3 ???

  • jj984jj

    OMG Ys! :o

  • I liked Ys more before it decided buttons were necessary for sword attacks.

  • Immerwachender

    Suikoden o: (probably kidding)

    • I wish =(

      Not that I don’t like Y’s. I just got stuck in “AoN” and … never got further >_>

      • Sorry to sound like an ass, but since you’re a writer here and stuff, I figure it’d be for the best: it is actually spelled as “Ys” without the apostrophe :)

        I hope I didn’t bother you with that, but I figure it’d be for the best eventually.

        • Oh! Sorry >< My brain must have been on standby mode…

          Thanks for pointing it out =)

          Don't worry about it. Criticism is good.

          • Hahaha, another falls victim to the Ys/Y’s curse!

          • Immerwachender

            Im a german guy and we don’t often use the ‘. So that’s not really a problem for me at all xD

            I only played Ys – The Ark of Napishtim (PS2 not the psp-version with loading times from hell), the game weren’t so~ bad and the german translation was actually OK. When Ys 7 comes to the us, maybe we will see an eu-release too^^” Half Minute Hero only got a uk-release and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony isn’t even come to europe :(
            A german release would be fantastic, otherwise importing the game is the only way, with a nice € > $ rate.
            Sry for my bad english .___.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Grandia! *sigh* who am I kiddin, it’s Ys…

  • It’s probably something involving Ys Seven, and not the fact that the issues i heard about involving a PC version coming out were resolved.

    • i mean, it’s rare relatively-speaking for a falcom game to not come out on PC, but I did hear from a Ys buff that there were some issues with Seven doing so due to publisher shenanigans or something

  • new suikoden

  • Kain234

    Yep, it’s Ys Seven. But do we know where this came from? This seems like something Atlus would do if it’s a hint at a localization, especially since they brought over Legacy of Ys I & II. Really excited for the news, guess I’ll hold off importing it then.

    • Turns out the main reason Atlus USA managed to “snag” Legecy of Ys is that the company behind the DS port (Interchannel-Holon) is a sister company of Atlus Japan, both under the Index Holdings corporation. Chances are that Falcom had very little involvement in all of this.

      All evidence points to XSeed.

      • Bleh. NEVER trust the Nintendo ports, lol. I’ve had the misfortune of playing every last one of them and they are all awful in one way or another.

        Nintendo Ys ports are always glitchy, lol easy mode, and have terrible sound (mostly BGM). I REALLY wish they would have localized, “Ys I and II Chronicles” for PSP since that was much better than that sorry excuse of a remake on DS *sigh*

        Edit: And if you’re going to make a comment about my, “lol easy mode” statement in relation to Nintendo ports, don’t bother counting Ys V: Expert for the Super Famicom. That doesn’t count >_>

      • Be honest. Have you slept at all since this post went up?

      • Kain234

        Ah, thanks for the information. XSeed is a great company so the game will be in more than capable hands.

        Man, I really want it to be officially announced, the wait is killing me.

      • Kunio_kun

        – “All evidence points to XSeed.”

        Next headline should read, “The Missing Link Revealed: X-seed + the Ys-chromosome”

  • ForeverFidelis


    Sonic the hedgehog 5 Episode 1!

  • holyPaladin

    Ys font

  • Blazeddc

    I thought Ys after seeing this image. :d

  • knightofancient

    Yup it is the Ys Seven Logo. Its coming.


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