Are These Pokémon Black & White Screens?

By Laura . April 10, 2010 . 11:53pm


If Japanese message boards — yes, yes, we know…be wary — are to be believed, leaked scans from CoroCoro magazine containing Pokémon Black / White screens are now out in the wild. Last year, we found out that GameFreak was hiring 3D modelers, and the most general assumption was that this was for some sort of drastic graphical change to the next Pokémon game.


Well, it looks like everyone was right. Pokémon Black / White appear to sport the best 3D art thus far in the core series. The perspective seems to be from a lower point of view, so all the buildings in town appear to be taller. Even the rocks in the caves are higher, and the now-combined Pokémon Center and Store appear bigger than before. One would imagine details like taller trees and structures, and higher ledges would give more of a personal feeling to the game, as though you were traversing the lands yourself.


On the other hand, the battles seem to be more of the same format, with two 2D sprites facing off against each other. However, there are shadows, and there doesn’t seem to be a box for battle text on the same screen as the Pokémon. Click on the source to check out more screens.


Now for the bigger question…if a Pokémon Center and Pokémon Store are in the same building, wouldn’t that be bad for the Pokémon Center’s business? They’d want people to come more often…so would that mean they wouldn’t sell potions any more, to encourage customers to return? Nooooo!!

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  • Sucks that the battles aren’t in 3D, that’s the only improvement I’d care for.

    Oh and 3DS support, hopefully this has some form of support for stereoscopic 3D when played on a 3DS.

    • They’ve confirmed the battle sistem will change

      • yh i already saw some pics dunno where but our pokemon now shows full body not only the upper part/head of it during battles xD

      • Masengan

        I can’t wait to see more. Specially some videos.

      • Saturnus

        where? lol

  • Thay look incredibly good, i must say

  • Looks good

  • Pichi

    Love what I’m seeing. Would like to see art work for the trainer sprites.

  • If this:
    is the kind of 3D the 3DS is using, then that second screenshot looks like it could very well be in 3D (less evident in the 1st screenshot). There looks to be some layers of depth to it with a strong foreground, middle ground, and background.

    There’s no way a screenshot could show off 3D even if they were though.

    • SeventhEvening

      Why does everyone keep dragging that video out as an example of the 3DS? That isn’t even slightly related. If that was what 3D looked like on the 3DS, then Nintendo would have no reason to release a new piece of hardware. If the reports I’ve read are true, Nintendo has ordered a number of parallax barrier LCD screens, meaning this is what you’re looking at.

      Parallax Barrier doesn’t use the same kind of “trickery” as that DSi game you were showing, and it can’t be filmed, because the way it gets away with using 3D is by displaying differently to both your eyes, while a camera only has one “eye”. The 3D effect, if you’re looking at it in person is actually similar to what you’d see in a theater

      • Well, I’m glad someone finally showed off a video of those Sharp screens I’ve been hearing about!

        I only dragged out that old video because up to this point I’d never seen any other type of non-glasses 3D demonstrations.

        • SeventhEvening

          Admittedly, if you can’t see the screen in person, it’s less impressive than that DSi game, but that DSi game is entirely unrelated. I don’t mean to harp on you about it, but I’m just blown away with all the mock-ups and links to that video when we know very little about the 3DS.

  • “Are These Pokémon Black & White Screens?”

    No, they’re in color, duh.

  • has a full set of screens, which shows the full body Pokemon battles.

  • Just some things to note. The guys at Poké pointed out that:1. The PC in the Pokémon Centre looks more “retro.” (different time period?)2. The guy in the screenshot above is talking through a speech bubble.3. CoroCoro says you’ll get to ride a new vehicle.4. The nurse at the Pokémon Centre has brown hair (although, this could just be an issue with the terrible scans)

    • Does that mean … finally … the Nurse Joy lineage has found its limits?! =O

      • Or (taking the PC comment into account) that the events of this game take place before the Joy population explosion happened. Perhaps before the “original” Joy decided to become a nurse? Or maybe you get to see it happen during this game. :D

        • Hmm, you think it looks more retro? I’m not sure…

          Speculating is fun, haha. It would be interesting if this were like … and expansion into a new frontier? Pokecenters being built during the game, towns being populated, new Pokemon being discovered =P

          Granted, that would blow the 8-gym-tradition out of the water =P

          • God, that would be awesome. It’d address our wanting more quests/stories concerns, too. I mean, by the time Red/Blue/Yellow took place, a lot of the infrastructure that supported Pokemon research was already in place. But then, you got to see things like Bill’s PC system grow and evolve, which was exciting.

          • Vanilla

            Some on lj made a pretty hilarious (and valid) comment on that:


  • ndjn3979

    Mmm…piqued my interest.

  • I really hope these don’t mean they’re doing away with the partner Pokémon..

    • I hope not. That would be almost a step backwards, wouldn’t it?

      • Masengan

        Then again it took all the previous versions after Yellow for them to add it back, and also don’t forget that they took out night/day from Gold/Silver when they went into 3rd-Gen… So they are known to take steps backwards.

  • masuto

    Pokemon is the only game where you’re not supposed to expect anything new…except expect 50 more pokemons.

  • Saturnus

    Yay! looks good… Tough, the female protag kinda reminds me of the ‘runner’ trainers, the male protag looks okay. Needs some artwork.

  • karasuKumo

    Gave up on it. Pokemons’ graphic improvements have been really slow, they have the technology to make a great full 3D Pokemon game on the Wii (I’m not talking about Battle Revolution style) why dont they? I will only buy it if it’s compatible with the 3DS and the Pokemon designs are good :P

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