Dragon Ball Tag Vs. Set For Summer

By Spencer . April 13, 2010 . 7:56pm


Need another portable Dragon Ball fix? Namco Bandai is here to help with Dragon Ball Tag Vs.


This Dragon Ball fighting game has a two on two battles where teams of Dragon Ball characters duke it out. Sort of sounds like the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood game Namco Bandai released last summer. Like Bleach: Heat the Soul 7, Dragon Ball Tag Vs. supports four players.




Japan gets the game this summer and so far Namco Bandai Games America haven’t said anything about this title. However, almost everything Dragon Ball goes international. We even got the last PSP Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Evolution.

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  • “Vegeta, what does the scouter say about Namco Bandai’s over-prioritization of Dragonball?”

    “IT’S OVER 9000!”

    • kupomogli

      Namco has only released three DBZ games in the US. Prior to two of those, it’s been Atari that’s held the license. Who wouldn’t release every DBZ game created in the US though. The property is like a gold mine. Even Sagas sold decently.

      But yeah. I’ve given up on hoping Namco Bandai releases something good over here. It’s clear Namco has hated the US for the longest time. Bandai has released nothing good over here after merging with Namco. We used to get atleast every other Gundam game just about, now we get Gundam Crossfire, and that’s it. They release one of the worst Gundam games by far and expect it to sell? They’re just looking for a reason not to release the series in the US.

      • Since that’s pretty much the case, then why won’t Namco Bandai flat out change their flagship from Tales to Dragonball?

      • cowcow

        Also the problem is many expected the Namco development team to start working on some of the Bandai products but this has not been the case. So we don’t get ANY benefits from their merger; only worse as you said.

  • epy

    The only recently announced Namco Bandai title I know for sure will be localized, and that’s sad.

  • Oh, Dragonball Evolution… let´s pretend that aberration never existed >_>

  • Aoshi00

    They should really make a true next gen looking DBZ game, an RPG like the NES/SNES days? (not MMO..) but for now watching DB Kai is enough for me reliving the series, glad to hear that they’re still doing the Android arc after Freeza, Kusao Takeshi is dubbing Trunks now according to Furukawa Toshio (Piccolo)’s blog :) Wonder if the old seiyuu for No.17/18 would reprise their roles as well, they better..

    • malek86

      Oh, so you too want another Super Saiyan Densetsu. I spent a lot of time on that game, even if it kinda sucked. I guess i was too much of a DB fan back then. Even now though, I’d probably buy it. I mean, it was one of the only DB games where power levels actually have an impact on the gameplay. I kept leveling Gohan with zettai power in the cave with the falling rock, and in the end, I had him at around 980.000. Needless to say the Ginew Squad didn’t pose a problem :P

      • Aoshi00

        yea, something like that, I just want to see how awesome it would look on console not handheld, the fighting games are pretty much the same. I don’t remember it sucking, of course that was back in 7th grade.. the zooming effect was revolutionary back then lol.. Even this was fun back then, the 2nd DBZ RPG on the Famicom.. I remember my friend power leveled like hell too over the summer, we really were kids back then..


    • cowcow

      Do you have the DBZ RPG for Nintendo DS?

      They also had a card type one for DS that was kinda like the Wonderswan one but it sucked.

      • malek86

        You mean Harukanaru Densetsu? I had thought about it, but it didn’t look too inspiring. In the end, the SNES one is probably the best (relatively speaking… even if I did have some fun with it).

      • Aoshi00

        Harukanaru Densetsu was awful, it was trying to recreate the NES card based RPG feel but wasn’t that good. I haven’t played the new Monolith-made DB Kai game yet, but like I said I want a really good looking console RPG instead of a handheld one, I want to see what great DB game they can make for a console other than fighters after fighers.

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