You Won’t Believe Who Is Bringing Demon’s Souls To Europe

By Spencer . April 14, 2010 . 5:41pm

image Atlus, the proud publisher of Demon’s Souls in North America, doesn’t have a European office. Sony, the owner of the intellectual property does, but SCEE isn’t publishing Demon’s Souls for PAL gamers.


According to Germany’s USK, Namco Bandai is. While Namco Bandai Games Europe doesn’t have Demon’s Souls on their site, the USK is as accurate as the ESRB with leaks like this.


Three publishers, one game. That has to be soul crushing for Sony since Demon’s Souls sold fairly well in North America.


Thanks for the tip Austin!

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  • speedstersonic

    They pick this over any Tales game. Not saying Demon’s Souls is bad(cause I absolutely love it), just saying they are only doing this because it sold a ton in the US and was unexpected. They are hoping it will be a sleeper hit in Europe too. NB are money grubbing pigs and don’t care about their fans at all.

    • Hraesvelgr

      …well, businesses prefer money over all else, you know. And even then, if they released a Tales game in Europe, it’d have to be DS/PSP to be import friendly (yes, I know there’s Vesperia PS3). Plus, the European branch seems to be more “me too!” when it comes to Tales games, rather than jumping onto that ship first.

  • Kris

    Really? Namco-we-hate-unlicensed-games-Bandai? I don’t believe it. :p

    • MisterNiwa

      But, selling Demons Souls is like selling hot pancakes.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Uh, that’s not necessarily true. It did good in Japan and great in North America, but that’s never any guarantee that it will sell well in Europe. I’m not trying to say it’s going to bomb hard or anything though, don’t get me wrong.

        • malek86

          Uhm, indeed EU has very different tastes than people might believe. For example, P4 sold really low. Any “hardcore” game usually has trouble affirming itself. On the other hand, sport games, simulators and party stuff are commonplace, much more so than the US.

          • Wow… that kind puts things here in perspective.
            Europe still got Vib Ribbon and a handful of Publisher D3 games, though!

          • malek86

            Puzzle Quest is a hit, but keep in mind that it’s basically a hardcore game under the disguise of a casual game. Stuff like Zuma and Bejeweled is successful here. We also seem to like puzzle stuff. Professor Layton here sold more than USA and JP combined.

            As for Vib Ribbon, I’m afraid we’re talking about too many years ago. Nowadays, there aren’t many publishers who will take a risk anymore.

          • justinslot

            This is mostly unrelated, but it reminds me of one of my least favorite gaming journalism tropes: when people say “the West” when they really mean North America (or, to a lesser extent, Not Japan.) Europe and NorthAm really do have different tastes!

          • malek86

            Yeah, I was just thinking that. People group together USA and EU as if they were the same, when in actuality, their buying habits are very different. Only blockbuster titles sell the same (through the power of marketing), everything else will usually differ a lot.

    • Vanilla

      My EXACT reaction just now. I want to cry.

  • Pichi

    A part of me dies inside. If they are bringing it, I believe like the others that they are in it for the money. If it sold like crud all over, they wouldn’t do it and if they own it, it would be on the dust shelf with the other numerous never localize games.

  • ECM

    Though I know it’s a foolish hope, I’d really like to see cross-territory compatibility w/ Europe.

    • badmoogle

      I would double dip!

  • MrRobbyM

    …So much fury and rage going in this comment. Not Tales games but….no. Forget it. I love DS but…*kills self*

    • speedstersonic

      There is so much fury and rage because we all know the reason they are doing this. If Demon’s souls didn’t sell so well the US they would never publish it in EU.

  • Ereek

    Oh no, a business that wants to make money! Damn those evil corporations!

    Good news for Europeans, I hope those who haven’t imported the game yet enjoy it. It’s excellent.

    • malek86

      I know, the mind baffles. How could they want money! That’s completely immoral and unethical! They should be thinking of the people, before of the shareholders. Because, uh, that’s what a holding company is about, right?

    • What in the world is the money making comment referring to? I don’t get it.

      • Ereek

        At the time this was posted, about half of the posts below this mention the only reason Bamco is localizing Demon’s Souls is for money. It’s less dense now, since more people have replied.

        • malek86

          “the only reason Bamco is localizing Demon’s Souls is for money”

          Really, is there any other reason why a company would localize a game?

          • Ereek

            Exactly. People are trying to villainize Bamco for wanting to make money, which is absolute nonsense.

  • Haha. That totally doesn’t match with Demon’s Souls. It just looks so, well..weird.

    Maybe I’m just looking into it too much, but it’s like trying to associate Square-Enix with a Gundam game, lol.

    So, who’s picking this up for AU? Capcom? Ha!

    • Atari? XD

      • Immerwachender

        Why not?

        Atari = Namco Bandai Partners ! (Atari USA is special)

        And Namco Bandai Partners publish games in europe, asia, australia and new zealand. They also bring 3d Dot Game Heroes to australia, in germany, austria and switzerland the game will be distributed by topware entertainment.

        • That’s why I said Atari. They did Sky Crawlers, too, if I’m not mistaken. :)

          • Immerwachender

            Yes, you are right^^ I misunderstood the ” XD”, my fault ^,^

  • lol wtf

  • kupomogli

    I wish they would have published Tales titles in Europe instead. They can already import Demon’s Souls, we could import Tales games.

    • We’ve got Tales of Despair. I think they’re gonna continue that streak

  • JeremyR

    I don’t think it’s soul crushing. What is great for Atlus is not worth bothering with for Sony. Not that 300k is bad, mind you, but if Atlus hadn’t done it, there’s no guarantee it would have sold as well (as Sony doesn’t really promote or handle RPGs that well)

  • LOL Irony.

    Also, I guess it’s safe to say that Namco Bandai uses scouters to measure profit levels.

  • kupomogli

    Sony gets a set amount from the publisher that wants to release it, so either way they’re making a set amount of money whether it sells well or sells like crap. So I don’t think Sony really cares. They’re making money either way, and there’s another game to add to the line up in that territory.

  • so when vesperia PS3 ever localized namco bandai? ignoring your own franchise eh?

  • humm at least we are getting it ???
    but id rather have atlus logo on my cover «« this feels very strange ««

  • capristrider

    This great news for europeans to get there hands on Demon’s Souls. I do hope Namco Bandai consider bringing out a Deluxe version just like what Atlus done in the States (artbook and all).

    I find it odd a game set in a fantasy medieval europe style world is release in Europe last (and only off the back of Atlus U.S. release).

    If only Europe had an Atlus type publisher, maybe Namco Bandai can fill those shoes without negating its own in-house developed games.

    • The closest thing to a European version an Atlus USA-type company is Rising Star Games.

  • Immerwachender
  • All this after Sony complained about wishing it had taken the publishing rights in NA? Wow.

  • SnoWStyle

    Do you guys think :
    – That we will have our euro server with better pings than Usa and Asia ?
    – That they are going to fix the duplicate stuff bug ? :P

    Anyway it s a great news, all my night are spent on the ds server those times… and just to know we can have a great ping on that game, make me feel dreamy :)

    • Ereek

      I hope they fix the duplication. You can always tell the people who use it, as they have no real skill and oftentimes do remarkably silly things.

  • SnoWStyle

    yeah thing is : they can have the best wear in game, if they don t have skill in their gameplay mechanics, then they can be killed by some skilled naked guy

  • SnoWStyle
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