Final Fight Double Impact: Magic Sword Packs A Punch

By Spencer . April 15, 2010 . 5:17pm


Final Fight appears to be selling point of Final Fight: Double Impact. After all, Final Fight is in the game’s title. Magic Sword was tacked on after and picked over Forgotten Worlds and Black Tiger.


But, Magic Sword is probably the game you’ll spend more time with. It takes around an hour to clothesline through Metro City. Magic Sword with 50 floors to climb is longer and has more secrets to discover. When it was a quarter eating arcade game I didn’t spend time searching for shortcuts or invisible treasure chests. With unlimited continues you can calmly (well, as calm as a bear fighting barbarian can be) explore the tower. The reward for hunting all the treasures? Getting your score on the online leaderboards.


There are other bonuses for Capcom fans too. When you play through Magic Sword and Final Fight you unlock concept art, fan art, and an Udon comic where Street Fighter and Final Fight crossover. Achievement-like messages pop up on the bottom of the screen and explain how you can earn these digital goodies. Many goals just require players to get a certain score or complete a level quickly.


Proper Games, developers of Flock, went to great lengths to preserve the feel of playing these games at an arcade. Just look at the virtual arcade cabinet. Don’t worry, it’s optional like the other visual filters.




The best part of Final Fight: Double Impact is the simulated arcade experience. At any time, in either game, a random player can jump in your game over the Internet. It’s reminiscent of a stranger walking up and dropping a quarter in. You can turn this feature off, but it’s a well thought out addition. During the pre-release weeks there weren’t many games to join. The ones I silently logged on to were lag free. This may be because Final Fight: Double Impact uses GGPO netcode or because there weren’t many people on PSN pre-launch. The two games I logged onto today didn’t have any latency issues, though, so the online play looks pretty good.

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  • Chow

    Are the virtual arcare cabinets simply skins, or do they also trapezoid/keystone and bulge the screen? It kinda looks like they do, but I can’t be sure.

    • They have a virtual bulge to them too. It’s kind of neat, but if you don’t like it you can switch skins.

  • RupanIII

    Downloaded this tonight, the arcade/classic mode is good stuff. Shame that today’s graphics-obsessed gaming culture has lost touch with those simple 2d beat ‘em up pleasures, stuff like eating turkey off the ground to fill up your health bar or beating up some Mad Gear punks with a pipe lol

  • capristrider

    I grew up playing games likes these in arcades and on the megadrive.

    Then recent picking up games I missed on MAME such as Battle Circuit!

    For an authetic arcade experince all that’s missing is the smell of cigarettes and chewing gum on the floor.

  • This looks fantastic! I love the dirty marquee art around the game screen. THIS is how you emulate a retro arcade game. I need to check my couch cushions for some spare change to pick this up. Proper games is right. Good show gents!

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I absolutely adore the cabinet and arcade monitor style! Haven’t been playing a proper arcade machine since I was 10, haven’t been able to find them anymore. Such nostalgia.

  • First thing I did on Weds morning was buy some MS Points and add this game to my queue. I’m in love with the arcade room menu and the faux arcade monitor screen… So awesome! I’m looking forward to buying every “Double Impact” bundle that Capcom is willing to make! :) The unlockables are pretty rad too! They even have an (albiet crappy!) episode of 80’s/90’s(?) Street Fighter cartoon featuring the Final Fight cast (it is quite horrible though… haha) as an unlockable bonus!

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