Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack Leaked

By Spencer . April 15, 2010 . 2:51am

image Sega is bringing two more arcade games to Wii. Thanks to an ESRB leak, we know Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack exists.


Here’s what the rating board says about the unannounced game.


This is an arcade-style first-person shooter in which players engage in missions to protect sections of New York and Los Angeles from enemy forces. Players aim targeting crosshairs on dozens of attacking soldiers, robots, missiles, and vehicles that explode when destroyed. Constant gunfire and explosions highlight the frenetic action; zoomed-in camera angles depict multiple projectiles striking the humanoid terrorist enemies.


Even with out the description, the title is fairly self-explanatory — two on-rails light gun games, Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns, on a Wii disc. In Gunblade NY you’re in a helicopter. LA Machineguns puts both players on hovercycles. While this compilation may have nostalgic appeal, I would rather have House of the Dead 4. Hmm… I wonder why Sega hasn’t gotten to porting that game yet.

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  • Mazen

    Great news! they should release all Light Gun games on Wii like Maze of Kings or the Lupin one.

  • malek86

    Where is my HOD4, Sega? You specifically said that if HOD2&3 sold well, you would have done it. And last I checked, HOD2&3 sold pretty well. I understand you’d have to reduce the graphics, but that doesn’t sound like too much work.

  • YoFace

    Let’s just hope the price is right.


  • malek86

    By the way, these are a Model 2 and a Model 3 game… uhm, so they can convert these games to the Wii easily…

    Hey, can we have a Sega Rally compilation? With SR2006 in there too, just for completion. It could have wheel Wiimote support. I don’t think that would be a bad idea overall. And maybe it could salvage SR2006 from its horrible sales performance.

  • lordgeo

    Hopefully this will just lead to more Sega light-gun games getting ported over to the Wii, like a Virtua Cop Collection, HotD 4 (maybe with HotD 1 added in for completion’s sake), Brave Firefighters (hopefully Jambo! Safari’s sales won’t discourage Sega from porting BF over), etc.

  • What are they supposed to port HotD4 to? It’s an HD game so it would be a ton of work to scale it down for Wii. There’s no light gun peripheral for 360, nobody owns a GunCon for PS3, and packing the game with its own gun would probably be too risky financially since a lightgun shooter isn’t likely to do that well on the HD consoles.. If it ever happens it will probably be made for Move or more likely, in the next Nintendo system since that’s apparently where the HotD fanbase is.

    On topic, both of these games are bad ass and I hope this does well. And while we’re wishing for lightgun ports, I want a console verson of 2 Spicy with online play.

    • Good points, you make them.

    • srsly? 2 Spicy was a terrible game

    • neo_firenze

      HotD4 seems like it would work well on PS3 Move. Maybe add GunCon support too? Just like the Wii, but using the more powerful hardware of PS3. I don’t think it’s too unrealistic to think this could happen with the Lindbergh-based stuff (Let’s Go Jungle, HotD4, Ghost Squad Evolution, Rambo), as Sega has already proven (a) that they’re willing to port Lindbergh games to PS3/360 (VF5, Power Smash 3, Initial D Stage 4, Afterburner Climax…), and (b) that they’re comfortable with gun shooters retooled for motion controllers from the Wii releases.

      Also, I’m THRILLED to see this pack. Will buy, day 1. There are still plenty of other Sega gun shooters I’d like, but this is 2 down!

  • aw. this wont even be that good on the wii, the whole point of the game is to have this gigantic jackhammer of a gun going insane in front of you giving you a shoulderache

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