Sample Ignition’s Arc Rise Fantasia Localization In These Screenshots

By Spencer . April 15, 2010 . 12:56pm

The Wii has a decent selection of role playing games – Xenoblade, Tales of Graces, and The Last Story come to mind. We’re not sure when or if those games are leaving Japan, but Arc Rise Fantasia is.


Ignition acquired publishing rights from Marvelous last year and have the Feldragon filled game slated for a summer release. Feldragons, if you haven’t been following Arc Rise Fantasia, are plaguing the game’s world. “There is also an energy called Ray, sort of like a magical energy and different countries, different places are fighting against each other over the Ray. The natural balance of the world is thrown off so all of these monsters are appearing,” Ryoei Mikage, the President of Imageepoch, explained in an interview with us.


01 - Feldragon 3 02 - Ray Squall 1 03 - Ray Squall 2 04 - L'Arc and Ryfia 1 05 - L'Arc and Ryfia 3 06 - Jada Town Screen 07 - Story Text 2 08 - Story Text 7 09 - Story Text 8 10 - World Map 1Ryfia - Ignition Ceeille Punch Luna Larc n Ryfia run Dynos with Zealots Group Shot22 L'arc vs Chimera2 Fire Attack Rastan Swipe Dynos Summon Rogress release Dragon Monster

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  • Kind of hard to really tell the quality of the translation without hearing the original Japanese to base it off of.

    Hopefully it’s considerably better than the terrible Muramasa translation. Even my low/beginners level of the language could clearly tell how off Muramasa’s script was from the Japanese.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, that is pretty common when games are localized, although that is kind of odd since the game has no English voice acting (I never played it). NISA games are like this in that their text is typically based off of the English VA script, which ends up being almost completely different from the Japanese script. Considering their target audience seems to prefer Japanese voice work in their games, I’ve always found that odd. Of course, I haven’t played a game from them in a while, so it’s also possible that my information here is dated.

      For similar reasons, I just can’t understand why people get so caught up on undubs. The recent Persona games, for example, have more than a few lines localized accordingly and thus the text will not much up to what the Japanese VAs are saying. Even worse, I’ve seen people wanting an undub version of Infinite Space, a game which has next to zero voice work in the game.

      • I adore the Persona (3 and 4) English dubs. I have no interest in the Japanese tracks for those. Same with Valkyria Chronicles, which even with the opportunity to play with the original Japanese track, I went with the English dub because I found it superior.

        I can understand certain changes, but there were lines in Muramasa that were just flat out never translated. There might be 3 sentences of speech, and only 1 of them would show up in the subtitles. This kind of omission feels like nothing other than a rushed job or a poor translator. And this happened constantly in Muramasa.

        I’m aware of a number of changes made in the Persona games. Just for instance, changing Kuma’s name to Teddie, or changing some test questions ones North American audiences might possibly grasp, or explaining things differently so that a western audience will get it. Those changes make sense (and when I listened to the Japanese track in Valkyria with the English subtitles, you could hear differences too, but they didn’t seem to change the context or radically conflict with each other), flat out wrong and obviously omitted lines seen in Ignition’s releases thus far I do not find the acceptable kind of change.

        I expect better from Shane Bettenhausen! :)

  • Just in last night, via Ignition USA’s twitter account:

    “RT @shanewatch Pre-order @arcrisefantasia for Wii @Amazon & get 12 exclusive collectors’ cards Only $39.99!”

    Yeah, this is gonna be the 2nd Marvelous Entertainment game I’m gonna day one this year (the other being NMH 2).

  • doubleO7

    I heard that some underboob was censored for the US release? Is this true?

    • EggmaniMN

      It was censored even in Japan. None of the promotional material here or there contains Lesley’s underboob anymore.

    • Aoshi00

      They never saw the light of day in the Jpn release either, biggest disappointment ever.. I really need to go back to play this game, I have touched my Wii in months..

  • Chow|15

    Unrelated to anything really, but this screenshot reminds me of character designs for so many characters from different series:
    – Fire Champion from Suikoden III
    – Nina from BoF4
    – Quistis from FFVIII
    – Teedus from FFX (though this one is stretching it more than I did for the others)

    • Hmm, rather than the character design itself, but the art style is the same as that of Eureka Seven, I think.

      • Aoshi00

        Yep, it’s by the same character designer of Eureka Seven, which I find rather unique. Haven’t watched much of that though..

        • It’s a pretty good anime; by Bones too =)

          …Granted, it’s an anime mainly about character development, so you may find yourself hating the main chara for the first … 26…40….eps. >___> But-but-but it’s really good! T__T

  • Tokyo Guy

    This game is worth playing entirely for the music alone.

    • I hope that Gamestop would land a music CD pre-order bonus, now that I mentioned earlier that Iginition USA announced the Amazon exclusive pre-order bonus.

      Heck, Marvelous Entertainment is known for giving away generous pre-order bonuses in Japan alone, iIrc.

      Update: Gamestop’s gonna get a cel art as its pre-order bonus.

  • masuto

    Hmm…we need more screenshots of their localization. So far, that blond dude doesn’t seem consistent. It looks like he’s speaking formally and casually? I dunno, I’m reading this too much. I’m just paranoid about Ignition’s localization.

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