• nyoron

    I was told there would be no math

    • nyoron

      25th letter = Y
      19th letter = S
      -40+23-11+71-47+11 = 7


      Do I win?

  • Icon

    Since when did I need GameFAQs to read game news?

  • Volcynika

    I didn’t realize Siliconera switched to gibberish!

  • Ereek

    I laughed at the giraffe’s expression.

    I also really like these puzzle-like announcement hints. They’re fun.

  • sagagadego09

    have you been hacked?

  • ForeverFidelis


  • sagagadego09

    i think i sloved something y7S means Ys7

  • banballow

    Hm… no clue.
    I did notice that if you turn 25 and 19 into their letter counterparts, you get YS. Of course, then when I attempt to change the other numbers, I get nwkkuk… which makes no sense. Maybe those are just there to throw me off.

  • FireCouch

    Ys 7 must be a pretty amazing game with all this build up.

    • You betcha.

      • pacanug

        Gov. Palin, you’re a JRPG enthusiast? My opinion of you has suddenly changed for the better ;P

        • neo_firenze


          Seriously, what if you found out some politician who you didn’t have the highest regard for (maybe not someone as insane as PALIN… but somebody you were indifferent or a little worse about) really did like obscure but good games?

          Like, I wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney. But if I found out that after a hard day, dude liked nothing more than to go home and unwind by playing his Taito Egret II cabinet stocked with Cave and Psikyo PCBs… hell, at that point his position on major issues would have to sound completely insane in order for me to NOT vote for him.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Voting for someone because they like to play Japanese video games would be just as crazy as the positions most politicians have, even if this is all hypothetical and has an almost 0% chance of happening.

          • Slashlen

            While “Japanese video games” may be getting a little too specific, I can see the appeal in having a candidate share an interest because the law touches a lot of things and someone sharing your interest makes it more likely that they would share your view on the points where the law affects it.

            If I’m a hunter, and Candidate X is also a hunter, I might be more likely to vote for him because I don’t think he’s going to vote for any new gun restrictions.

            Of course, it isn’t always the best predictor. Back on the hunter example, neo_firenze’s friend Mitt Romney claimed to be a “lifelong hunter” and that kinda backfired. Should the “gamer vote” ever matter, you will see politicans who try to fake it.

  • kupomogli

    XSeed owns. Everyone pick up Ys7 so we can get Chronicles and Oath in Felghana.

  • JeremyR

    Sigh. I always hate it when viral marketing replaces game journalism (which is pretty thin to begin with), but seeing it happen here? Very sad indeed…

    • You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • Code

      I don’t think this is a viral marketing campaign, I think it’s because of that whole “The 4 Heroes of Light” thing >w<' I think it's all fun myself, plus honestly how else are we going to get giraffe pictures on the front page 7_7 there is a serious drop in the production of giraffe related games lately, if only Space Giraffe had sold more T_T

      • Mazen

        These kind of hints are so fun! please Spencer keep doing them.

    • Vanilla

      Take it with a grain of salt. Go admire nyoron’s creative juices.

    • I think you’re subscribing a bit too much to Internet mentality there. We try not to associate ourselves with common misconceptions and pre-conceived notions regarding this kind of stuff, because then you get stuck in over-thinking a bunch of issues that, to us, seem really obvious. It all boils down to narrowing the producer-consumer gap for us…we’re just a bunch of nerds that love niche games and want to learn more about them, you know? You have to be willing to work with companies and get them to understand the goal if you want them to fork over actual insightful information as opposed to the usual rapid-fire PR.

      Obviously, it’s walking a fine line, but for what it’s worth, there’s really nothing in it “for us,” so perhaps that will help put your concerns at rest?

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yeah I thought that was beyond obvious. The whole idea of the publisher saying “we will tell you but you can’t go out and tell others” so to speak. I love how people get in a tiff just because they are asked to use their brain to discern what something might be…

      • not to mention it was freaking Friday night and every Siliconera reader worth their salt knows that Spencer likes to end the week with a light-hearted post or two.

  • Code

    rar, I like these posts, they make me use my detective skills! hooray >w<! Although I don't like this post because it tried to make me use my math skills, luckily my detective skills overcame the need to use math skills, detective skills that lead me to nyoron's post! And my Math teacher said I'd never use my detective skills in real life zoz' psshh

  • I’m with all of the theories on here, it is Ys Seven

  • we said it was YS7 the last news post like this about ys 7

    call me when it comes out for pc

  • nyoron

    New theory:

    40°23′11″N 71°47′11″E = the geographic coordinates for a place in Uzbekistan called Fergana or Farghana. Which sounds a lot like Felghana. Seems like there was an Oath or something that took place there, interesting.

    • Oh wow, if this is a coinkidink… that’s just insane.

      • So we got a piece of Ys 7’s art on the last post. Something to do with Felghana in this one. Could XSeed just be bringing over Falcom’s whole kit’n’kaboodle?

  • Happosai

    You broke my brain :(

  • “?????” didn’t work, so what made you think this would?

    Ys 7

    Oh, and work on your coding.

  • Mazen

    Awesome I like these teases hints puzzle news topics.

  • Kris

    It’s a game about a giraffe. That’s neat!

    • Code

      We need more of those.

      • Kris

        Seriously! There aren’t enough giraffes in modern gaming.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I had no clue what this code could mean, until I read the comments. I think people wants this to be a Ys 7-thingy. And I think they’re right.

  • Mazen

    ^this in the keyboard is above the number 6
    g for games
    F for Falcom
    P for PSP
    m for Month
    7 is 7
    {is the beginning for listing the games
    Z for Zwei
    y for Ys 1&2
    7 for Ys 7
    S for Sora no Kiseki

  • TyeTheCzar

    Screw that! I just want the PSP version of Ys I & II Chronicles. That DS version was a joke. Though I would like in the PSP version:
    -The DS-exclusive content.
    -The TurboCD music and art.
    -The option for less-forgiving hitboxes like in the older versions of Ys.
    -If at all possible, a remake and localization of the Korean Ys II Special.
    -Voice acting on par with Persona 4.

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