Prinny 2’s Hellish Radish Is The Cheapest Console DLC Ever

By Spencer . April 16, 2010 . 2:05am

imageIt’s not free, but the Daikon from Hell and Turbo Fire Fairy item in Prinny 2: Dawn of the Great Pantsu War is the cheapest paid item on the PlayStation Store.


Nippon Ichi is selling the hellish radish online for a mere 10 yen (almost 11 cents). After buying it, a samurai delivers it to Prinny.  Equip it to change Hero Prinny’s weapon from a sword to a giant radish. Prinny Asagi keeps the rapid fire radish until she picks up another weapon.




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  • MisterNiwa

    10Yen full of hellish radish and inferno.

  • evilmoogle

    And in America over 1 dollar.

    • LastFootnote

      Or never released.

      • punnyfuzz

        Don’t jinx it Dood.

      • Code

        Yeahhh true, it broke my heart a little when we never got some of the extra stage they released in Japan for the original T_T’

        • LastFootnote

          What makes you think that? I’m pretty sure that there were only three DLC stages in Japan for the original Prinny game, and we got all three. (And the last one was incredibly awesome.)

          It’s mostly the handling of Disgaea 2 Portable’s DLC that makes me so bitter.

          • Code

            Weird, nevermind, I thought for some reason they had released 5 stages in Japan, 2 challenge stages. But I guess not. Although they also got there DLC stages for free, but I don’t have as much issue with that.

  • Code

    Haha badass!

  • This can’t be the first instance of microtransactions in a non-MMO console game, can it? Someone help me think of an older example.

    • malek86

      Aren’t there countless examples?

      Or maybe I have a different idea of what microtransaction means. Is that something like the horse armor in Oblivion?

      • I looked real quick, but don’t think anyone’s drawn really sharp lines around what a microtransaction is and what isn’t.

        My idea of a microtransaction = around $2 tops, for something temporary—so you can bill for it over and over again.

        …But microtransactions don’t have to be recurring, despite my preconceptions, and PayPal says a micropayment is anything under $12 anyway. So that’s a pretty big difference.

  • thebluedino

    Anyone know if the Japanese DLC will work with the an Asian copy of the game?

  • wonder if we can get other pantsy as DLC

  • Strike_Man

    “Prinny Asagi keeps the rapid fire radish until she picks up another weapon.”

    So is this microtransaction a single-use item? Or are you able to use it again at other points in the game?

    • LastFootnote

      Oh, man, that’d be lame if you had to pay 10¢ each time you used it. I assume that’s not the case. Hopefully I won’t be proved wrong.

    • From the stages I’ve played since downloading it gives you a radish at the start of each stage. I suck pretty bad though so I haven’t unlocked Asagi Wars yet.

  • Well I just paid $17.50 to buy a 1,000円 PSN card to buy a 10円 piece of DLC ha. I checked and the japanese DLC does work with my Asian copy of the game, and after installing it let me log out of my Japanese PSN account and back to my American one without me loosing the DLC. I’m too tired to play around with it too much but but the rapid fire seems pretty sweet so far

  • I’ve never played either Prinny games yet… but… how is that Prinny jumping? Wouldn’t it die???

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