Meet Neptune And The Other Console-Land Goddesses

By Spencer . April 19, 2010 . 1:42pm

Compile Heart’s fictional video game world has four console inspired lands, each ruled by a different goddess. Neptune is the main character of Super Dimension Game Neptune and she rules Planetune.


Neptune (Purple Heart) – Goddess of Planetune

image image

Green Heart – Goddess of Leanbox

image image


Black Heart – Goddess of Raystation



White Heart – Goddess of Ruii



The art above with Neptune in a snazzy leotard and X’s in her hair is after her transformation.  Neptune is actually a little girl who appeared in the game world during a dark hour. The nefarious Majiconnu (a play on the word Majicon – or flash carts) is making monsters – monsters you have to fight.


image image image imageimage image

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  • nyoron

    Compile Heart has been a hit and a miss for me so far (liked Agarest, hated Cross Edge) but I’m optimistic about this game – the concept sounds awesome and I like the character designs. Hopefully NISA can fit this on their schedule at some point.

    Also, dibs on Black Heart.

  • malek86

    This is ridiculous. And where is my Saturn?

    But at least the battle system is turn based.

  • We’ll see how this turns out… :)

  • fallen

    Are Ruii and Raystation supposed to be the same image?

    Also, is the main character supposed to be modeled after a console, or like some kind of combination of all three?

    • Pichi

      Ruii and Raystation have different images, might want to check your browser if its looking the same for you.

      The main character represents Sega Neptune, which is kind of fitting since Sega is publishing it and its position nowadays.

      • Pichi

        Oh wait, you mean the island pictures? Then yeah, Siliconera made a mistake for one.

        • fallen

          Thanks! The Sega Neptune, huh? I have no idea how to react other than “….weird!”

          • Kris

            Neptune and Saturn are both planets!

          • fallen

            That’s true~
            I thought Neptune was also like, a hybrid Genesis/32X or something too, which is why I think it’s weird they would choose that of all things.

    • Ah, sorry! I think that’s fixed now :)

      • Landiur

        Still looks the same.

  • Code

    rar, I like it! Fun concept, some pretty nice character designs! Color me interested! It just needs some more gameplay for me to know, exactly what I’m interested in! Haha! I also think I see DS in the screenshots!

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Wauw, I never expected them to actually use existing consoles in their characters. Sure it makes it more fun and interesting, but I think they’ll have to be careful with how they represent the consoles. I love White Heart, not into lolicon but her design does match my tastes.

  • Ereek

    It may just be my sick sense of humor, but I find it incredibly amusing that the western developed console has the largest breasts. Not-so-subtle there, are we Compile Heart?

    • Wow, didn’t see that before, but that, in a Compile Heart parody way makes sense.

  • Woa is looking good! love the art and battle sceens!

  • endaround

    Hmm, are we supposed to read into the fact that the Sega’s stand-in is a lost girl?

  • FireCouch

    Too embarrassing to buy. Sorry Compile Heart.

    • lolwut

    • you can only live once, and better not waste it on stop doing things you like because of embarrasment!

  • iMoogle

    You can see more characters on the official website, with hidden names. But we can easily say who is who with the look and the url. For example, the girl with blue hairs, little purple wings and red scaff looks like a Prinny, and is “np_nippon.html” : it’s Nippon Ichi Software. We have the little alchimist with np_gast.html (Gust). The pink haired girl have a sort of Pacman, could it be Namco Bandai ?

    • Good catch.

      The pink haired girl is Compile Heart.
      The brown haired one with the leaf is Idea Factory.

  • wharcraff

    Looks good. hope it plays good as well. Fingers crossed. >][<

  • Slashlen

    Looking forward to it.

    and Raystation > Leanbox. There, I said it.

    • MisterNiwa

      You know what? I’ll go even further.

      Raystation looks a lot better than the Leanbox and looks more superior from a technologic sight! >:I

      Why does Leanbox look so.. … full of plains?

      • MrRobbyM



  • nyobzoo

    looking interesting, the battle layout reminds me of the Mana Khemia series

  • Pesmerga00

    This is pretty awesome, in a so over the top it’s good kinda way. While I’m not holding my breath on a localization, it would be a pleasant surprise.

    Kinda worried about copyright issues though. I wonder, would this be protected as a form of parody? Hell; even Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! had to change it’s name to avoid IP conflicts. Seems like a publishers nightmare.

    I seriously would like to hear what the companies of the depicted consoles have to say about this game. “Lawsuit” or “Harmless Fun”? I don’t know how IP laws work in Japan, but Compile Heart had to know that this would raise a few eyebrows. Actually they probably planned on it.

    Console-Tan RPG on the PS3 is not something I ever expected to see.

  • Imagine character debuff as console errors and faults like RROD or YLOD. THAT WOULD BE MORE AWESOME.

  • Guest

    Wish this was multiplatform. My broke ass isn’t getting a PS3 anytime soon. =/

  • SeventhEvening

    Alright…I’m in.

  • thebanditking

    OK so these characters are supposed to be references to actual consoles so..

    Neptune = Xbox 1 or PS2 (green X’s on her hair clips make me think Xbox)

    Green Heart = 360 (color scheme)

    Black Heart = PS3 (dead giveaway Raystation)

    White Heart = Wii (petite in size and color scheme)

    Either way looks cool, I want to see what they do with Sega’s consoles though

    • Pesmerga00

      Neptune is an unreleased Sega console. Kinda a Genesis 32X combo.(hence the X’s) :)

  • masuto

    I’m down.

  • Saturnus

    Damn, this game kinda looks interesting. Love the art lol. Which console is the Neptune supposed to be based off of (Sega Saturn??)?

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