No More Heroes Sells More In HD

By Spencer . April 22, 2010 . 11:59am

imageDespite all of the loading time complaints, people are buying No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. Both versions of the HD port made it on Media Create’s top ten sales list for the week of April 12.


The PlayStation 3 version took the number seven spot with 16,000 copies sold. The Xbox 360 release is right underneath it with 15,000 units. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise didn’t sell “gangbusters”, but it did a little better than the Wii version. At launch, way back in December 2007, the game only sold 11,700 units in its first week.


Looks like Marvelous was on target with their HD port strategy, that or the addition of Japanese voice acting and erotica portraits sparked sales.

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  • malek86

    It should be noted that NMH is now a bit more of a known game. Even if it did bomb in Japan, the western success should have made it more known. Remember the case of Ouendan, which didn’t sell much, but its success among importers made the sequel reach very high numbers.

    So when does NMH2 come out in Japan? I want to see how it performs.

  • kylehyde

    I’m not pretty sure if 16000 and 15000 are good numbers, is truth that are better than the Wii numbers.

    But still, how much with those ports will sell in the next week? Many games with even more units sold tend to dissapear on the next week list.

    • i agree with that. Sales slow down after the initial week or so. The franchise itself isnt doing that amazing considering its on the “mature” consoles now.

      regardless i will always be a NMH fan

  • Wow, the ads on that site next to the rankings are quite NSFW! Just a heads-up for anyone else who’s taking their fifteen, haha.

    • CrimsonFlamesX

      I just saw Noel Vermillion pulling down her….YEAH! I totally saw the numbers!


  • Somehow I’m not impressed by these numbers. Those are pretty pathetic, really. I mean, are they impressive for this game in particular or…?

  • EggmaniMN

    Imagine that, they throw out some extra advertising and get some extra sales. We’ll see if the very negative remarks about its loading and freezing drop it off. Sales over time is what really matters here.

    Not to mention the overall sales vs how much it cost to port the game and remake it in HD. Only 5000 more sales for a game that cost a lot more to put out isn’t exactly a good thing.

    • malek86

      I seriously doubt it cost more than making it for the Wii. Remember, we’re talking about an already-existing game that got just a resolution upgrade, a couple textures reworked, and some (bad) coding for working on the other consoles. Sounds like they didn’t spend much money on this.

      • EggmaniMN

        You’d be surprised at how much that costs. Especially when you then factor in advertising, publishing, packaging, shipping and all the rest.

        • kupomogli

          “publishing, packaging, shipping, and all the rest.”

          Why even bother listing these. It’s obvious the game is going to have a publisher, it’s going to need to have cases, instruction manuals, etc, and how do you think they get it to all the stores without shipping. All non digital downloads are going to have these requirements and do not vary by much game from game. Please use some common sense.

          • Kaishounashi

            Hum, to be honest, i don’t think it was that expensive. For a game that was builded from nothing, it would be, but they didn’t changed that much from the original. If it was going to cost that much, they certainly wouldn’t release it.

          • EggmaniMN

            Uh, I am using common sense. You’re just making assumptions based on absolutely zero knowledge of how much it costs. I am not.

            HD conversions of things are not simple and cheap. We would be seeing Tatsunoko vs Capcom on other systems instead of Capcom saying that it costs too much to redo otherwise.

            Try again.

          • kupomogli

            Yes. Converting something to better graphics does cost money. That’s obvious. I quoted exactly what I was talking about.

            “publishing, packaging, shipping, all the rest.”

            I mentioned publishing, packaging, and shipping in the same post. This hardly changes from game to game.

            You also listed advertising, but I didn’t list that for the simple reason that it does raise costs. Advertising obviously changes costs as either they don’t advertise it at all, or it’s in a range of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertisement.

  • LSakala

    This is the most successful launch of a Suda game (Even though he had nothing to do with it) in Japan, right? I really feel sorry for him.

    • Yeah, hearing about the HD game and the the sequel getting a release in Japan just reminds me of the launch event of the original game. In all of Suda51’s interviews I never noticed any question or answer about the audience’s reaction of his games in Japan.
      Oh, well. I’d definitely travel across town if he threw a launch party in L.A.!

  • Yeah, people can’t honestly call these good numbers. When the game now on the “target audience” barely sells more than the Wii version, that’s NOT good at all, especially since the Wii numbers were classed as a bomb to begin with.


    • thebanditking

      Your logic is flawed by my understanding of sales data. If I am correct broken down by individual platform the game barely sold better then its Wii counter part but both HD version put together (since thats how publishers/devs look at numbers) comes to 31k which is over twice the ammount of the Wii version, which is quite impressive for one week. Especially considering its a port of a game whos sequel is already out. All in all I think it cements the fact that most games (outside of Nintendo’s) just dont sell on Wii.

      • If the those systems have such a bigger hardcore audience. Then those sales are mediocre at best. Yes we can add both systems if you like. Then why don’t we add HD systems totals together compare to the Wii. They are separate games on separates systems. With low sales like this in the first week. Both games will be out of the top ten next week. In the end individually they well sale about what the Wii version did. Now if you want to prove that this game would do better on a HD system than Wii. Let them bring it over here. For now this game just doesn’t have a audience. Outside anime fans!

      • Kaishounashi

        Man, the sequel wasn’t even announced in Japan yet. There’s no release date at all. Marvelous is acting almost as if the game doesn’t exist.

        The sales were quite good for a Suda game. I think the 360 got that boost because of the fact that it was the first version uncensored in Japan, since both Wii and the PS3 got the horrible censored one. The erotic portraits sure helped a bit too, lol.

        But no, it doesn’t cements anything. This is not the first port of a Wii game. 428, a game much better reviewed, was ported for PS3 and PSP and the Wii still outsold both versions together. No more heroes is a different case though, the company tried to sell that for the japanese otaku, instead of just rellying in the product and managed to get it right. Perhaps it will help if the sequel ever launch in Japan…

  • Great. Now, when are the localized versions going to be announced? I have a hard time believing that this can’t find a publisher Stateside.

  • Aoshi00

    I started playing the game (360 ver) last night, the loading before the first boss Death Metal wasn’t too bad, only around 3-4 secs when you save, I thought people were exaggerating, then once I head out of my room to Santa Destroy some load times could be very long and irritating..

    One other thing really bothered me was you can’t turn on the Jpn subtitles at all if you listen to the Jpn dub, only when you have the English dialogue does the game give you the option to turn on the subtitle or not.. It was the same reason I didn’t like the Wii version before, because there was no English subtitle. I’m not too crazy about the Eng. dub and Travis’s cursing (F-head, F-face…), definitely prefer Nakai Kazuya’s Travis and Inoue Marina’s accentless Sylvia, but I don’t want to miss anything either listening to the Jpn dub w/o the Jpn subtitles :(… at least I can always go back to rewatch the movies later.. so now I’m still wondering if I should play the game in Eng or Jpn for my first playthru…

    Despite the load times, I have to say I like the new control much more. Yeah the Wii speaker was cool and so is swinging the sword, but it was so unresponsive I had to give up very early in the game, very frustrating kept missing the nunchuck and remote waggle… It’s a pity the port has such bad load times, otherwise it’s the definitive ver. for me, but still they should let you turn on the subtitles despite which audio you choose, that’s a really odd setup..

    I suppose it’s good to hear the game did relatively well, since a Suda game is very quirky and niche to begin w/… Lucky I got the erotic portraits from P/A :)

  • shion16

    good for marvelous

  • Only by adding both games together does this numbers even system respectable. Next week both will drop to half. So over all the HD version combime my do better than Wii. Still I wouldn’t consider this a victory for the Wii can’t sale core games talk.

  • Kris

    I’m wondering whether or not to import the PS3 version. Hopefully, if this does well enough in Japan, some US publisher will make sure that I don’t have to.

  • i think that there is no merit to the sales being as low as 15k and 16 k… NMH is now an established franchise and has somewhat a solid name,so with the addition of some extras it were sure to do a bit better, and it is what happened

    i think that roronoa zro seiyuu as travis touchdown helped a lot too =p

  • Someone needs to scan the PS3 & Xbox 360 extras… just sayin’… I was unlucky enough not to get them.

    • Aoshi00

      You got both ver and didn’t get the extras :(? I’m sry for pointing you to NCSX.. usually they’re very good, but they did say they only got extra for half of the shipment, so it’s a 50/50 chance.. I expected not to get it again from P-A but was delightedly surprised. Kind of made up for the loading times lol.. still, I thought it’s strange the game won’t let you turn on the Jpn subtitles when you’re playing the game w/ Jpn audio, a major bummer.. You’ve seen those scans on the website right, I think the 360 shots are better, the PS3 ones are good but they have 2 that are super deformed or something..

      • No worries mate. NCSX was the only place that even confirmed they would be shipping out any extras, so it was a better chance than the other shops that had no clue. I haven’t seen the scans on the website… what is the url? Too bad to hear about the loading times… perhaps there will be a patch?

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