Final Fantasy XIII Lightning PS3 Gets Matching Limited Edition Controller

By Spencer . April 23, 2010 . 9:33am

imageYou’ve seen Final Fantasy XIII figures, soft drinks, perfume, and PlayStation 3s. What else could Square Enix make? A limited edition DualShock 3 controller.


Sony and Square Enix are gearing up for a re-launch of Final Fantasy XIII in Asia. That means more Final Fantasy XIII goods and special editions like this Lightning Edition DualShock 3 bundle. For HKD$699 ($90) you get Final Fantasy XIII (Chinese language edition), a special PSN card, and a Lightning themed controller. The design is similar to the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning PlayStation 3, but that hardware bundle came with a regular white DualShock 3.


So far, this item has only been announced for Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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  • Oh man I really like that controller! I’d buy it if it became an item here in the US.

  • nyoron

    That’s cool. It’s no Lightning PS3 but at least it’s a useful LE bonus that you can justify buying even if you can’t afford a whole new console. I would have picked this up in a heartbeat.

    Nice how every other region gets some kind of PS3 special edition. Meanwhile, the US marketing campaign likes to pretend that the PS3 version doesn’t exist.

    • Pesmerga00

      Really. We got a strategy guide, and a faceplate. Wow.

      The thing is, it’s not that hard to bring these SE products to the US. Most of them are already compatible. PS3 Bundle, Europe’s LE FFXIII pack, Zero Novel, This. They just don’t want money.

      • Aoshi00

        I thought the EU LE bundle had the Episode Zero novel too, but miruki here from Germany cfm it wasn’t included, only the soundtrack, artbook, & tattoo stickers.. so the novel hasn’t been officially translated into Eng after all, otherwise I kind of want to hunt that down for collection.

        Actually I kind of want a SE for Nier, I’ve heard rave reviews from Jpn gamers alrdy, which makes me even more excited. Well, I got the soundtrack though…

        • Pesmerga00

          The Episode Zero novel contains a lot of information. It really is something that should have been included with the game. If SE didn’t want to package an actually book along with it . They could have done something similar to Lost Odyssey. Break it up and set it to music. Let the players access it from the main menu, and problem solved. They even could have had a novel collection mini-game where you would find pieces to get access. Kinda like the Al-bed primers, only a little easier to find. I understand that some people don’t like reading vast amounts of text on a TV. But it would certainly be better than nothing.

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly, the novels could’ve just been w/in the game in text form just like Lost Odyssey, if they had no time/money to do the cutscenes or more gameplay like they said. But S-E was probably too proud to copy the Gooch. I bought the Jpn novel for $25 (it’s like 1400 yen) and it took me like a month to read it on and off… I thought the background stories were very important. I didn’t like any of the characters much after I finished the game, but reading the book has shed some much needed new light on them and made me appreciate the game/chars much more (afterwards or in my 2nd replay of the US ver.) As it is, the story or char development was very lackluster and explored very weakly, Fang and Vanille’s background were vague at best (only snippets of info were included in the in-game encyclopedia/datalog), had no idea of what their intention was until I read the book.

            There are a total of 7 chapters in Ep Zero, 3 of which are posted on the official Jpn FFXIII website, w/ only the first chapter having been recorded as a drama CD w/ the LE OST, I wish all 7 could be in audio form. After I listened to it, I was like “Ah, there’s that side of Lightning or Serah is actually likable..” I think someone on the internet had translated almost all of it., but I don’t trust fan translation.

            I don’t know what’s going on w/ Last Story’s gameplay yet, but I hope it lives up to being my “personal FF 14” , just like LO was my FF 11 :)

            P.S. they really messed up Dajh’s voice in the Jpn ver, it was quite laughable..

  • so anyone know, will this chinese version has english subtitle like other PS3 chinese version game?

    • Aoshi00

      I doubt it, there’s a separate Asian Eng. version (like the US ver. I suppose). So this Chinese ver. only has Jpn dialogue and Chinese menu/subtitles. I’m still disappointed they made a big deal about this being their first Chinese release in HK and Taiwan but doesn’t have either Cantonese or Mandarin dub, so it isn’t really the true Chinese ver… but that was to be expected since they would never do the cutscenes again to lip sync Chinese. Tthe white Lightning controller is pretty nice..

  • ImTheReaper

    ok and were can we purchase it?

  • inphi

    Sure i’m a diehard Final fantasy fan. But that controller looks soo gay. WTF was SE thinking.

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