Zero no Kiseki In Development For PSP

By Spencer . April 23, 2010 . 7:06am

image Falcom’s big announcement must be this, a new game in the Legend of the Heroes series.


Zero no Kiseki is a direct sequel to the Sora no Kiseki line of Legend of Heroes games. Tonfa bearing Lloyd Burnings and pistol equipped Elly McDaell are the lead characters. Concept art for both of them are below.


Falcom didn’t go into details, but they say Zero no Kiseki will have a grand story (it’s genre is “story RPG”) and a revised battle system. Zero no Kiseki is on track for release this year in Japan.


image image
image image

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  • cjakub

    holy mother i want this and all falcom games. in english.

    • SeventhEvening

      Well, Bandai released three of the Legend of Heroes games in English, but the localization was atrocious. I’d like to get the Sora no Kiseki games, but translated by Atlus or something.

      • cjakub

        i heard that bandai changed whole combat system (never played original jap versions) in addition to lame translation. even thought, i love gagharv trilogy

        • SeventhEvening

          I never played the Japanese version of it either, only the Japanese version of Sora no Kiseki. I couldn’t make it through the first of Bandai’s games because the translation was so awful. It didn’t even seem like they ran a spelling check.

          • JeremyR

            The translations weren’t that bad. Pretty much on par with 90% of PS1 and SNES games. Which to say isn’t that great, but people are really being hyperbolic about them.

            For instance, the original FFT probably has the worst translation evey, but people love it still. Same with some of the SNES FFSs (You spoony bard?)

          • SeventhEvening

            There isn’t much excuse for spelling errors or massive grammatical errors in localization. And I encountered enough of them in the first five hours of play that I couldn’t take it anymore and I returned the game. I can over look the translation is the story or game play is compelling enough, but in this case it wasn’t. I only played Tear of Vermilion, so maybe the other two are translated better.

            Additionally, the PS1 was released 16 years ago and even companies like Atlus, who’s translations are brilliant now, were absolute rubbish. So “things used to be rubbish” doesn’t really excuse something being rubbish now.

          • 9inchsamurai

            No, the worst translation ever is Breath of Fire II. FFTactics isn’t all that bad, the only major issues are in all of the extra text related to side-missions and such. The main story dialog is just fine and 99% error-free.

    • holyPaladin

      Agree with this.
      Since 3 LoH already released and left Sora no Kiseki series

    • kupomogli

      I also agree. Add this to my list of Falcom games I want to see released over here.

  • masuto

    Ohh, i like how the gun girl looks.

  • IT LOOKS SO SEXY, this reminds me to wild arms 2 *sniff*

  • come out for english for heaven sake!!!!!!

  • Pistol tonfas? Kinda an interesting mix of east and west..

    The setting looks pretty neat, I’m not really familliar with this franchise though

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