Agarest Senki Zero Wages War On One More Console

By Spencer . April 25, 2010 . 2:31am

imageIn typical Idea Factory fashion, another one of their PlayStation 3 games is coming to the Xbox 360. Agarest Senki Zero, a prequel to Record of Agarest War, is the latest game to get post release port treatment.


Agarest Senki Zero came out in Japan last June. Mega retailer Softmap is taking pre-orders for the Xbox 360 version and according to their pre-order slip it’s due in stores on July 29, 2010. While this port has not been officially announced by Compile Heart, their GDC portfolio says Agarest Senki Zero for the Xbox 360 exists. We also know Compile Heart was searching for a publisher in the West to pick the game up at the show.


What we don’t know is if Compile Heart will change alter digital underwear… again.

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  • Sounds intreresting. I just hope that they find a publisher stateside so that I can start looking forward to more Agarest titles in English. Agarest: Generations of War gave me a blooded tooth and now I want more :)

    Even got Record of Agarest War to the Xbox 360 just because I wanted the extras.

    So keep em comming :)

    • See? Exactly my point. If you have both systems, why wouldn’t you buy the 360 version with all the extras they gave that one?

      • Hello_Hello

        Your point is silly. Yes, the 360 version has more value. This is due to a quirk caused by SCEA and not Aksys. Are you saying that you would have liked the 360 version to be bare bones because of SCEA’s publishing policies? Aksys has said on their boards that nothing they have done here is spite against the PS3. There’s absolutely no reason to blame Aksys for anything here.

        • You know what? Yes, I would’ve liked the 360 version to be bare bones if they are not providing those extras equally. Either give them to both or give them to none.

          • Hello_Hello

            Yeah, well there’s a term for that, buddy. It’s called “sour grapes.” 360 owners should not have to suffer because of SCEA.

          • Actually, the term is…wait for it…


            I win. Nyah-nyah.

  • Xeahnort

    Good news for westerners but i don´t really think an enhanced port for XTS will do much in Japan. ASZ sold like crap if i remember clearly

    • malek86

      I would assume that if, despite knowing the performance of the previous game, they still decided to port this one, it probably means they think it can profit somehow. I don’t know how exactly, but still.

  • Well, I guess if Aksys picks it up again, we can look forward to them favoring the 360 version over the PS3 version again.

    • Hraesvelgr

      And judging by Aksys’ response, you can look forward to blaming Sony for that again.

    • Well is not like Aksys is the one to blame, im happy with just getting the game anyway, THIS WEEK ! WOHOOOOO!!!

    • I wouldn’t say Aksys is “favoring” the Xbox 360 version. The PS3 release has all of the same features and free DLC. It’s just not in stores.

      • Artavasdus

        Exactly, and they stated clearly on their forum that the whole PSN release issue was out of their hands and that they weren’t even free to speak about it.

        Blaming them for a decision they haven’t made by themselves, a decision that undoubtedly hurt them a lot in terms of sales (how many consumers are against dd-only games ?) and reputation (no matter what they say or what the real situation is, there are going to be persons blaming them for having “favored X360”) is really wrong.

        • As I said above, it being a download is not what I have a problem with. It’s the amount of physical extras the 360 version is getting.

      • While I could really care less about a character pillow or mousepad or whatever (I do like to have women come to my apartment every now and then, you know, and I don’t think most of them would appreciate those), the fact that they’ve packed the 360 version with so many extras and have provided absolutely no way for PS3 owners to get them, other than buying the 360 version is favoring, in my opinion. At the very least, I would’ve liked the option to download the soundtrack.

        Not to mention, their claim that the PS3 version was completed back in November, but then delayed so that it could come out at the same time as the 360 version, which, really, wasn’t even needed in the States. Had they not packed it with extras, I doubt it would’ve even sold 10,000 copies.

        I was actually one of the people who was very for this being a PSN download. I don’t have a problem with that. Hell, look at the credits for Battle Fantasia. You’ll find my name there. I bought a 320g hard drive for my PS3 for a reason.

        As for Agarest, I would have preferred they added a dubbed option for the game, but they have their own reasons for that. Fine. Okay, so Sony says that you can only release it on the PSN. Okay. But why give the 360 version so many extras, and why if that version will only sell with the extras, port it at all? And why delay the PSN version? It would’ve had to have trophies anyway in November.

        Overall, this went from a must-download to something I’m still on the fence about because of what they did with the 360 version.

        • Hello_Hello

          That’s not fair. The PS3 version was delayed so it could be UPDATED with the features from the 360 version. The PS3 version didn’t have any of the little in-game goodies that the 360 version got in Japan, but the North American PS3 version will. The NA PS3 version will also have trophies and have a proper translation unlike Ghostlight’s babel fish translation that European PS3 owners got.

          As for the “extras”, they’re a fan pandering company. They asked on their boards if people would like a special edition and they said yes. Therefore, they made a special edition of the game. I don’t understand why anyone would get worked up over that. Are you angry because the PS3 version doesn’t get those goodies? Want do expect them to do about it? SCEA blocked the game from retail. If you have a problem with that, send your anger to SCEA (not that they’ll listen).

          • When Capcom released MvC2 for the PSN, they had a box at retail with instructions and a download voucher. They could’ve easily done that to placate PS3 owners.

  • Gestahl

    Ahhh, I see. Thanks, Idea Factory, I’ll keep my money then.

    • I’m trying to get this comment to make sense in my head, but it’s just not happening.

      So… because it’s being ported to another system, you’ve lost interest in the title? Am I reading this right?

      • Gestahl

        Yes, it is so. I’m strongly against titles going multiplatform (both ways) and won’t support the trend with my money.

        • LORDMATRIX2004

          Who cares if it goes to another platform. LOL Why act all butt hurt about something that essentially won’t effect the game or the your enjoyment of the game in any way?

      • Artavasdus

        There are people who enjoy games for what they are and people who enjoy them onlymore if others aren’t able to play them because they haven’t got the same piece of hardware, that is the power of the exclusivity ideology (not totally wrong by itself, since having a 100% identical lineup would defeat the purpose of having bought multiple consoles) and (in other cases, since he claims to be adverse to multiplatform in general) of console war. That said, it’s his money he is speaking about and I think he’s free to act as he wish.

        Considering such a niche game as Agarest Zero a player in the game of lost exclusivities, however, is by itself quite strange, since the game moved less than 30k copies on Ps3 and will predictably do some 5-10k at best on X360. Moreover the X360 ports of Idea FactoryCompile Hearts games have been a trend for some years by now (Trinity Universe may be the next, seeing how the port was mentioned in the GDC list), so this news shouldn’t came as a surprise.

        Personally I am happy the port is coming out: it will help the game being published in the USA on dvd (since we can expect again a Ps3 dd-only release seeing SCEA’s policies, sadly) if Aksys’Agarest sells well and it won’t hurt the chance of a Ps3 retail release in Europe by Ghostlight.

  • as i said before!, lets hope agarest does well so we may be able to get this

  • That’s nice.

    Still waiting on Aksys to give a price on what the original will be on PSN. Aksys themselves aren’t being forthcoming about the details and it’s starting to sound like Sony trouble again.

  • After walking around with my vial to collect everyone’s _tears_ in this big-baby thread (you can find them on Ebay under “Whiney Gamer Tears”)–I’ve got to say good for Senki Zero. I have it for PS3 and I will definitely get it for the 360 if it releases stateside. I wonder how many sales Agarest War is going to be pulling total here.

  • seink

    I only know one thing for sure……if/when it is released I`ll buy it.
    I can almost say I bought an xbox360 only because of the first game XD
    right now I`m just waiting its arrival

  • hopefully a better port than the unplayable miserable pile of bugs the first was on 360

  • Hello_Hello

    Charles Lupula, you are definitely sucking on sour grapes. There is no favouritism here. SCEA is stopping Aksys from giving you your goodies. Your problem is with SCEA. Feel free to declare that you e-won again, but you’re just being petty.

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