Nier Considered A “Second Pillar” Of Square Enix Action RPGs

By Spencer . April 26, 2010 . 7:06pm

imageAccording to Nier producer Yosuke Saito, the company has two core RPG series Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. But, Kingdom Hearts is Square Enix’s only well known action RPG series.


Nier, began development as a second action RPG pillar,” Saito said in an interview with Mantan Web. Prior to working on Nier, Saito developed another action RPG series with Cavia for Square Enix. Drakengard or Drag-on Dragoon as its known in Japan never became a “pillar” or core series for the mega publisher. Will Nier?

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  • Aoshi00

    I think this would actually be a sleeper hit. It’s amazing my reaction for this went from don’t care (while Bayonetta was all the rave, but that was so January lol), –> somewhat interested –> intrigued –> cannot wait!… I think I might have inadvertently read a tiny bit of spoilers from gamefaq’s board… well, one recent trailer gave away a big one, I guess we are bound to find out about that early.. Grimoire Weiss is voiced by “Peter” who voiced both Caim and the dragon in the Jpn ver. Drakengard (he could do a guy and a woman’s voice, in Eng. they were done by two people), that alone makes me want to get Replicant.. and Kaine’s seiyuu Tanaka Atsuko..

    I don’t know about this being a pillar though, a classic standalone game is fine, don’t cheapen it by making countless spinoffs like KH..

  • JeremyR

    I think they sort of dropped the ball with the “Secret of” franchise.

    • speedstersonic

      Technically it’s the “Mana” series, but yeah, it’s sad.

  • maxchain

    If you were to ask someone from the US division, they’d tell you their staple RPGs are Final Fantasy and That Other One We Eventually Bring Over When There Isn’t A Final Fantasy To Release Instead. Jerks.

  • Ereek

    SE wants a Cavia developed game to be a “pillar?” Interesting. So let’s assume it sells a million copies (I, personally, don’t think it will, but let’s assume) will they start internally developing the titles and blow off Cavia completely?

  • Nier? Not likely.. nah.. SE plz Come out with something more epic please.. thank you…

    • Artavasdus

      Have you played and finished the game before judging its epicness (or any other thing, for that matter)? The games was released today in the USA and some days ago in the EU and there are almost no reviews, so I hope your judgement isn’t solely based on screenshot or a dislike for the main character.

      • well, truth is.. u can sense whether its epic or not… Nier as i wud see is gona be a fun game.. No doubt about that.. but its not gona be epic… Be it the gestalt or the replicant.. For me the definition of epic-ness in RPGs are most of the time lies on the character and how they react in a story … If its pure action and Shooting or fighting.. its other thing… Anyway, I can see myself enjoying it… But for me to really love the character and stuff.. Like what happen for example Zack in crisis core… The way the game struck me when i first look at it and wat more played it , made me feel its epicness… well, in nier not really though.. I am sorry to say, i just cant feel it.. This is my opinion as an individual consumer…

  • vagiel

    Nier is so much more than just an action-rpg. It has side scrolling segments bullet hell segments, shooter segments and all that in the first 10 hours. There seems to be a bad vibe about the game and honestly i can not understand where it comes from. It is the most innovative mature game to hit this console generation and without a doubt deserves its place as a pillar but as a new direction of the genre. To anyone on the verge of buying try not to miss.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, that’s the impression I got from some videos w/ the variety of gameplay, looks like some shooting segments w/ giant bosses and even a 2D perspective like Shadow Complex. The music sounds absolutely beautiful. Guess I’ll find out in a day or 2. It’s too bad people are dissing the game just because they don’t like the manly main char and didn’t get the girly guy (he might look a lil ugly so what, still look epic to me).. if the game turns out to be good I’m getting both ver, mainly for the Jpn dub.

  • I just can’t get past the elderly caveman leather daddy character they’re giving us for the main character. I’d much rather have Replicant’s main. At the very least, offer it to us as DLC and I’d consider picking this up. Same reason I couldn’t get into Darksiders.

    I’m a skinny guy with long hair. I need to be able to relate to the character I’m playing as if I’m going to be seeing them the whole time. Doesn’t mean every character I play has to be skinny with long hair. I can relate to Nathan Drake or Kratos or Dante because there are elements that I feel from them. With Nier, I’m not a father, I’m not built like a car, I think that mask looks stupid, and I’m not old. He has nothing I can connect to. I have sisters. I could relate to Replicant’s quest.

    • cowcow

      For some reason Japan has this “deep brother/sister bond” in their stories anime, manga and now video games. It can sometimes be misinterpreted as a taboo incest thing to Westerners which leads me to believe why they strayed away from that idea while keeping other taboos (like the hermaphrodite character, who as far as I knew to believe, was a girl possessed by a male spirit, much like the girl in Murumasa for Wii. Though it’s unclear whether that means she now sports a wang from the possession).

      In any case, just because you’re not a father doesn’t mean you can’t relate. Goku from DBZ was a grandfather by the time the manga ended, but his character design and personality was what captured people. Since we haven’t played this game, perhaps the story shows that this character is interesting like Kratos (who was also a father) despite his rather caveman like image.
      Effeminate male characters haven’t exactly stopped S-E from being released here before, but I think this is on the whole a part of their whole new ‘conquer the West’ push they’ve been trying to do since they acquired Eidos and have started published other Western titles like Call of Duty MW 2, Deus EX and Batman AA

    • Aoshi00

      Actually when I was 15 playing games I could relate to girlish anime chars, now that I’m 30 I like playing older chars. I don’t know when I would be a dad, but I find myself getting really involved w/ the main chars who are dads recently, like Ethan in Heavy Rain, Big Daddy in Bioshock 2, etc ,saving their children, those games are very emotional for me. Brother saving sister was done back in Drakengard. I actually think the main Nier is this one and the anime one is tailored made for Jpn, instead of the other way around, maybe Jpn gamers also want old pop as DLC. I don’t think DLC is very likely though, seeing the lip sync is specific to each version, I don’t know if the game has a lot of cutscenes… If I like Nier enough, I’m importing the other one.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Didn’t Square actually go on record stating that the scenario in both games will be altered due to the nature of the story (i.e. brother/sister versus father/daughter)? I don’t think a DLC patch will actually work, less you mean they just do a character model swap as opposed to actually integrating the character into the game.

        IMHO though, the character designs in Nier are absolutely hideous regardless of the version. Either the concept art itself was terrible or else Cavia just has no idea how to design a polygonal character/face. I am shocked that Square could let such an unrefined game release with its name on the package.

        • Aoshi00

          I think they say the story wouldn’t be that much different, but yea DLC skin would most likely not work, they would need to re-dub the young Nier and some other chars since Replicant is only dubbed in Jpn. Also I think the lip sync is matched to each language in the respective version, like MGS4 or FF13, meaning they would require another set of videos.

          I guess it’s just a difference of opinion and taste. I have personally fallen in love w/ the char design (especially the monster/shades) in Nier from the very beginning, I thought it’s very ,Ico-, Tim Burton- or Folklore-esque, it looks very creepy w/ a certain kind of elegance/intrigue. It might not win the best graphics award, but at lest it looks better and more unique than the ugly Xenoblade CG char models, which I found to be not like FFXII at all (they look weird like a fish from the side). Also the world setting here looks captivating to me.

          BTW, Taxidermist DLC for Heavy Rain is finally up on the Jpn PSN today, but it’s not free, need to pay 500 yen and I only have 400 yen in my account :(.. need to get some more expensive tickets.. sigh..

  • jarrodand

    Well, considering it’s already vastly undersold Dragon-on Dragoon 1-2 in Japan… I’m guessing Nier’s future isn’t that rosy.

    Too bad SE’s already fumbled Seiken Densetsu and Chrystal Chronicles…

    • cowcow

      I thought I read that Nier takes place in Dragengard’s universe?

  • holyPaladin

    Cough *Star Ocean* cough

    If it classified as SE action RPG

  • masuto

    Depends on the story.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Oh my…while I have been pleasantly surprised with this game, the graphics are atrocious and the production values somewhat average. The game is, quite bluntly, a bare minimum effort from a 3rd rate studio. Square should be somewhat embarassed to have something that looks like this out with their name on it. Why it is they couldn’t have invested some of their own programmers to assist Cavia is beyond me, especially if we are now to believe this game series will become some kind of major staple.

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