Ivy The Kiwi? Climbing To North America?

By Spencer . May 3, 2010 . 10:40am

kiwiUS_wii_title_0409_004Following a day of Twitter teases, Xseed officially announced Ivy The Kiwi? for North America. Prope’s game follows a baby bird on a journey to find its mother told in the style of a storybook. Ivy walks on her own, but can be controlled and saved from spiked pits by vines drawn by players.


“I am thrilled to work with Xseed Games on this special new game property. This game idea has been something that I’ve had in my mind so I’m really looking forward to entrusting Jun Iwasaki and his talented team to bring Ivy the Kiwi? to market so that fans can have an opportunity to engage with the endearing cast of characters and experience the magical world of Ivy,” commented Yuji Naka, CEO and President of Prope, on the deal.


The vine spinning, baby bird shooting, Nintendo DS and Wii game is slated for a summer release in the States.


Nintendo DS screenshots

kiwiUS_ds_roundrock_0409_001 kiwiUS_ds_rat_0409_005 kiwiUS_ds_solidblock_0409_001 kiwiUS_ds_title_0409_001 kiwiUS_ds_crackedblock_0409_001


Wii screenshots

kiwiUS_wii_ppt_0409_004 kiwiUS_wii_thorn_0409_001 kiwiUS_wii_thorn_0409_003 kiwiUS_wii_goal_0409_002

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  • Serge73

    Well, I’m glad this is getting localized, but I really wish Xseed wasn’t doing it. I’d prefer them translating some RPG that wouldn’t make it here otherwise. I feel like this would have made it over here with or without them, I can’t imagine it being very text-intensive…

    • There already is an English translation hidden in the game’s files anyways, so I guess they won’t spend much time on translating anyways. Which means, they still have time to translate other games. ;P

      (I’d rather have them translate some RPGs too.)

    • Pichi

      Think of it this way, easy to localize game will hopefully mean the game will make a profit. Thus help bring along other games XSEED will localize.

      And I’m glad to see niche publishers bringing more quirky type games over.

  • ECM

    This game is a blast! Hopefully it sells at least marginally-well, though I have my doubts :(

    • jj984jj

      Really? You mean people don’t want to spend money on a mobile phone port? I never would have guessed.

      • ECM

        Windows Mobile, I believe, but since most people won’t know about that, I hope the ‘evil’ casuals buy it anyway.

  • Ereek

    I hadn’t been paying a lot of attention to this title before, but this actually sounds both interesting and adorable.

    Is Ivy not really a Kiwi though?

  • jj984jj

    This is the biggest disappointment ever XSEED. Just announce your Falcom games already.

    • thebanditking

      I could not agree more.

  • crunc

    This sounds a lot like that game on XBLA which I’m forgetting the title of, in which a girl character walks and walks and you make steps or something to get her over obstacles. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the concept there. I don’t know if this game makes it any better or not.

  • Awesome. If it’s $20, I’ll probably preorder it.

  • Pichi

    Glad to see this make it over. Quirky and adorable, love to see these types of games make it.

  • Kris

    I’ll get it if it’s affordable, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend any more than $20 for a port of a cell phone game.

  • Zefiro Torna

    I’ve been quite a fan of the “little lovable animal against all odds” genre of games since the era when Taito and others were just cranking ’em out on an almost annual schedule. Not too often are games like that made anymore, so this news does mean a lot to me.

    Thank you Xseed.

  • Joanna

    Great news. I’ll be picking up the DS version. :)

  • thebanditking

    Aww I was so hoping for Shining Force Feather. Whichever one of you reminded about it and got my hopes up (though it was a fools hope) I hate you……j/k ;)

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