Deathsmiles Comes With Mega Black Label 1.1 On Disc

By Spencer . May 6, 2010 . 6:17pm

imageAksys is going all out with the localized version of Deathsmiles. Mega Black Label, an expansion pack that makes Sakura a playable character, adds an extra stage, and level 999 difficulty is on disc.


In Japan, Mega Black Label was released as downloadable content sold for an extra 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15). Recently, Cave put Mega Black Label 1.1 on the Japan’s Xbox Live Marketplace. This add-on is an arranged mode with a new super crown and easy access to Bloody Jitterbug. You have to fork out an extra 240 Microsoft Points ($3) for it in Japan.


Live in North America? Then you get it on disc. The build of Deathsmiles I got from Aksys has M.B.L. Ver 1.1 on the menu. I checked in to make sure this wasn’t a beta-only bonus. A representative confirmed with Siliconera, everyone gets Mega Black Label and Mega Black Label 1.1 on disc. Deathsmiles is also cheaper in North America and comes with two tangible bonuses: a slick faceplate and soundtrack CD.

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  • Interface23

    So how many Achievement points? All like 1400?

    • Aoshi00

      1250 achievement points I think, I bought the MBL for 1200 MS pts before. It’s good they’re including the new MBL 1.1, getting the Bloody Jitterbug achievement was simply impossible..

      • Interface23

        I’ll be sorta disappoint if it’s only 1000. Not enough to not buy it though, I’ll just feel like I’m losing a little bit of content.

        • ElTopo

          Thats a little sad that this game lives or dies based on how many achievement points it has. Maybe your playing games for the wrong reason…

          • Interface23

            I think you read that wrong sir. I said I’m still going to buy it, I just feel that if they cut some achievements out it feels like they cut a tiny bit of the game out to me. This is still very much a day 1 purchase as I own Mushi Futari and am receiving ESP for my birthday.

          • Aoshi00

            If it’s stripped down to 1,000 pts instead of 1,250 like the jpn ver, they might not be cutting any achievement, but just scaling the points down to fit the standard 1,000? I’m just going to get the regular ver. for Deathsmiles 2 now since it would also have the pre-order bonus music DLC, but I have to say I don’t like the new 3D look at all…

            BTW, the Espgaluda II achievements are very hard, at least for me…

    • I think, can’t be sure because this isn’t the final version, the achievements are different. One of the achievements on the list is for level 999 so you may just get 1000 points with the US version.

  • Kris

    Awesome, it’s a shame I don’t own a 360.
    I will be forcing my friends to get it, though.

  • nyoron

    But does it come with the Full Voice DLC pack that was a Japanese preorder/LE bonus?

    • Aoshi00

      I think there’s a very high chance voices would be included in the US ver. I bought that damn pre-order DLC voice card for $30 because I got the game much later :(.. That picture of Sakura is very nice, where is that from?

      • nyoron

        Yeah since I’ve already got the Japanese version I’m debating whether to buy this again or not. I haven’t bought MBL yet, and that faceplate is tempting, but at this point my purchase is pretty much depending on whether the voice pack is included as well. The fact that nobody can or will say anything about it doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence though.

        • Aoshi00

          I’m kind of wondering if I should get it again too (well, pre-order placed as soon as it went up on Amazon), I know it’s just $50 but the only thing new to me are just the faceplate and soundtrack (and the big box that takes up precious space lol), then again I’ve bought a faceplate for just $50. I’ve spent so much money on every piece of DLC alrdy, other than the new MBL 1.1.. I wish they would include the voices or even dub an addt’l Eng. track for it, then I’d be getting something that I haven’t got before, I doubt that though.

          I agree, I wish they would make clear about it before release. But if they’re including everything post-release, like both MBL, it would be pretty stupid not to have the pre-order LE voices, the fact that it was bonus only was really stupid anyway, the least they could do was put it up as DLC..

    • crunc

      What is the ‘Full Voice DLC pack’?

      • nyoron

        From what I understand it enables voice acting for all of the cut scenes/story parts. There’s a little bit of voice acting without the DLC pack, but with it everything is voiced. It was a bonus with the LE version and some early preorders, and Cave never went back later and put it on sale on the Marketplace so it is almost impossible to get now. Kind of frustrating since on the options menu it shows the “Full Voice” option but it is greyed out if you don’t have the pack.

        Realistically it’s something that most people probably wouldn’t care about.

        • crunc

          Thanks! It’s pretty bizare that that would be DLC.

  • mikanko

    Sakura pic is fanart, think it’s on pixiv… yeah, found it pretty quick.

    • Aoshi00

      Thanks, figure so since it doesn’t look like it was drawn by Inoue Junya.

  • 50$ on
    65$ on

    • Joanna

      I’m not surprised, has a lot of new games incorrectly priced (relative to the exchange rate and the price on

  • crunc

    The end of June can’t come fast enough!

  • masuto

    Awesome deal.

  • neo_firenze

    Coming from someone who got the Full Voice DLC, don’t worry if you miss it. Rather underwhelming, it’s just some extra voices in cutscenes that you’ll skip over. Plus, it’s all in Japanese so I’m not sure if there are any concerns over re-dubbing in English or getting the VA rights.

    It’s nowhere near as good a pre-order/first printing reward as the Mushihimesame Futari 1.01 mode DLC.

    Now, MBL and MBL1.1 on disc… THAT is a big deal. I’ll be getting the US release even though I have the Japanese one and all the DLC. Mainly just to play it on my main gaming TV instead of my “shooter corner” with my Japanese 360 (monitor there is usually vertical too, so I can play it in the living room on my “hori” setup). And 1.1/MBL 1.1 actually work well on a standard pad, but I tend to play everything on a stick in my shooter corner.

    And hey, I won’t mind the faceplate and translated story text either, and rewarding Aksys for such a killer release doesn’t make me feel bad.

  • If you even remotely like shooters and don’t support this, I will be unhappy. This is an outstanding deal and I’m double dipping for sure. =)

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