One Of The Many Messages In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

By Spencer . May 7, 2010 . 5:16pm


For Golden Week we have a week long special on the goldest game (in terms of color palette) from Square Enix. Jonathan Jacques Belletete, Art Director on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, had a candid chat with Siliconera about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the third game, which is actually a prequel to Deus Ex.


You’re talking about the message and the trailer hints at the Icarus myth. What do you think the message is in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?


Jonathan Jacques Belletete, Art Director: Umm… there are a lot of messages in Human Revolution. [Laughs.] There are a lot of things like one of the main overarching messages is who we are today. That’s what it says in the beginning of teaser, “who we are today is just a stepping stone of what we can become.” We have this fantasy of thinking that where we are at today, in terms of evolution, is the end of the line, this is it right, just get out we’re not going to evolve into anything else. Maybe it could naturally, hundreds of thousands of years or whatever it is. But, it actually isn’t because now the technology we can really manipulate our evolution and it is not the end of the line.


It’s like this really great cartoon that I saw at the beginning of the project. Actually it’s in one of the books we bought. There is a little staircase, you know, and then you see on each step, one of the first steps is like a monkey. The second is like a monkey on two legs. The third step is like a caveman. The fourth step is someone like us, but then there are all of those steps left. And it’s like what is going to fill those steps, right? And it’s probably going to be with technology.


That’s one of the main themes of the game, but then there are all sorts of things because the license is so deeply based on choices, in terms of gameplay and everything. If you listen to the teaser when Adam gets up and looks at his hand he’s like “I never asked for this.” What does that mean in the story? It’s up to you guys to figure this out. But, if he never asked for this obviously there is an element of choice in that statement. We do a lot with that with the game and the story. So, it’s not just if the player decides if they want to be stealthy or they want to take that route or the other route or whatever. It’s also Adam has some big choices, definitely. And it’s not just Adam, a lot of stuff of the game is based on choices and freedom and that kind of stuff.


You mentioned choices, and choices were a key element in Deus Ex 1. What kind of choices is Adam (the main character) going to face?


Ahh… that’s a really good question. Wow. A lot of things, a lot of things. Obviously, the gameplay elements of the player deciding what they want to do and how they want to play the game. Without getting into any details, there are a couple points in the game where Adam is faced with like an increasing level of importance based on his choices. Towards the end of the game the player or Adam has to make choices that might affect, you know, stuff at the humanity level and things like that. It’s entangled with the story and all of that kind of stuff so I’m not going to say anything specific.


Adam has a personal take in the story. There is something, based on choices, there is something he wants to make sure will never happen again. And also there are all of those things with the conspiracy and everything that ends up with Adam, the player, making very, very important choices.


This concludes Deus Ex: Human Revolution week. Thanks for reading! Missed any posts? Here’s a flashback of what we covered.


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  • JeremyR

    You getting paid for all this coverage of this game? Seems rather a far cry from your normal stuff (even your added hentai game coverage is at least Japanese) and based on the number of comments to these posts, not many people seem interested…

    • Artavasdus

      This is probably the first entry in a famous western rpg series (it is usually classified as such, even if it has many fps features) which gets published by a famous jrpg developer, Square Enix (which is contributing to the game’s CG compart), so I think their attention is absolutely normal. They even covered CoD MW2’s japanese launch since SE published it in that market.

      That said, I don’t want to sound like a “Siliconera defence force”, but I personally find rather insulting how you flame many Siliconera news (I have seen it already on two XSeed-related posts) accusing the crew more or less explicitly of being paid for coverage.
      It’s a news site and it’s absolutely normal to have… well, news, and if they have some kind of deal with the developerspublisher to cover their games in more detail it’s all the better for us who get to learn more about those titles.

      Think for a bit how nice it would be to go all the trouble to arrange an exclusive interview with a developer and then reading a flame post such as yours as the first comment.

      • cowcow

        I hate how these FPS/TPS are trying to define themselves as RPGs

        • Artavasdus

          I think the issue of western rpgs and first person explorationscombats needs to be addressed from an historical standpoint in order to avoid easy misconceptions.

          The first person view (alongside other popular solutions such as the top view) was typical of rpgs since the times of the first western dungeon crawlers, like Wizardry, and this trend spread fast to Japan. The first turn based japanese rpg, The Black Onyx for PC88, was developed by a gaijin immigrated in Japan and was in all but name a japanese clone of Wizardry, and the first person dungeon crawling was used by many jrpgs of that age, such as the first chapters of Megami TenseiShin Megami Tensei, Shining in the Darkness, the first Phantasy Star games and so on. Even now the japanese dungeon crawlers (think of Etrian, Elminage, Class of Heroes, Dark Spire, the japanese Wizardry spin offs etc) still use it.

          Aside from the first person view in dungeon crawlers with turn based combats, even the first person action combat using ranged or melee weaponsspells is not a “modern” thing, nor was it implemented in western rpgs under the effect of the fps boom: in 1987 Dungeon Master broke the convention of turn based combat mixing first person exploration and real time combatinteraction, a path that was followed suit by a slew of games, like Stonekeep, Descent to the Undermountain, the TES series, Ultima Underworld, System Shock and many others that sometimes addedd shooting to the formula thanks to bows, crossbows, darts, throwing knives and other ranged weapons or spells (of course the fact that you can “shoot” in first person doesn’t make an fps gameplay by itself).

          Fast forward to 1995, when famed developer Origin released CyberMage, probably the first true fpswrpg hybrid (the title may go to 1994’s System Shock, but imho its use of the first person wasn’t so similiar to true fps): it was innovative for its age, sporting vehicles, character customization, npc quests in a fps context and so on, and even if it wasn’t successful it paved the way for further experimentations. The first Deus Ex further expanded this hybridation, and with new titles such as Stalker, Borderlands (and for many even Bioshock, even if its wrpg elements are debatable imho) fpswrpg hybrids are now a subgenre, but the evolution which brought to those results was gradual and those titles shouldn’t be seen as “usurpers” of any kind (not to mention stat based combat and moral choices are possible even in a fps context).

          • cowcow

            *cleaned up to protect personal information*

          • Poor cowcow… ><

          • cowcow

            *cleaned up to protect personal information*

            (Edited by a moderator)

        • someone’s never played Deus Ex~

          • cowcow

            *cleaned up to protect personal information*

      • Ereek

        At this point, I’m convinced he’s a troll. Ishaan and now Spencer have already told him off, he’s just doing it for responses.

    • I’m going to go on record now and say there are never any paid deals.

      While Deus Ex isn’t from Japan, the first game was memorable. I mean there are *good* games that are made in the West too. Plus this has RPG elements and moral choices, you know things that Siliconera readers appreciate in other games like Shin Megami Tensei titles.

      Also, what’s wrong with trying something different? That’s the fuel behind Siliconera.

      • Mazen

        Please Spence keep western news to minimum I even told my friends about your site specialty non western games news, if they want western games news they will go to one of the huge sites,
        I know you have to post western news for special reasons but I had to post this as I hate even hearing their names can’t help it sorry.

        • BrotherCavil

          Oh, GO to fucking hell you godamned weaboo….

          Spencer has the right to report whatever the hell he frakking wants without whining Wapanese jackasses like you complain about the dumbest crap.

          Go away. You and your friends can all go the hell away.

          • CrimsonFlamesX

            Your comment, made my day. If only the whole internet, was more like you.

          • Hraesvelgr

            While I don’t agree with what Mazen said, I think that’s going a bit too far.

          • BrotherCavil

            Everyone was thinking it. I was saying it.

          • Mazen

            Yeah easy guys I just happen to hate western style even thought I was rised on Commodore and Amiga and not NES, this is just my taste and opinion.

            I’ve seen so many sites focus on western games news only not any kind japanese news in it,
            so why not one quality site like Silconera focus on Japanese only with very little western news (since there are people who want it like you gentlemen/women),
            its the way to become famous because Silconera can’t beat the huge sites when it comes to western games news. Am sure Silconera team are aware of all that.
            sorry if I hurt your feelings everyone its just personal taste.

          • BrotherCavil

            Once again, your closed-mindedness and lack of any grammatical coherence doesn’t showcase you as a very intellectual individual…

            It’s prolly a good idea for you to, you know, not post comments anymore…

          • Mazen

            Sorry I wrote my last post down in a hurry that’s maybe why it have many mistakes, also I have to keep posting so my writing skills can improve. :)

        • CrimsonFlamesX

          This is why people like you, get no respect. It’s all about JAPAN now, and it’s terrible. Grow up kid. Japan is cool, up to a point. Same with every other region. Respect them all.

          I can’t stand people like you. ALLHAILJAPAN! HURHURHURHURHUR! Meh, ignorant people.

        • Artavasdus

          I beg your pardon, but “hating even hearing the names” of western videogames is quite an extreme position (someone would call it westernophobe or outright racist), and while you have every right to play what you want you can’t expect Siliconera to act on such biased criteria.

          That said, I am sad to read the flame wars between fans of western and eastern entertainment, I don’t think one needs to cater to only one region and I find that the links between the west and the east are so many that having a “hard” stance became more an ideological position than anything else. I don’t think there is any contradiction in liking visual novels and jrpgs alongside wrpgs and western fantasysci-fi, nor in liking both manga and comics.

          The fact that many persons actually aren’t interested in exploring other mediums and like to define themselves more for what they hate than for what they like is probably the biggest flaw in this kind of debate, hence the awful practice of oversimplifying the other “faction” using insulting stereotypes and the like.

          One would hope to see more open-mindedness in the entertainment fanbase, but I guess that every context follows the same rules after all.

          • BrotherCavil

            “I hate this thing here MUCH MORE than you hate that thing over there! Hence I’m cooler than you.”

            That’s today’s mindset. It’s retarded.

        • Icon

          Mazen please keep foolish comments to a minimum. I know you have to post foolish comments for special reasons, but I had to post this as I hate even reading them. Can’t help it, sorry.

    • BrotherCavil

      What the hell. It’s Deus Ex. Your perspective is most definitely NOT parallel to everyone else’s…

      Don’t mix yourself up with everyone else. It’s not awesome.

  • cj_iwakura

    Deus Ex is okay, but it’s not the definitive PC RPG gamers claim it is: that’s Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

    It does sadden me that no one here cares about the western stuff, but the site really hasn’t said much of anything about the western RPG market until now, so siliconera has pretty much established itself as Japan territory; for better or for worse.

    • Artavasdus

      I don’t think there is any “definitive” best wrpg out there, personal preferences on battle systems, explorations, moral choices, settings, npc interactions, soloparty play and so on make it impossible to determine any kind of winner, and any rpg fan out there will probably have his own candidates.

      That said, I don’t think that the Siliconera userbase isn’t interested in wrpgs, as you said it’s simply a matter of not having news about them and thus having less occasions to confront different tastes regarding the genre. Personally I like western rpgs as well as japanese ones, and I think there are many gamers out there who are interested in both genres.

      Of course a site like Siliconera can’t switch too much on western rpgs without risking to lose its own peculiar focus, so I understand why they limit their coverage to western titles with some links to Japan (a publisher, some gameplay or stylistic concepts and the likes).

    • We covered Western RPGs before like Fable, talked about Heavy Rain, God of War, Zeno Clash… it’s not like I don’t want to cover Western games.

      I mean… I remember a time when there wasn’t such a divide between cultures. There wasn’t a Western RPG market or Japanese RPG market or anything we were just happy to see RPGs on consoles.

      • cj_iwakura

        I enjoy WRPGs and JRPGs alike, but honestly, when I come to SE, I expect to read about quirky Eastern games that would otherwise get reported nowhere. :P WRPGs do have plenty of outlets covering them. Japanese games, not so much.

        Not to say I don’t welcome the branching out, but I say continue to focus on the stuff we won’t hear about elsewhere; whether Western or Eastern.

        • We can do that :)

        • Ereek

          Oh absolutely seconded. I typically get my western gaming news from larger sites, but even they pass up the “smaller” games often. I’d love for more coverage of smaller and lesser known western titles.

  • BrotherCavil

    And uh…what’s up with all of cowcow’s posts? :<

    Did he go berserk or something, and all his stuff got modded?

    • Ereek

      Nah, his posts are glitchy. They come out with a bunch of coding and it shows some personal information, so they mod it to protect him.

      It’s strange, because it’s only him and it has been happening for some time.

    • Yeah it’s what Ereek said. The strange thing is the bug only occurs for him/her.

      When I see them I clean them up to prevent spambots from siphoning his/her address.

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