Enter The World Of Recycled Vessel Through Nier This Week

By Spencer . May 10, 2010 . 8:38am

kaine-cosaSquare Enix Europe beat out Famitsu and announced details about the first pack of downloadable content for Nier. The World of Recycled Vessel pack further unravels the game story in fifteen nightmarish battles.


The story follows Nier’s wife who was also affected by the Black Scrawl. Her mind, drifting into madness, wrote the following entry, “Recycled Vessel. Severance. Penance. Aberrance. Sufferance. Acceptance. Disturbance. Hindrance. Defiance. Forbearance. Intolerance. Vengeance. Repentance. Radiance. Extravagance. Malignance. Vigilance. Obeisance. Dominance. Allegiance. Resistance. Discordance. Petulance. Misguidance. Deliverance.”


Players control young Nier and Weiss will travel through past and present in fifteen battles. Win and you will unlock three powerful weapons and two sets of alternate costumes for Nier, Emil, Kaine. The World of Recycled Vessel also has new music and a bonus quest, perhaps the continuous battle mentioned by Famitsu.


The World of Recycled Vessel makes its debut on PSN tomorrow and Xbox Live the following day. You can buy it for €6.99 (probably $6.99 in North America) or 560 Microsoft Points ($7), respectively.



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  • So Spencer, let me see if I get this right. You play as the young Nier, the new thats been pretty only playable in Nier Replicant? This is also DLC for Nier Gestalt? I guess people can’t complain anymore.

    • The press release says “young Nier”, but it isn’t clear if that’s just for these missions or if it’s one of the unlockable costumes. So, you’ll get to play as young Nier for a bit, but I’m not sure for how long.

    • Volcynika

      Replicant is slightly different though. The relationship between Nier and Yonah in Gestalt is that he’s her father. In Replicant, Nier is Yonah’s brother. So young Nier wouldn’t change the relationship.

      EDIT: Though if they just use the character model to be ‘young Nier’, I see your point. D’oh!

  • rinshu

    I’ll be getting this DLC for sure. Nier is a really great that’s been overlooked by many. Its true that had replicant been released here I would have bought that over gestalt, but the simple palette switch and minor story differences don’t do much to change the overall feel for the game. I highly recommend it to fans of Japanese style action RPGs.

  • Wow~!!! Young Nier! Lol.. They shud have release the young one and the old one together!! And see which copy sell best instead of just DLC.. I reckon a sub will not be that hard will it?

  • vrakanox

    So wait this is for our Nier? The American Nier? People kept saying the DLC would be for Japan only. Man I’m so happy we are getting young Nier over here if this is true. I’ll be waiting all day tomorrow for this to pop up on the PSN.

    • This is for Nier (EU/US) I don’t know who said it was Japan only, but it wasn’t us!

      • vrakanox

        Ceeeeelebrate good times cmon!

  • BrotherCavil

    I lol towards the people who went through extra lengths just to import a more expensive copy and less understandable version of the game just cause of a younger hero. :P

    Just desserts.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m playing the regular US ver. of Nier now and did import Replicant as well but only for the Jpn dialogue (I am interested in hearing Kaine and Weiss’s Jpn actors the most, even though the Eng. dub is like 10/10), not for the alternate younger hero. But I agreed, those who don’t understand Jpn shouldn’t have just imported Replicant for aesthetic purpose, there’s too much to be missed if you don’t understand the story (there’s novels in the game!) P-A still hasn’t shipped my copy yet though, but I’m keeping the order, The only bad thing is I would need to play the game like 8 times (4 endings..), even more deja vu.. but this game is good enough to buy both versions for.

      The costumes are funny though, look at Emil’s :).. 560 MS points is fine by me. Wonder if the Jpn ver. would get the same DLC later on..

  • SeventhEvening

    I still haven’t gotten to play Nier, but this sounds like an interesting DLC. And seemingly pretty well priced.

  • idofgrahf

    oh, great, we get a younger version of the barbarian, really, the article did not say the young nier would be the same as the one in replicant. I would hold of the celebration until the dlc’s release and get a good idea on what “young nier” is really like and if you get to play as him throughout the game or not.

  • Joanna

    I haven’t played Nier yet, but is that first picture an alternate costume for Kaine, or is that a picture of Nier’s wife?

    • Aoshi00

      I think that’s Kaine as she uses twin swords, my first thought was that was Nier’s wife too from reading the description.. Those words remind me of Drakengard, I’m going to an insane asylum..

    • Aoshi00

      I just looked at the pic again, it’s definitely a “Kintaro” costume for Kaine, w/ the mushroom headcut, apron (word Kin written on it) and axes lol.. and samurai for Nier, really wacky costumes..

      • Joanna

        thanks Aoshi. I thought it was Neir’s wife at first as well, but the shoes made me think it might be Kaine. I guess I’m still surprised that she looks so different; they changed her hair style and weapons.

        • Aoshi00

          no prob, I just beat the game tonight, and got the DLC. As I suspected, younger Nier only appears in the challenging rooms (w/ remixed soundtrack), not an exchangeable skin in the main game. I played like 5 to 6 stages and got stuck and died, guess I need to finish all of them to get the samurai/fish/Kintaro costumes. So this DLC might not be worth it for those who were hoping to control as younger Nier after all.. I don’t think we’d see Nier’s wife, she’s just mentioned for this side quest.. well, there goes 560 MS pts…. still have 3 more endings to see….

          PS The ending was spelling binding, I literally held my breath (music is so beautiful…) the experience is totally opposite of FFXIII where I felt almost nothing, even during the supposed emotional/melodramatic sequences, and the ending was anti-climatic.. One thing in common though, the Eng dub for both Nier and FFXIII sound so exceptional that they are better than the Jpn counterpart, I think it’s going to be hard for me to play Replicant later…


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